Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Disclosure Now Radio (Dec 2, 2014): The Billy Meier Debate Part 2 - Phil Langdon

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Tonight we have Phillip Langdon on with us who has debunked and recreated all Meier photos.

Philippe Gerard Langdon. 43 years old. Educated in London University. Graduated 1998 with Mathematics degree. Currently Designing video games in spare time....
I studied UFO's, because of a dream I had about them, and a subject called Kabalah while at University during 1995. Naturally the Meier case was presented as the best case. Once I'd seen his films though I could see it was models. Then in 2009 I saw videos on youtube claiming it was all genuine so I challenged Michael Horn. He came back with a challenge to duplicate anything. So I made the WCUFO with the same lid Meier used. He then Challenged me to reproduce the Hasenbol photos. I did, perfectly using the same camera as Meier and the same-media, slides. Then I reproduced all of his films.

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