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X-Zone Radio Show (Apr. 17, 2018): Guest Kal Korff recalls his debate with Jim Dilettoso on Art Bell Radio Show from March 18, 1998

This article from the archives of UFOUpdates sets this interview up perfectly.

March 16, 1998 - Redmond, Washington.

TotalResearch announced today that its' President and CEO,critically-acclaimed author and investigative journalist, Kal K. Korff, will debate Jim Dilettoso on the widely popular Art Bell "Coast to Coast" radio show on Tuesday, March 17th at 10:00PM Pacific Standard Time. The two will discuss the Billy Meier case and the Phoenix lights, and other issues. "I am honored that Mr. Art Bell has decided to sponsor a debate on his #1 rated overnight talk radio show. It is truly an honor and privilege to be invited, and Mr. Bell is to be congratulated for arranging this." "As many Americans know, the fakery and numerous, dubious claims of Mr. Dilettoso have been exposed in the media recently yet again, and this debate will present the greatest opportunity for everyone to ask both Mr. Dilettoso and myself the necessary, hard questions concerning our views on the Phoenix lights and the Billy Meier case. I am looking forward to it." The debate scheduled by Bell is the first between Kal Korff and Jim Dilettoso since March 10, 1996 when the two last debated on 21st Century Radio's Hieronimous & Co in Balitmore, Maryland. That debate, which Korff won easily by a wide margin, was originally scheduled to be a two part exchange, but Dilettoso refused to debate Korff again and has repeatedly turned down requests during the past two years. Not only has Dilettoso refused to debate Korff, but he has threatened to sue at least one radio station if Korff was ever a featured guest on radio station KFYI in Phoenix, Arizona. "Now that Jim's attempts to censor me from the radio have been exposed, and those letters have been posted on the internet into the public domain, the time has come for the both of us to confront each other and settle the issues once and for all. Art Bell's radio program is the best forum to do this on, both my publisher and several reporters from the major news, radio and print media will be listenting in."

Read: The Hack and The Quack (Phoenix New Times, March 5, 1998)

Listen: youtube

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BMUFOR: Ex-FIGU member comments on 'BMUFOR interviews Kalliope Zafiriou (2018)'

Daniel Gloor

Name – Daniel Gloor
Born – January 28, 1960
Resident – Dietikon ZH
Occupation – Librarian
Joined FIGU – July 2016 (Passive Member)
Left FIGU – March 2017
Membership duration – 8 months as a Passive Member

Ex-FIGU Passive member Daniel Gloor, who helped BMUFOR conduct the interview with Kalliope and later transcribe, comments on the article - 'BMUFOR interviews Kalliope (2018)'.

Read article here: BMUFOR

Thursday, April 5, 2018


We have been trying to get our long list of critical questions, questions that have been framed from Kalliope’s earlier interviews after her divorce and Meier/”Plejaren”‘s subsequent accusations, get answered by Kalliope since 2015, for almost 3 years, but to no avail. Until now! Language barrier and getting in contact with her personally were two of the main reasons from it ever happening. Now, thanks to ex-FIGU Passive member Daniel Gloor (Switzerland), who contacted us in January of this year (2018), with whose help we were able to finally get the long awaited answers to our questions. What follows below is a list of our questions interspersed with Kalliope’s answers (originally spoken in Swiss-German, recorded on a digital recorder and later transcribed by Daniel Gloor into High-German) along with their rough Google translation in blue.

Kalliope with Daniel Gloor (26.11.2017); Photographer: Methusalem Meier; Source: Daniel Gloor

  • BMUFOR: What do you think are the motives of Billy to do what he does?
           Kalliope: Sex, Geld und Macht sind seine Motive.
           Kalliope: Sex, money and power are his motives.

For more Q & A: BMUFOR