Thursday, August 18, 2016

They Fly Productions (May 2016): Michael Horn interviews Billy Meier

Billy Meier on Putin vs EU & USA, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the upcoming US - Elections and Civil Wars.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

BMUFOR: Are Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings Homophobic? – Part 1/2

Billy Meier is the self-proclaimed Universal-Prophet, the alleged 7th and final prophet in a lineage of prophets that were assigned to the mission on Earth. His supporters claim Meier has provided Earth humanity with the renewed and uncorrupted Universal spiritual teachings that would ensure our future survival from the negative effects of erroneous sects, cults, religions and philosophies, that have been degenerated and/or falsified over millennia. As a part of his Earth mission, Meier has published numerous books and booklets on the Creational/Universal Natural laws and Recommendations which regulate ‘the entire life of every single life form, from the fauna and flora up to the human.’1

Here, we look at the topic of homosexuality from Meier’s Universal spiritual teachings perspective, particularly male homosexuality.

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