Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Die Wochenzeitung (Nr. 38, 18.09.2014) - Im All zählt man mit!

FIGU member sitting infront of Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC)

"The haunting of the term "over-population" since ECOPOP not only increased again in the minds and the media around. A visit to the ufologists headquarters Schmidrüti."

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Billy Meier's Outer Space pictures: Apollo-Soyuz docking & Others - UPDATE II

See Part 3 for more information behind this comparison

In this UPDATE II, we would like to notify you on two updates.

1. Our investigation and analysis into the Apollo-Soyuz et al. pictures - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & UPDATE 1 - has been published on BMUFOR (Billy Meier UFO Research) website! Besides some minor changes that were made in regard to the arguments and conclusions, most of the same research (first published in the blog in 3 parts) has been made into the website version.

Some interested readers have wrote to us asking for a shortened version of the long, in-depth analysis of the Apollo-Soyuz et al. pictures. So we have prepared a short summary of it here: Outer Space Pictures – Apollo-Soyuz et al. – Summary.

2. However what is totally new in the website version is that we have for the first time published correspondence that has taken place between the following mentioned persons on the forged Apollo-Soyuz et al. pictures:
  • James Moore (webmaster of the Billy Meier Wiki and Christian Frehner (FIGU Core Group Member & SSSC Facility Director)
  • Simon Goudswaard (FIGU Passive Member) and Christian Frehner

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fulfilled or not ? - Prediction about the creation of MUFON

Asket’s Explanation’s – Part 2, February 7, 1953
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte Block 1, 2002

63. In this time you will also come into contact once again with the biggest European UFO study community, which should make an effort to spread information about our doings.
70. But the fight for the truth will be very hard because you will have to fight against the lack of understanding and lack of reason of sectarian ufological groups, and so forth, who are strongly anchored in the religious and in pseudo-sciences.
71. In regard to that, take note especially of the coming worldwide organisation for ufological work, MUFON, because – along with various pathological know-it-alls and slanderers of truth – it will be your greatest adversary.
72. You will become loved and hated worldwide and also your life will
no longer be secure.

Did Billy Meier or ETs predict the creation of MUFON ?
Read the answer to this question at BMUFOR!