Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dean Martin Christmas Special Show (1970): Asket & Nera Lookalikes ?

Dennis Kirstein(google translation): "I'm already since 1999 in the possession of VHS cassette with the appropriate recording of the Dean Martin Show in 1970. At the meeting of the German UFO researcher Croeffelbach, near Schwäbisch Hall, 1999, the video was played by the Basel UFO researcher Roger Eglin. It was one of only three copies of the show that existed in Europe in 1999. Eglin had another copy at home in Basel. Luc Bürgin was also probably, also of Basel, still in possession of a copy. Eglin this copy specially made ​​for the meeting to be able to leave untouched original tape can. After the conference I took him to Stuttgart and drove him to our station was still beautiful, as a thank you he gave me the copy. Since they slumbered in my private UFO archive. Well, for ufo information.de, "dusted" I, got me a video recorder, which is not so easy, and digitized the crucial minutes of film.

We would like to apologize for the mediocre quality of the recordings. After all, the VHS is already 14 years old and the show now already 43 years. Nevertheless, both ascetic and Nera are very visible and we are pleased to present you here now Billy Meier's "Alien". "

Source: ufo-information.blog.de
Watch: Disclose.tv/mahigitam
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