Sunday, December 25, 2016

Voices From Afar (December 20, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

The Voices From Afar crew listened and agreed with so very much of what Michael had to say, but when it came to he believing what we knew about our world and experiences, the discussion may have been called heated. It was actually a great debate and exchange of ideas. It’s just that the guest was not as open minded as the rest of us, and claimed to be.. 

Listen: Truth frequency radio

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

BMUFOR: Beamship Monitor Device - Obscuring knobs and the Truth

During Meier’s Great Journey in space described in Contact Report 31, which took place from July 17-22, 1975, among several hundreds of images he photographed, he published a photo (see below) of an extraterrestrial monitor (display) device present in one of the Plejaren's beamship. The image of this alleged extraterrestrial monitor was shown to Swiss writer, publicist, and journalist Luc Bürgin by Meier's former FIGU group member, Herbert Runkel which he apparently cited during his lectures up to 1980's (until he left the group) as an authentic "extraterrestrial instrument on the inside of a spaceship".

A monitor in the Plejaren beamship; source: Billy Meier

Is this image really showing an extraterrestrial instrument onboard Pleajren beamship?

For answer, visit: BMUFOR

Sunday, December 11, 2016

ARCHIVES Project: Guido Moosbrugger's talk in Los Angeles - June 12, 1993

circa May 2013

Transcript of Guido Moosbrugger's talk (with Michael Hesemann as translator) given at The Los Angeles UFO Expo held at The Los Angeles Hilton (Airport), USA on June 12, 1993.

Download: googledrive/ufoprophet

Note: As a part of ARCHIVES project, all material donated to me would be made available public so that every person can study or research themselves. So, contact me if you want share any Meier-related stuff with the world.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

ARCHIVES Project: Guido Moosbrugger's talks in Las Vegas - December 13 & 15, 1991

Transcripts of Guido Moosbrugger's talks given in Las Vegas on December 13 and 15, 1991. Topics of conversation include:

December 13:

Asthar Sheran
Law of 7
7 Levels in Material world
Human evolution stages and periods
7 Belts of the Universe
7 Spaces

December 15:

Tunguska Explosion
Time Travel
ETs beamship propulsion systems

Download: PDF
Note: As a part of ARCHIVES project, all material donated to me would be made available public so that every person can study or research themselves. So, contact me if you want share any Meier-related stuff with the world.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

BMUFOR: Billy Meier's Epic of Gilgamesha - Predicting the Future but Forgetting the Past

Another instance of Meier failing to keep up with his own tall tales

left: Gilgamesha is seen in red shirt, December 1974; right: Gilgamesha with her dog, circa 2015

Did Meier/Plejaren, in December 1979, predict the serious car accident his daughter Gilgamesha has met with almost 12 years later in August 1991?

To find the answer, visit BMUFOR.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Are Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings Homophobic? – Deception and coverup from mid-1990’s (Part 2/2)

In the first part of the article – Are Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings Homophobic? – Part 1/2: The original teachings from 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s – we have concluded that the so-called “spiritual” teachings disseminated by Meier, either conveyed by him or through PETALE/High-Council/Plejaren ETs/Jmmanuel, unambiguously espouses a vicious, reprehensible and pseduoscientific homophobic doctrine. As a result of our exposé, FIGU instead of allowing its members to have a rational discussion on our findings in its forum, rather decided to ban Mahesh Karumudi from posting any texts or BMUFOR links on the FIGU forum.1 Towards the end of that Part 1/2 article, we have also indicated that Meier perhaps under the pressure or barrage of complaints received from his own group members, readers/followers and critics was compelled make a flip-flop on this issue from around mid-1990’s. And one set of complaints has clearly originated from the readers of the 2nd English edition of Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ) published in 1992, a year after the 2nd German edition came out.2 So, in this Part 2/2 article, we will be addressing the following questions: 

  1. How did Meier flip-flop?
  2. When did Meier flip-flop?
  3. Do these new “explanations” and “clarifications” really hold up or not?
Read More: BMUFOR
Read: Part 1/2

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cause and Effect: Ex-FIGU members take revenge on UFO Billy Meier and Michael Horn

Note: Thanks for the Bellgab forum member for originally reporting this.

Ex-FIGU members, who apparently left Billy Meier's group (FIGU) have vowed to make available all of Meier/FIGU/Michael Horn's material online for free. Following is their statement published under the description part of each torrent file:

"Who are we? 

We are a group of ex-FIGU members who once naively believed Billy Meier/FIGU/Michael Horn's tall tales and got deceived by their lies and fraud. Finally we have opened our eyes and left Meier's cult group (FIGU) once and for all. We owe great appreciation to the people behind these following websites: 

Since we strongly believe that this case is a hoax, we decided to share all of the Meier material (books, booklets, DVDs, etc) absolutely for free here, so that you can investigate and conclude it for yourselves. 

Frauds/Cults doesn't deserve to make money off innocents. They need to be exposed."

So far, the four torrent files they shared include:

Torrent #1: As The Time Fulfills (2012) - Michael Horn / Billy Meier

2012 - As The Time Fulfills

Torrent #2Michael Horn's videos on Billy Meier UFO Case - Batch 1 

1995 - Comedy at a Time Like This

2004 - The Key To Our Future Survival

2005 - Standing in Spirit

2006 - Michael Horn at the Ontario Science Center in Canada

2009 - Breaking the Silence

2009 - Is Billy Meier the only real Contactee?

2010 - Do you want the Truth or Entertainment - ASPE Conference, New Mexico

Torrent #3: Michael Horn's videos on Billy Meier UFO Case - Batch 2 

2011 - Flying Saucers Cafe

The Conscious Media Network interviews Michael Horn

2014 - And did they Listen

 2014 - The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life (included in the below DVD set)

Torrent #4: Billy Meier/FIGU DVDs - Batch 1



Texas UFOs (October 17, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn, Part 2

Watch: youtube (Part 2)
Watch: Part 1

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mysterious Radio (October 16, 2016) - Interview with Michael Horn

LIVE SHOW TONIGHT-We discuss the amazing visits from beings from another planet with Billy Meier and the disturbingly accurate prophecies they told him of and what hell is to come if we don't do something now! 


Download: mp3
Source: Mysterious Radio

Friday, October 14, 2016

"New discovery": Black hole found wandering in Michael Horn's Brain

UFO-Prophet and BMUFOR wishes Michael Horn a speedy recovery

Yes, you heard it right!

A special team of neuroscientists, hurried from across the world to probe Michael Horn's (MH) imploding brain, made a stunning discovery -  the presence of a wandering black hole. They reported that many of the Michael's personality traits (rather disorders), exhibited both in online and real world, can be traced back to this malady. Some of these traits include:
  1. Chronic fact deficiency
  2. Truth-Intolerant
  3. Acquired logic deficiency syndrome
  4. Compulsive lying disorder
  5. Histrionic personality disorder
  6. Narcissistic personality disorder
  7. Adult-bully syndrome
  8. Little-man syndrome
  9. Post-debunking denial disorder
  10. Allergic to fact-checking
  11. Aversion to skepticism
  12. Stage 4 Self-deception
  13. Messiah complex
  14. Galileo Complex 
  15. Intellectile dysfunction
  16. Rationalize-anything syndrome
  17. Reason deficit hyperquack disorder 
  18. Conspiracy-tract infection*
  19. Chronic fallacy malignancy
  20. Science-resistant sclerosis
We don't simply have to take the scientists word for it, as some of the above given traits have been indisputably corroborated by Michael Horn's own articles published recently on October 11 and 12. They are:
  1. Scientists Make Major “New Discovery” 28 Years AFTER Billy Meier
  2. Billy Meier Scoops Scientists – by 35 YEARS – on Dangers of Space Travel

1. Scientists Make Major “New Discovery” 28 Years AFTER Billy Meier

Here MH argues that Meier, unlike the scientists who only theorized the existence of wandering/roaming/rogue black holes, instead has declared their existence as a fact in 1988 during his 223rd and 224th contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials.

When did scientists first confirm the existence of wandering black holes as a fact, according to MH?

According to MH, the existence of wandering black holes have been for the first time confirmed by scientists only in 2016 i.e. 28 years after Meier 'verifiably published' his information. And as evidence he cites a recent Russia Today article titled - ‘Wandering’ black hole spotted after intergalactic collision -  published on October 6, 2016.

He further stated that the concept of wandering black holes was not only 'strictly theoretical scientific conjecture' until now, but according to NASA these, with 'absolute certainty', doesn't wander at all.


Suppose, let us take everything MH stated regarding the purported corroboration articles at face value. Then the next obvious question would be:

Where is the evidence - copyrighted books - that Meier published his information on wandering black holes in 1988?

Of course MH didn't provide it in his article and he almost never does. WHY? The simple reason that MH almost never provides original scans of copyrighted pages and text pages is because if the date of the copyright is matched, then text won't match (or wouldn't exist at all) or if the text is matched, then the copyright/publication date won't match (would be published only after the fact/event was publicly known). According to the research conducted at BMUFOR on Meier's so-called 200+ "fulfilled" prophecies and predictions (ALL DEBUNKED), the notes for  the Contact Reports ranging between 197 and 231 was only first verifiably published in Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 5 in 2004. This fact is known to MH years ago. Despite this, he still repeats the same lie. Looks like his articles are specifically tailored towards his gullible followers who instead of fact-checking would blindly believe whatever "fact" Meier or MH fabricates.

But even then MH could still claim that Meier has published it first, 12 years before our scientists did in 2016. Could it be true?

Before answering this question, first let us see what the 2016 news article actually says. This article never ever claimed a NEW DISCOVERY of a wandering black hole. In fact the article itself (see excerpt below) clearly points to the fact that there have been a few similar wandering black holes detected earlier.

"Astronomers have previously spotted a few similar black holes but never anything on the scale of this latest discovery. Data showed XJ1417+52 about ten times brighter than the brightest X-ray source ever seen for a wandering black hole."

Even in MH's own article, he cites a 2001 BBC article (3 years before Meier published his contact notes for the first time in 2004) reporting a discovery of a black hole wandering at 6,000 light-years from Earth, as evidence on the existence of wandering black holes. If this is the case, then why would MH cite the 2016 article again as corroboration? Dementia? Possible. Stupidity? More likely.

Also it is totally laughable seeing MH's biased mind set at work. He points to a NASA article which he thinks states that black holes with 'absolute certainty', doesn't wander at all. His evidence?

He cites a NASA Education article written for school kids ranging between grades 5 and 8. Even though he didn't explicitly point out the excerpt but it is definitely the following one:

"Could a Black Hole Destroy Earth?
Black holes do not wander around the universe, randomly swallowing worlds. They follow the laws of gravity just like other objects in space. The orbit of a black hole would have to be very close to the solar system to affect Earth, which is not likely. (..)"

Did you see what MH did there? He cherry picked what he wanted to see and ignored the 2nd sentence which gives the 1st sentence its total intended meaning which is that black holes don't just wander randomly around the Universe but would only wander along fixed orbits decided by laws of gravity of other objects in its vicinity. Stupidity defined!

Now let us anyway answer the hypothetical question - If Meier really had published his information in 1988 as MH (fradulently) still asserts, would it still be considered as evidence of his contacts with ETs?

The earliest papers on the theoretical study of runaway – stellar black holes or supermassive black holes that we could find, come from decades ago since 1970′s. Just google these words – black holes, roaming, wandering, runaway, ejection, recoil – and you will find doznes of papers published since 1970′s. Most of the astronomical information (valid to many fields of science) which we today consider as scientific facts have come to be as such only after decades of conjecture and multiple observations. Predicting such things which are considered scientifically likely with abundant theoretical evidence, cannot be considered as strong evidence of advance knowledge.

2. Billy Meier Scoops Scientists – by 35 YEARS – on Dangers of Space Travel

Here MH claims that Meier has published information on the negative effects of space travel for the first time in 1981 (150th contact) which however was only corroborated by scientists decades later in 2012 and 2016 (35 years later). This, according to MH, proves Meier is in contact with extraterrestrials.


When did Meier first verifiably publish this information?

Meier only published this information in Semjase Kontakt Berichte, 2nd ed. Vol. 11 in 1994 and not in 1981 as MH wanted all of us to believe. We already know too much regarding his fradulent tactics to fall for them. Even now, MH could still argue that Meier has preemptively published his information first in 1994 i.e. 18 years or 22 years before scientists confirmed it. Could it be true?

As it turns out, many papers and articles have been published about the impact of space travel on the human body and the especially the brain. Following is an excerpt from the Lawrence Journal World newspaper from June 8, 1963:

“Hallucinations, impaired judgment and permanent brain and bone damage are possible hazards of prolonged space flight scientists say.”

News article referring to other negative effects can be read here on BMUFOR.


The above two rebuttals thus adequately "scientifically" corroborate the fact that MH is suffering from 20+ debilitating personality disorders. This connection is even made more clear when MH was confronted on his embarrassing wandering black hole article at Bellgab forum by one of its users with facts which any rational person could easily decipher. What was MH's response?

"Yeah, blah, blah, blah, deny, blah, blah, etc."

Looks like the wandering black hole in MH's brain is sucking away the remaining brain tissue, stripping MH of his limited cognitive capacity. Either that or his post-debunking denial disorder is really progressing rapidly.

Further in MH's 2nd article, he claims that it is plain impossibility for Meier to have obtained his "specific, prophetically accurate scientific information" any other way than through his contacts with the people of this advanced, space traveling human race. 

He then asks a couple of rhetorical questions:
  1. How did you he do it, before it was known, before it occurred, before the computer and internet?   
  2. Really, by what means did this man obtain and publish all of the specific, accurate, non-theoretical, scientific and other information such as is found here?

On the first question, we already have demonstrated that Meier never ever published information before the events/discoveries were known or occurred. 

And regarding the second question, the way MH framed it makes it seem like according to him, before the time of computer and internet, there were no sources of knowledge, no libraries, no book stores, no TV shows broadcasting scientific news and documentaries, no science magazines/paper subscriptions, etc. This of course is absolutely laughable. What is even more laughable or rather firm evidence of MH's INTENTIONAL FRAUD is the fact that he himself visited Meier and shot hours of footage for his 2007 documentary - The Silent Revolution of Truth. And in one of the shots, we can see Meier walking through his PERSONAL LIBRARY holding hundreds of books. Here is one frame from that scene:

In addition, Kal Korff during his Switzerland visit in 1991 has found out that Meier along with his group members regularly visits a near by book store and buy several books on subjects like space, science, history, astronomy, photography, etc. And the final nail in the coffin is (self) hit by none other than Meier himself. In his 222nd contact report, he stated the following:

...Sfath taught me a lot of knowledge in this respect, but on the other hand, I also learned a lot at school – even though I was a big truant – and moreover, I’m also learning constantly through professional books, professional articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as through professional television broadcasts."

MH of course is aware of this mountain of counter evidence but remains silent instead of rebutting it because he doesn't want to make his followers aware of these self-damaging facts that would expose his lies and fraud. More details on this blatant deception are revealed at BMUFOR here.

Sacrificing truth for fame and money?


* MH recently published a blog article - Billy Meier UFO Case Censored Again. Why? - claiming that the disruptions during his interview with the host Natalie-Marie Hart and the videos final disappearance must have to do with governmental, corporate, political or religious factions. He claims that this was done to keep his information from reaching the younger generations that most need to have access to it. As it turns out, according to the host herself, it is none other than she who took it out for reasons explained on her fb page.

Here is funny but appropriate response by a member of Bellgab to MH's claim of censorship:

"Wow. Me oh My.

I have heard you say on occasion that you are not a conspiracy theorist. You. Not a conspiracy theorist. The person who claims MUFON and like groups, Michael Moore and prominent journalists, Michio Kaku and Neil Degrasse Tyson, all refuse to discuss Meier for fear of ridicule/loosing their jobs...

You literally think the whole world - and several additional worlds - are out to suppress your message. You. The non-conspiracy theorist.

I don't know, perhaps you are on to something. So, the technical difficulties your young new friend had...which in fact were easily remedied ... for the benefit of her 4,000 strong audience...yeah, who knows, seems like something that nefarious "they" would occupy themselves with (and then ultimately fail at?). Wait, so they just wanted to make this poor girl have another hours worth of work or something?  This was the nature of the scheming of the "them"?  Very curious. Interesting that "they" would act (ineffectually) in this instance, and yet leave you and your galactically important message unmolested during your numerous coast to coast appearances which reach, what, a million plus people...?

The Lord... The aliens... The MIB... Horn's mind works in mysterious ways..."

P.S.:  And by the way, Meier's information seems to have been once again debunked recently. According to Meier, during the new reincarnation process, the newly procreated, growing human embryo is reanimated on the 21st day by the reincarnating spirit form that has returned from the Beyond (aka afterlife/spirit realm) to this temporal life, whereupon the heart of the embryo starts to beat and the development of the basic character begins.. But as it turns out, according to recent research conducted at University of Oxford, the human heart may actually start to beat as early as 16 days.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Texas UFOs (October 6, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

I had the pleasure to interview Michael Horn, the official representative of the famous Billy Meier UFO case, discussed on programs like Coast to Coast AM, CNN, Fox News Radio, the Kevin Smith Show, and more. Mr. Horn discusses Meier's contacts with an alien race called the Plejarens, US Presidents interest in UFOs and aliens, predictions of Civil War in the US, the purpose of various prophets in ancient history, the good intentions of aliens, Roswell, and more.

Do you have questions for Michael? Share them in the comments, tweet them to me (@txufosightings, use hashtag# ufojane, or email:

Watch: youtube
Source: texasufosighting

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hoax Hunter (October 1, 2016): 23 Proofs Billy Meier Is A Hoaxer

Billy Meier UFO Hoaxer of the 1970s Alien ET Contactee wannabe is busted debunked and completely proven to be a liar in 22 side by side comparisons of his photos which most are claimed to have been taken in space while on board of an ET space ship, are actually photos of mundane things from his TV, many photos originating at NASA.

Watch: Hoax Hunter

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NEW PARADIGM SHIFT 5D EVENT (September 16, 2016): Michael Horn's presentation

The Billy Meier ET Contacts








Michael Horn is the world's leading expert on scientifically proven extraterrestrial UFOs and contact. He represents the Billy Meier UFO contact case, ongoing for almost 75 years in Switzerland. Meier's evidence includes over 1,200 still irreproducible UFO photos, films and video, as well as sound recordings and metal alloy samples. Meier is also the source of the most abundant, specific, prophetically accurate information in history.

Michael's presentations will also focus on the already fulfilled prophecies and predictions, which Meier began publishing over 65 years ago, as well as the very specific warnings pertaining to the near future pertaining to:

The upcoming election
Two civil wars coming to America
The worldwide spread of fundamentalist terrorism
The EU-US agenda to bio-chip everyone on the planet
The danger of a US-provoked nuclear war with Russia
Unprecedented environmental upheavals
The now fulfilling signs of the coming San Francisco mega-quake

The reason for the Meier contacts was to help us assure our own very threatened future survival. And the most important element of all, is the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.

Source: AlienEvent
Watch: youtube/randyarena (excerpt from WORKSHOP 2)

Note: I will update as soon as the complete video presentation of Meier case at this event is made available online.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Natalie-Marie Hart Show (September 19, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

Is there other worldly beings from another universe. Think again? Michael Horn talked about Billy Meier and how he communicated with extraterrestrials since the age of five!

Watch: onedrive
Source: Crystalkidsradio

Thursday, September 22, 2016

FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada (January 11, 2015): Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness

This was the first presentation by Michael Uyttebroek on the topic of reincarnation based on the spiritual teaching of 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier. It was held Jan. 11, 2015 at the Lillian Smith Library in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Watch: youtube

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leak Project (September 13, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

According to Mr Michael Horn, Billy Meier has been prophesying world events for over 30 years with incredible results. Also Michael brings to the table as he refers to it as “Scientific Proof” of contact, with footage and documents. Most of the ET Phenomena, Mr Horn also believes is MILABS related and not from outer space.

Watch: youtube/Leakproject
Source: Leak Project

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ex-FIGU Passive member donates tonnes of material to BMUFOR

Billy Meier UFO Research Group (BMUFOR) gets into the possession of 33 books and 48 booklets (published by Meier and his FIGU group members) on September 10, 2016, given away by an ex-FIGU passive member who recently distanced himself from Meier's group.

Books list:

  1. Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Blocks 1 to 11
  2. Der Rosarote Kristall
  3. Die Psyche
  4. Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums
  5. Lehre und Künder der Wahrheit
  6. Symbole der Geisteslehre
  7. Kelch der Wahrheit
  8. OM
  9. Dekalog Dodekalog
  10. Leben und Tod
  11. Geheimnisse des Gemeindepfarrers
  12. Prophetien und Voraussagen
  13. Direktiven
  14. Die Art zu leben
  15. ...und sie fliegen doch!
  16. Arahat Athersata
  17. Ein Quentchen Wissen, Sinn und Weisheit
  18. Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Journalen
  19. Photobuch
  20. Existentes Leben Im Universum
  21. Erziehung der Kinder, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen
  22. Rund um die Fluidalenergie resp. Fluidalkräfte und andere Dinge
  23. Gotteswahn und Gotteswahnkrankheit 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Last Podcast on the Left (September 7, 2016) - Billy Meier: Alien Collaborator

"It’s a return to aliens this week as we cover the one-armed Swiss supposed alien contactee Billy Meier, who claims that he is the sole connection between the humans and a mysterious race known as the Plejarens in addition to his many, many detractors."

Listen: Cave Comedy Radio

Thursday, August 18, 2016

They Fly Productions (May 2016): Michael Horn interviews Billy Meier

Billy Meier on Putin vs EU & USA, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the upcoming US - Elections and Civil Wars.

Watch: TheyFly TV

Thursday, August 11, 2016

BMUFOR: Are Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings Homophobic? – Part 1/2

Billy Meier is the self-proclaimed Universal-Prophet, the alleged 7th and final prophet in a lineage of prophets that were assigned to the mission on Earth. His supporters claim Meier has provided Earth humanity with the renewed and uncorrupted Universal spiritual teachings that would ensure our future survival from the negative effects of erroneous sects, cults, religions and philosophies, that have been degenerated and/or falsified over millennia. As a part of his Earth mission, Meier has published numerous books and booklets on the Creational/Universal Natural laws and Recommendations which regulate ‘the entire life of every single life form, from the fauna and flora up to the human.’1

Here, we look at the topic of homosexuality from Meier’s Universal spiritual teachings perspective, particularly male homosexuality.

Read More: BMUFOR

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Meria Heller Show (July 20, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

Meria interviews Michael Horn, US Media Representative for Billy Meier; Billy has been giving prophetic information/warnings/solutions since 1951;79 yr old Swiss man contacted at 5 yrs young;over 1200 photos/videos of his contact;spirituality is KEY;WW3- a war we won’t win;Obama turned from the pressure to obey orders;the dominant energy of the U.S. is negative;Clinton or Trump?Attacks on France predicted in 1981;Muslims or Islamics?Merkel;over 17,000 sleepers in the EU? US?majority of Earth’s rulers are psychopaths;2 civil wars predicted in 1981;environmental damage;we are to blame;cause & effect; NO E.T.’s coming to “save us”;techno toy dopes;bio-chipping;”And Still They Fly”;Apophis -incoming asteroid 2036;solutions;and lots more. Special deal from Michael for subscribers. 

Listen: youtube (listening to the full show needs subscription)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Coast to Coast AM (July 4, 2016): George Noory interviews Michael Horn on Billy Meier's Prophecies

"In the first half, Michael Horn, spokesperson for famed UFO contactee Billy Meier, claims that recent developments with the European Union were specifically predicted by Meier as far back as 1958. Meier originally wrote a set of prophecies in various letters, and said they came to him from information via his contacts-- human extraterrestrials known as the Plejarens. According to Horn, the Russians, as well as the Vatican are aware of the Meier prophecies. Meier was warned that the organization that came to be known as the EU, would develop into an oppressive power, and that there was a significant danger that the West could provoke Russia into a war." 

Listen: youtube

Monday, July 4, 2016

Revolution Radio (July 3, 2016) - Host Rodrigo Soto interviews Vivienne Legg

Listen to Vivienne Frances Legg, FIGU passive member of Australia FIGU LandesGruppe, being interviewed on July 3, 2016 by Rodrigo Soto of 'Expanding into Consciousness' on Revolution Radio.

Listen: dropbox or zippyshare or uploaded

Monday, June 20, 2016

BMUFOR - Billy Meier: The Plagiarizer Extraordinaire!

or As A Man Deceiveth!



In our last three articles: As a Man Stealeth: Billy Meier and his stolen spiritual teachings, As a Man Stealeth: Follow up and Rebuttal and Did Billy Meier plagiarize his Prophecies and Predictions?, we revealed Meier routinely misappropriates or plagiarizes others’ work and ideas, such as NASA space imagery, movie and space documentary stills, illustrations, philosophies, prophecies/predictions, latest popular scientific theories, etc.

In this article, we lay out several more examples of blatant plagiarism, a pervasive feature in many of Meier’s publications. 


Below is a list of evidence drawn from a variety of Meier’s publications that further reveals the epic proportion of Meier’s misappropriation.

The evidence is sorted into two categories. Category I deals with the evidence, whose original source, Meier either never bothered to point out or deliberately suppressed to obscure the fact that he had presented others’ work as his own.

Category II deals with the evidence whose terrestrial historical sources would indeed be pointed out by Meier, but which nevertheless would always be accompanied by an explanation saying that these had their ultimate “real” origins with either the Plejaren extraterrestrials or with the earlier prophet-incarnations of Meier’s most ancient spirit-form. This crafty move by Meier puts virtually the entire historical/religious/mythical record at his disposal. Any historical event, discovery, invention, or publication can be reinterpreted as  largely or entirely the product of Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations and/or his ET contactors. This, in theory, allows Meier to plagiarize at will virtually any literature that was ever published and could still get away with it (at least in the eyes of his followers), by claiming that those sources themselves have been copied or inspired from Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations or ETs.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

End of FIGU? - 11 core group members resign, cite CULT behavior

Billy Meier and Core Group-49. Source: Armin Grässl, 20/05/2000.
Sitting on the ground in the front row (L to R): Jacobus Bertschinger, Christina Gasser, and Philia Stauber.
Sitting in the second row (L to R): Eva Bieri holding Selina Beiri, Edith Beldi, Maria Wächter, Engelbert Wächter, Louis Memper, Guido Moosbrugger, Elisabeth Moosbrugger, Andrea Grässl, Simone Holler, and Brigitt Keller.
First row standing (L to R): "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, Atlant Bieri, Stephan R., Brunhilde Koye, Bernadette Brand, Karin Wallen, Christian Krukowski, Freddy Kropf, Günter Neugebauer, Barbara Harnisch, and Conny Wächter.
Back row (L to R): Pius Keller, Natan Brand, Wolfgang Stauber, Christian Frehner, Hans Lanzendorfer, Piero Petrizzo, Aroona Wächter, Andreas Schubiger, Silvano Lehmann, Elisabeth Gruber, and Madeleine Brügger.

Recent resignations of 6 FIGU core group members between 2014-2015 and 5 other members in 2016 has prompted serious concerns among the Meier/FIGU followers. While skeptics and some ex-FIGU members have long maintained that FIGU is no different to a cult or have cult-like characteristics, Meier/FIGU have staunchly condemned any such statements.

However, with the recent self-publication of stories related to the resignations of the 5 core group members (in 2016) who have served Meier and FIGU for up to three decades, have given us a rare opportunity to explore the inner functioning of FIGU under the guidance of self-proclaimed Universal Prophet, Billy Meier. If it is not for the Meier/FIGU personally attacking these members after their departure, they wouldn't have set up a website - - to defend themselves and in the process share their side of the stories to the interested readers.

Click this BMUFOR link for the English translation of the above German website and also for more information on these turn of events.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fulfilled or not? - 'Islamic State' Prophecy

Picture distributed by the Islamic State, showing militants including a commander known as Abu Waheeb.


Matthew Deagle - the host of the now-cancelled 'Real Astrology' show on Jeff Rense radio - during his April 22 show has demonstrated (41:20 - 43:40 min.) to Michael Horn his "little tiny piece of proof" that supports the authenticity of Meier case. According to Deagle, the proof lies in the FIGU Special Bulletin #9 published in September 2003, where Meier has predicted, by name, the terrorist group - Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) / Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) / Islamic State (IS) - which took the US Government 8 years to predict it, i.e. in 2011.

I don't know where Deagle got the 2011 figure from or whether it is legit, but even much before that in 2006 a terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq (ISI) was reported to have formed as an umbrella organization by the Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AIQ), which actually was found a year after the Iraq war, in 2004. And much later in 2013, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has been the leader of the ISI since 2010 has announced the merger of his forces in Iraq and Syria, and the creation of ISIL/ISIS/IS. In any case, even if we take the 2006 year into consideration, this is 3 years after Meier published his information first. If true, this would be very interesting!

After taking note of this "prediction" (a fulfilled prophecy, according to Meier), more than two weeks later on May 9, Michael Horn (MH) has published an article - The People Were Warned and SOMEBODY Listened, Part 2 - on his blog, where he has provided that "proof" which was much talked about by Deagle on his show earlier. On his blog, MH writes (in orange):

(Meier was also the first person to even refer to Islamic States, 13 years ago*.)
*Unofficial translation by Matthew Deagle:

"The Americans are clueless about the mentality, the religion and the special sense of freedom of the Islamic peoples, and consequently are clueless about the Iraqis, wherefore it may fare quite terribly for these wannabe-conquerors, and it cannot be ruled out that actual terrorists become involved – such as Al-Qaeda – as well as other Islamic States that want to help the fight in Iraq against the hated American and British invaders. As in Israel and Palestine, I predict ever more murder and manslaughter, explosive-, grenade and rocket-attacks, in which suicide-commandos and individual suicide-assassins will be involved. That is what I think." – from FIGU Special Bulletin #9, September 2003


There are 3 main reasons why this evidence, put forth by Michael Horn, as proof of Meier's prophetic accuracy is both fallacious and self-contradictory, right from the start. Let's begin!

Reason #1:

The above information from FIGU Special Bulletin #9, cited by Michael Horn and Matthew Deagle themselves, evidently talks about ISLAMIC STATES but not ISLAMIC STATE. It is still inconceivable to me, by what logic have they arrived from the word 'ISLAMIC STATES' to the terrorist organization which calls itself ISLAMIC STATE.

Reason #2:

In the same April 22 show, Matthew Deagle claimed that Meier has used "other Islamic States" in his Special Bulletin, in the context of a terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda, that fights against US and UK troops that have invaded Iraq in 2003. Apparently, MH has also subscribed to this proposition.

But, a simple reading of the text - " cannot be ruled out that actual terrorists become well as other Islamic States.." - clearly points to the fact that there are two different groups that are or would be involved in fighting against the US and UK troops. One is a terrorist group (Al-Qaeda) and the other is not a terrorist group (Islamic States who just hate the invading US and UK troops).

Reason #3:

Besides, Wikipedia on Islamic State says:

"An Islamic state is a type of government primarily based on the application of shari'a (Islamic law), dispensation of justice, maintenance of law and order. (..) Today, many Muslim countries have incorporated Islamic law, wholly or in part, into their legal systems. Certain Muslim states have declared Islam to be their state religion in their constitutions, but do not apply Islamic law in their courts. Islamic states which are not Islamic monarchies are usually referred to as Islamic republics."

And the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) claims to have 56 Islamic States as its members. So even if Meier just wrote ISLAMIC STATE, it doesn't in anyway automatically signify the terrorist organization ISIS/ISIL, but could be argued to be any one among the several dozen Islamic States.

Moreover, none other than Meier/FIGU has explicitly made this very clear in their writings, where they have categorized countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc. as members of Islamic States.

Example 1:
FIGU Core Group members Andrea Bertuccioli has published the following in his article in FIGU Special Bulletin 30, October 2006:

"They could not bear that the supposed 'land of freedom' has so brutally kicked with feet their religious sensitivities and not even that, even some Arab and Islamic states - just like Saudi Arabia - has allowed the <unbelieving> Americans to start a military attack from holy ground against another Arab and Muslim-inhabited state."

Example 2:
Billy Meier has published the following in his article in FIGU Bulletin 53, September 2005:

"When accusations of Fundamental Rights, the human rights violations, torture, the death penalty, terrorism, unjust criminal enforcement and legislation, the war crimes and inhumanity, etc. are levied against other countries, then screams US-America pro and hurray and stomps it into ground , especially when it comes to Islamic States such as Iran, Syria and Iraq, etc."

And the final nail in the coffin appears in the Contact Report 636 (November 26, 2015), where both the Plejaren ET Enjana and Meier expounded on the distinction between the ISLAMIC STATE and the ISLAMIST STATE (ISIL/ISIS/IS) among others. Enjana claimed that unlike Meier who has "already often written" and "repeatedly pointed out (note: the distinction) in accordance with..remarks and explanations everything of the rightness," the "entire earth-human media-journalism of newspapers, journals, radio and television, etc." however "has still not understood" because of their "stupidity and ignorance."


It looks like Meier followers and especially Michael Horn, after realizing their much touted, so-called - "ironclad, documented corroboration of…Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information” and “environmental and world event related information” that “indisputably” proves “his singular status as the only authentic UFO contactee, and the prophet for the new time,” - has been thoroughly debunked and proven to be fabricated, is now trying to resurrect Meier's non-existent prophetic ability by falsely claiming that every major global news story has "already been predicted" by Meier years or decades ago, even if it contradicts Meier's own information. And the above ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim rightly serves as an ideal example for that, reflecting their desperation to prove to themselves and others that Meier is the real Universal Prophet and not a fraudster or a swindler.

UPDATE I: MH's blog article containing the specific ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim has been silently removed without any notice. Perhaps MH, after realizing his ridiculous claim has challenged the credulity of even the hard-core Meier believers, might have felt compelled to take it down.

UPDATE II: All the blog posts (including the one containing the above ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim) along with their comments, that have been published by MH on his blog after April 23, 2016 have also been taken down. No explanation was provided by MH on either his website or blog, so far. However all of them can be read on website.

UPDATE III: (May 15)

MH's missing blog articles are back. Reportedly, the problem was with the hosting company. ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim is of course still missing in his article.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

'End of Days' (April 30) and 'Real Astrology' (April 22 & 29) : Interviews with Michael Horn

End of Days:

We are then joined by our second guest Michael Horn who is best known for being one of the famous Billy Meier’s contacts for sharing information with Earth. We start the interview off by taking a call from Chefist, who proceeds to take over the interview and lambaste Michael with some hard hitting questions until Daniel steps in and puts a stop to things, Mr. Horn really stabs back at the skeptics by explaining the scrutiny that Meier has already undergone by some legitimate organizations. We then really dig deep into the Bill Meier case as Michael and Daniel as him everything about the Meier case under the sun which really opens some minds.

Listen/download: mp3 or youtube
Source: endofdaysradio

 Real Astrology:

Matthew Deagle is a long time Billy Meier supporter, and a self-proclaimed "expert in astrology, numerology and symbolism."

This 'Real Astrology' show won't be aired anymore on Jeff Rense radio. Reportedly the reason is that Jeff Rense objected to Matthew Deagle's decision to devote Billy Meier UFO case by inviting its the case representative Michael Horn every Friday onto his show that originally is dedicated to Astrology.

Listen: April 22 and April 29