Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Star Internet Radio (Nov 11, 2013): Analysing Billy Meier Case(audio-"chinese")

"Billy Meier in the UFO community has always been a very controversial figure. Since the mid-seventies he began to open his many years of contact with aliens photos, videos and message, even more extraterrestrial civilizations we have a very different experience. Extraterrestrial civilizations so far, yet so close to the extraterrestrial contacts; those close-up photograph of photos and videos, but also set off the genuineness of endless controversy. But Billy Meier Alien quoted messages and prophecies of the hit rate also reflect on what makes human survival is a self-destructive path, how about your opinion?" - Google translation

Note: If anyone of you know "chinese", kindly share with us if there is any new information presented in the discussion.
Listen: Part 1 & Part 2
Source: StarRadio

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