Monday, June 20, 2016

BMUFOR - Billy Meier: The Plagiarizer Extraordinaire!

or As A Man Deceiveth!



In our last three articles: As a Man Stealeth: Billy Meier and his stolen spiritual teachings, As a Man Stealeth: Follow up and Rebuttal and Did Billy Meier plagiarize his Prophecies and Predictions?, we revealed Meier routinely misappropriates or plagiarizes others’ work and ideas, such as NASA space imagery, movie and space documentary stills, illustrations, philosophies, prophecies/predictions, latest popular scientific theories, etc.

In this article, we lay out several more examples of blatant plagiarism, a pervasive feature in many of Meier’s publications. 


Below is a list of evidence drawn from a variety of Meier’s publications that further reveals the epic proportion of Meier’s misappropriation.

The evidence is sorted into two categories. Category I deals with the evidence, whose original source, Meier either never bothered to point out or deliberately suppressed to obscure the fact that he had presented others’ work as his own.

Category II deals with the evidence whose terrestrial historical sources would indeed be pointed out by Meier, but which nevertheless would always be accompanied by an explanation saying that these had their ultimate “real” origins with either the Plejaren extraterrestrials or with the earlier prophet-incarnations of Meier’s most ancient spirit-form. This crafty move by Meier puts virtually the entire historical/religious/mythical record at his disposal. Any historical event, discovery, invention, or publication can be reinterpreted as  largely or entirely the product of Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations and/or his ET contactors. This, in theory, allows Meier to plagiarize at will virtually any literature that was ever published and could still get away with it (at least in the eyes of his followers), by claiming that those sources themselves have been copied or inspired from Meier’s earlier prophet-incarnations or ETs.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

End of FIGU? - 11 core group members resign, cite CULT behavior

Billy Meier and Core Group-49. Source: Armin Grässl, 20/05/2000.
Sitting on the ground in the front row (L to R): Jacobus Bertschinger, Christina Gasser, and Philia Stauber.
Sitting in the second row (L to R): Eva Bieri holding Selina Beiri, Edith Beldi, Maria Wächter, Engelbert Wächter, Louis Memper, Guido Moosbrugger, Elisabeth Moosbrugger, Andrea Grässl, Simone Holler, and Brigitt Keller.
First row standing (L to R): "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, Atlant Bieri, Stephan R., Brunhilde Koye, Bernadette Brand, Karin Wallen, Christian Krukowski, Freddy Kropf, Günter Neugebauer, Barbara Harnisch, and Conny Wächter.
Back row (L to R): Pius Keller, Natan Brand, Wolfgang Stauber, Christian Frehner, Hans Lanzendorfer, Piero Petrizzo, Aroona Wächter, Andreas Schubiger, Silvano Lehmann, Elisabeth Gruber, and Madeleine Brügger.

Recent resignations of 6 FIGU core group members between 2014-2015 and 5 other members in 2016 has prompted serious concerns among the Meier/FIGU followers. While skeptics and some ex-FIGU members have long maintained that FIGU is no different to a cult or have cult-like characteristics, Meier/FIGU have staunchly condemned any such statements.

However, with the recent self-publication of stories related to the resignations of the 5 core group members (in 2016) who have served Meier and FIGU for up to three decades, have given us a rare opportunity to explore the inner functioning of FIGU under the guidance of self-proclaimed Universal Prophet, Billy Meier. If it is not for the Meier/FIGU personally attacking these members after their departure, they wouldn't have set up a website - - to defend themselves and in the process share their side of the stories to the interested readers.

Click this BMUFOR link for the English translation of the above German website and also for more information on these turn of events.