Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Meria Heller Show (July 20, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

Meria interviews Michael Horn, US Media Representative for Billy Meier; Billy has been giving prophetic information/warnings/solutions since 1951;79 yr old Swiss man contacted at 5 yrs young;over 1200 photos/videos of his contact;spirituality is KEY;WW3- a war we won’t win;Obama turned from the pressure to obey orders;the dominant energy of the U.S. is negative;Clinton or Trump?Attacks on France predicted in 1981;Muslims or Islamics?Merkel;over 17,000 sleepers in the EU? US?majority of Earth’s rulers are psychopaths;2 civil wars predicted in 1981;environmental damage;we are to blame;cause & effect; NO E.T.’s coming to “save us”;techno toy dopes;bio-chipping;”And Still They Fly”;Apophis -incoming asteroid 2036;solutions;and lots more. Special deal from Michael for subscribers. 

Listen: youtube (listening to the full show needs subscription)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Coast to Coast AM (July 4, 2016): George Noory interviews Michael Horn on Billy Meier's Prophecies

"In the first half, Michael Horn, spokesperson for famed UFO contactee Billy Meier, claims that recent developments with the European Union were specifically predicted by Meier as far back as 1958. Meier originally wrote a set of prophecies in various letters, and said they came to him from information via his contacts-- human extraterrestrials known as the Plejarens. According to Horn, the Russians, as well as the Vatican are aware of the Meier prophecies. Meier was warned that the organization that came to be known as the EU, would develop into an oppressive power, and that there was a significant danger that the West could provoke Russia into a war." 

Listen: youtube

Monday, July 4, 2016

Revolution Radio (July 3, 2016) - Host Rodrigo Soto interviews Vivienne Legg

Listen to Vivienne Frances Legg, FIGU passive member of Australia FIGU LandesGruppe, being interviewed on July 3, 2016 by Rodrigo Soto of 'Expanding into Consciousness' on Revolution Radio.

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