Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Far Out Radio (Nov 19, 2013): Interview with Michael Horn

Michael Horn, the official spokesperson for UFO contactee Billy Meier made a return visit this evening. Michael hadn't been with us for a few months so we caught up with current events that Billy Meier wrote about many decades ago. We touched on the topics of Fukushima, the JFK and RFK assasinations, the mentally distracting nature of modern techno life, and "free energy" that's already here and in use. It's called, geothermal and should be the dominant technology for supplying the planet with clean, always safe, never polluting, endless energy.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dean Martin Christmas Special Show (1970): Asket & Nera Lookalikes ?

Dennis Kirstein(google translation): "I'm already since 1999 in the possession of VHS cassette with the appropriate recording of the Dean Martin Show in 1970. At the meeting of the German UFO researcher Croeffelbach, near Schwäbisch Hall, 1999, the video was played by the Basel UFO researcher Roger Eglin. It was one of only three copies of the show that existed in Europe in 1999. Eglin had another copy at home in Basel. Luc Bürgin was also probably, also of Basel, still in possession of a copy. Eglin this copy specially made ​​for the meeting to be able to leave untouched original tape can. After the conference I took him to Stuttgart and drove him to our station was still beautiful, as a thank you he gave me the copy. Since they slumbered in my private UFO archive. Well, for ufo, "dusted" I, got me a video recorder, which is not so easy, and digitized the crucial minutes of film.

We would like to apologize for the mediocre quality of the recordings. After all, the VHS is already 14 years old and the show now already 43 years. Nevertheless, both ascetic and Nera are very visible and we are pleased to present you here now Billy Meier's "Alien". "

MoreAsket & Nera Photos - Finally the Truth is Out(Original Video)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Hillary Raimo Show (Oct 3, 2013): The Billy Meier Material with Michael Horn

Michael Horn has been researching the Billy Meier UFO Contacts for over 25 years and is now the authorized representative for the book on the Meier case, And Yet They Fly . Though he has long been fascinated with the amazing photos, films, and other still irreproducible physical evidence, Michael's main focus since 1988 has been on Meier's prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related information, published from 1 to more than 25 years in advance of terrestrial discovery or occurrence. Because of the abundance and impeccable accuracy of Meier's material, and the failure of professional skeptics and debunkers to duplicate any of Meier's hard evidence, Michael has concluded that Meier's credibility is unequaled by any other source, past or present.

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Beware of the Traps - Billy Meier & the Pleiadians (Feb 2001): 'ET - Magazin für Parawissenschaften'

Note: If anyone is interested to offer English translation of the above german article, please contact me.

Update (April 17, 2017): Read the original German article in PDF and its OCR'ed text.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Hillary Raimo Show (Nov 14, 2013): Decoding The Billy Meier Material with Michael Horn

Each month Michael & Hillary will be going through specific contacts of the Billy Meier material with listeners on the airwaves. This month we start with Contact 251
To review or print out and decode along:

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Star Internet Radio (Nov 11, 2013): Analysing Billy Meier Case(audio-"chinese")

"Billy Meier in the UFO community has always been a very controversial figure. Since the mid-seventies he began to open his many years of contact with aliens photos, videos and message, even more extraterrestrial civilizations we have a very different experience. Extraterrestrial civilizations so far, yet so close to the extraterrestrial contacts; those close-up photograph of photos and videos, but also set off the genuineness of endless controversy. But Billy Meier Alien quoted messages and prophecies of the hit rate also reflect on what makes human survival is a self-destructive path, how about your opinion?" - Google translation

Note: If anyone of you know "chinese", kindly share with us if there is any new information presented in the discussion.
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169 '4X6' Color Photos: Wendelle Stevens Collection

Extremely Rare Original Hand-Noted HUGE Collection of 169 4X6 Billy Meier UFO Production Photos Shot Between 1974-1982+ from Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Own Archive!

EXTREMELY RARE Collection of 169 4X6 Color Photos Shot by Contactee Eduard "Billy" Meier Between 1974 and 1982+ Created by and Hand Written Notes with Date, Location and Time Details by Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Himself!!!
This Collection Consists of Commercial Production Photographs Created by Stevens, Mastered and Transferred Straight From the Originals from His Personal Private Collection of Meier Original Photos in the Early 1990s for Selling at Conferences, UFO Congress and Various Conventions.
Stevens Initially Sold them Publicly for $5.00 Each for a Brief Period Between the Late 1980s on through to the Mid 1990s and I Believe He Was the Only Person in the U.S. Ever Legally Allowed to Copy and Sell Meier Photos to the Public. They Have Long Been Out of Production and are No Longer Available Anywhere so far as I can tell... Start Price is Set at Just Over $1.00 Each and Buy it Now Price Set at Only $2.34 Each!
This Collection Includes 87 Photos Hand Noted w/Details Written by Stevens, 44 Photos w/Catalog Numbers Hand Written by Stevens and 38 Photos with No Writing on Backs.
Photo Collection is in Excellent to Near Mint Well Preserved Condition as Shown. This Photographic Collection was Recovered Directly from the Personal Archives of the Late Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We may bear fewer children (Nov 11, 2013): Ticinonline

"The Ufologist Billy Meier is back in the limelight. This time launched a petition aimed at preventing the end of the world."

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Swiss UFO guru wants to save the World (Nov 10, 2013): '20min' - online news portal

"The Swiss ufologist Billy Meier has retired. But, with new petitions he continues to fight overpopulation and the death penalty. Why, the aliens tell him."

Article: 20min
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA (2007): by Richard C. Hoagland & Mike Bara



Richard C. Hoagland is the former science advisor to CBS News, author of The Monuments of Mars, and a frequent guest on the popular radio programs Coast To Coast and The Art Bell Show.

Mike Bara is a consulting engineer for Boeing aircraft. This is his first book.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

UFO Hypotheses (Nov 2007): Wendelle Stevens & Jim Nichols

Under-Appreciated Science Productions presents U.F.O. Hypotheses.
Sponsored by Southern Arizona MUFON.
Jim Nichols: UFO Essayist, Talk Show Host, Artist and Author.
Director and Cinematographer: Rick Keefe.

Lecturing in Tucson, Arizona in November 2007 on Pleiadian ETs, Reptilian ETs and The Message with selected material from and Jim Nichols' "Case Files Revealed".

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