Saturday, October 26, 2019

End of Days (Episode 191, Oct. 19, 2019): Guests Norio Hayakawa & Michael Horn

In what turned out to be a classic episode with guest Norio Hayakawa, the conversation turned to the “UFO Community”, and what has been going on for the last several years. A phone call from Michael Horn not holding back and putting everyone on notice. A very animated night with many names being mentioned, this is something not to miss once again. Norio Hayakawa calls himself an unorthodox ufologist and activist. He has spent almost 10 years specifically investigating Area 51 in Nevada.

He says that there is much more to Area 51 than just superficial facts made public about this well-known base. In 1990 he also began to investigate the strange goings-on at Dulce, New Mexico. After more than 45 years of researching the UFO phenomenon, he says that conditioning of belief systems has been orchestrated since 1947 by a manipulative force that is preparing mankind for a near-future mysterious scenario. The ingrained and “altered” realities behind both Area 51 and Dulce will play a role in that scenario. In March of 2009, he organized the first-ever Underground Base conference in Dulce, New Mexico.

Second half the boys from “Zombeast”, took center stage.

Source: MichaelDecon
Watch: youtube (starts at 49:40 min.)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hala London (Oct. 7, 2019): Interview with Michael Horn

Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for Billy Meier, a reclusive man living in a rugged, rural area of Switzerland, who claims that he has ongoing UFO contact.

Hala London is the world's first Anglo-Arabic visual radio station. Promoting peace and love, Hala London serves up the best of Arabic music with fantastic presenters, great guests, entertaining features, and connects all of those who listen.

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