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FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada (Sep. 9, 2018): Christian Frehner lecture - 'Applying the Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life' - Part 1/2

Christian Frehner

Christian Frehner's lecture Part 1: 'Applying the Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life' was held in Toronto, Canada on Sept. 9, 2018 at the Lillian Smith Library.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Universal Consciousness Show (Nov. 23, 2018): Interview with Michael Horn

TOPIC: We will be talking about Billi Mayer - his unbelievable pictures - credibility - and predictions.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Dr J Radio Live (Nov. 25, 2018): Interview with Michael Horn

Michael Horn, Billy Meir’s American representative makes the case of why the ET contact has & is indeed real!

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Interview with Dr. Ron Pleune about presentations on the Billy Meier ET contacts

Dr. Ron Pleune talks about his presentations about the Billy Meier Extraterrestrial contacts. You can reach him at: or 616-799-4321.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

The Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contacts - Part 2 (Kelseyville, California, April 14, 2018): Michael Horn's presentation

Michael Horn gives a presentation about the Billy Meier extraterrestrial contacts on April 14, 2018 in Kelseyville California. Part two, featuring new prophecies and predictions, warnings, and an introduction to the spiritual teaching.

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Watch Part 1: here

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

UFO AZ Talks (1993): Jim Dilettoso on the Billy Meier UFO case

Hosts Ted Loman and Jim Nichols talk with Jim Dilettoso about the Billy Meier case and other UFO topics.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Flight 1080 (June 25, 2018): Host Dave Michaels Interviews Michael Horn

Michael Horn is the only authorized American spokesperson for Swiss prophet Billy Meier. Michael is here to discuss the life and prophesies of one of today's most controversial figures. From UFOs and the creation of bizarre creatures to the future of mankind, today's topics will stretch the boundaries of your beliefs!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contacts - Part 1 (Kelseyville, California, April 14, 2018): Michael Horn's presentation

Michael Horn gives a presentation about the Billy Meier extraterrestrial contacts on April 14, 2018 in Kelseyville California. Part one, featuring an introduction to the information, evidence, and new prophecies and predictions.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

End of Days (Episode 103, May 19, 2018): Billy Meier Prophecies & Predictions, Q Anon, Political Follies

Michael Decon welcomed Michael Horn, the authorized American media representative for reclusive Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier. Horn immediately makes distinctions between what he calls the "lights-in-the-sky", tabloid-type of UFO stories and Meier's scientifically proven UFO contacts. "While there is now no shortage of strictly anecdotal, as well as completely imaginary tales of so-called UFO contactees, abductions, etc., Meier's are the only substantiated contacts. Because it's the most suppressed - and the most important - story in human history, many people don't know that his clear, daytime UFO photos, films, sound recordings and metal samples have already been authenticated by scientific experts." 

But while Meier's hundreds of examples of still irreducible physical evidence establishes it as the only authentic UFO contact case, Horn claims there's an even higher standard of proof. "Billy Meier has published volumes of the most specific, prophetically accurate scientific information in history. We can take the UFOs out of the equation entirely and we're faced with Meier's ironclad information that preempts 'official discovery', often by decades," said Horn, “and his warnings about geo-political events are equally, as well as often disturbingly, accurate.” 

Michael Horn spoke about Billy Meier's prophesies and contacts with the Plejarians, as well as the controversies surrounding his work as Billy Meier's representative. Michael shared his opinion on disclosure & the UFO Community. Michael asks Mr. Horn why he thinks the Billy Meier case is real, are all other stories no good because they are not scientifically proven? Why just the Billy Meier story? Could things come to an abrupt end after 2020? Michael Horn details his open letter to Ron Paul & how Q Anon is not important, Find out the latest on Meier's predictions.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Investigative Journalist Leslie Kean on the Billy Meier UFO case (December 2006)

Leslie Kean

What follows below is an email correspondence between James Deardorff and Leslie Kean, in which Ms. Kean has expressed her views on the Meier case in general.

                                 James Deardorff to Leslie Kean: December 4, 2006

Dear Leslie,

Larry Driscoll sent me a copy of your latest email (UFOProphet note: Leslie Kean's responses to Larry Driscoll are in blue) with him, I hope that's OK. He sent it to me because he knows I've been investigating the Meier case since 1980 and have come to the same conclusions that all the other primary investigators have (Wendelle Stevens, Lee & Brit Elders, Gary Kinder, Michael Hesemann, Michael Horn): no way could it possibly be a hoax. I've long since exposed Kal Korff's stuff (and book) to be totally false or misleading and replete with distortions and omissions of much relevant evidence.

I'm a PhD with plenty of honors in my professional field of science before retiring, and so feel that my voice ought to be given at least as much attention as that of Richard Hall, Budd Hopkins, Stanton Friedman,or Mark Rodigher, who haven't looked seriously into the primary investigators' findings or researched the case for themselves.

I know I can't change your opinions on the case any more than we can change the opinions of congressmen who have long been brainwashed into thinking that UFOs can't be real. But I can't just let your statements to Larry go unchallenged and uncorrected. So let me try to set the record straight below:


Thanks for taking the time to send me the materials. I admire your energy and diligent work, and I think your energy, applied to actual scientifically-based UFO research, would be helpful to all those doing UFO work. They need more people willing to work as hard as you seem to have been doing.

However, the Meier case has long been regarded by the majority of researchers who know anything about it as a fraud. I am aware that out of the serious UFO researchers there still remain a few who take Meier seriously, but long ago, the evidence for his deliberate hoaxing led virtually the entire UFO research community to reject him and his faked evidence.

"Deliberate hoaxing" is just horribly incorrect (please excuse my lack of tact or diplomacy, it can't be helped here). As a contactee Meier stands out so strongly in the amount and quality of positive evidence he was allowed to accumulate that the "mainstream" UFO investigators could not tolerate it. And so they ignored all the supportive evidence and listened just to those who don't think that aliens/ETs could be smarter than we are and have a strategy of dealing with us.

His recent split with his wife, and her testimony as to how she helped him create his frauds, were the final nails in the coffin.

That happened only after she decided she wanted out -- wanted a divorce so that she wouldn't be left alone so often at night with Billy Meier out enjoying conversations with Semjase. She had come under the influence of Swiss ufologist Luc Buergin who is of a mind like Korff. Meier freely stated from the first that he had had a model UFO made so that he could photograph it and see if his photos of it would look like the real thing; they didn't, so he tossed them. Why should he be faulted for that?

You may not be aware that years earlier, in 1979, she was interviewed on video tape, and then her children also, as to the "beamship" sightings she had had in connection with Meier's contacts, and with Meier's sudden disaapearance at the start of one contact. It's on tape, Leslie, I have the tape. One of the adult witnesses with her gave his written report of it also (in Stevens' 1982 book and in my website. The sound quality of the tape was poor, and so Lee & Brit Elders didn't utilize it in their extensive series of videos on the case. If you were to get interested, you could look here for a summary:

Or read the testimony of the earliest known witness, Phobal Cheng, at:

Or look over the list of credible witnesses to his contact-related events, who have given their names:

Have you ever read Kal Korf’s book exposing his various hoaxes and fraudulent photos?

His book on the case has been thoroughly refuted, just as has his book on Roswell. Again, if you were to have the time, you could learn of this at:

In his book, Korff also paints a totally false picture about the Talmud of Jmmanuel document. Distortion after distortion, lie after lie:

I have not put a lot of time in studying this myself, because I rely on a number of trusted advisors who have ben working for decades on doing the best UFO research around. I trust their research and their conclusions; I don't have time to look into every UFO case. Some excellent researchers are Richard Hall, Budd Hopkins, Stanton Friedman, and Mark Rodigher from CUFOS. Bruce Maccabee does photo analysis.

I also give a lot of weight to Maccabee's analyses. He once wrote an article about the incident on 8mm movie tape in which Semjase maneuvered the ship back and forth over a treetop, and calculated the length of a string that would account for it if it were a model suspended from a pole (12 to 14 ft or so). In his website article on it, his conclusion was that the viewer should draw their own conclusion. But in it, he made a valuable additional calculation -- if it were a model swinging from a pole above a baby tree or model tree, the tree would have been only 2 1/2 to 3 ft tall, and would have been some 50 ft away from the camera! Try handling a pole over 50 ft long with suspended model some time, or even 25 ft! This is written up in: (scroll down), with a link to Maccabee's website article.

One of the things I've learned from the high level Washington people I've worked with in CFi is that the language you use, and the choice of material sent, to anyone in power, such as the Congress, is absolutely crucial. As I said in Roll Call, we cannot tell these people that we have any answers, but can only say we have a mystery on out hands that needs to be looked into. Material like Billy Meier is the wrong kind of stuff to send these people for two reasons - one, that it doesn't leave the UFO question open but presents all kinds of claims of conversation with women ETs, "PleiadianPlejaren Extraterrestrials Contact" and trips throught time, etc (stuff that no skeptic could ever accept even if it were true), and two, that it is at best extremely controversal because many excellent investigators have shown it to be a fraud.

I certainly realize this, Leslie. But some of us do have to put truth ahead of political objectives. In so doing, we've sacrificed our "UFO" reputations but at least have clear consciences!

Thanks for reading this

                                 Leslie Kean to James Deardorff: December 8, 2006


I've been away and I'm just catching up; I'm very rushed because I leave town again tomorrow for a week. I remember speaking to you when I did my piece on criop circles; I quoted you in the story that first appeared in the Providence Journal.

Thanks for all the info. I simply don't have time to follow up on all this. The bottom line is that I know that this case is not one that I can work with in my work in Washington with CFi. Too many people who I trust don't agree with your assessment of it. I can only work with cases that don't have this kind of controversy. I continue to trust my close advisors who have served me well for many years.

Approaching people in DC is not about "truth" or feeling good about your "clear conscience." It's about finding a strategy that works, so you can open the door a crack and get them to take the subject seriously. I don't know if you understand how difficult this is to accomplish. But a case like Meier will never work, and if you continue to send this stuff around, it will only have a negative affect, and they will take one look and not bother to read it.

Thanks a lot for your input, but that's how I have to leave it right now.

I wish you all the best.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

X-Zone Radio Show (Apr. 17, 2018): Guest Kal Korff recalls his debate with Jim Dilettoso on Art Bell Radio Show from March 18, 1998

This article from the archives of UFOUpdates sets this interview up perfectly.

March 16, 1998 - Redmond, Washington.

TotalResearch announced today that its' President and CEO,critically-acclaimed author and investigative journalist, Kal K. Korff, will debate Jim Dilettoso on the widely popular Art Bell "Coast to Coast" radio show on Tuesday, March 17th at 10:00PM Pacific Standard Time. The two will discuss the Billy Meier case and the Phoenix lights, and other issues. "I am honored that Mr. Art Bell has decided to sponsor a debate on his #1 rated overnight talk radio show. It is truly an honor and privilege to be invited, and Mr. Bell is to be congratulated for arranging this." "As many Americans know, the fakery and numerous, dubious claims of Mr. Dilettoso have been exposed in the media recently yet again, and this debate will present the greatest opportunity for everyone to ask both Mr. Dilettoso and myself the necessary, hard questions concerning our views on the Phoenix lights and the Billy Meier case. I am looking forward to it." The debate scheduled by Bell is the first between Kal Korff and Jim Dilettoso since March 10, 1996 when the two last debated on 21st Century Radio's Hieronimous & Co in Balitmore, Maryland. That debate, which Korff won easily by a wide margin, was originally scheduled to be a two part exchange, but Dilettoso refused to debate Korff again and has repeatedly turned down requests during the past two years. Not only has Dilettoso refused to debate Korff, but he has threatened to sue at least one radio station if Korff was ever a featured guest on radio station KFYI in Phoenix, Arizona. "Now that Jim's attempts to censor me from the radio have been exposed, and those letters have been posted on the internet into the public domain, the time has come for the both of us to confront each other and settle the issues once and for all. Art Bell's radio program is the best forum to do this on, both my publisher and several reporters from the major news, radio and print media will be listenting in."

Read: The Hack and The Quack (Phoenix New Times, March 5, 1998)

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BMUFOR: Ex-FIGU member comments on 'BMUFOR interviews Kalliope Zafiriou (2018)'

Daniel Gloor

Name – Daniel Gloor
Born – January 28, 1960
Resident – Dietikon ZH
Occupation – Librarian
Joined FIGU – July 2016 (Passive Member)
Left FIGU – March 2017
Membership duration – 8 months as a Passive Member

Ex-FIGU Passive member Daniel Gloor, who helped BMUFOR conduct the interview with Kalliope and later transcribe, comments on the article - 'BMUFOR interviews Kalliope (2018)'.

Read article here: BMUFOR

Thursday, April 5, 2018


We have been trying to get our long list of critical questions, questions that have been framed from Kalliope’s earlier interviews after her divorce and Meier/”Plejaren”‘s subsequent accusations, get answered by Kalliope since 2015, for almost 3 years, but to no avail. Until now! Language barrier and getting in contact with her personally were two of the main reasons from it ever happening. Now, thanks to ex-FIGU Passive member Daniel Gloor (Switzerland), who contacted us in January of this year (2018), with whose help we were able to finally get the long awaited answers to our questions. What follows below is a list of our questions interspersed with Kalliope’s answers (originally spoken in Swiss-German, recorded on a digital recorder and later transcribed by Daniel Gloor into High-German) along with their rough Google translation in blue.

Kalliope with Daniel Gloor (26.11.2017); Photographer: Methusalem Meier; Source: Daniel Gloor

  • BMUFOR: What do you think are the motives of Billy to do what he does?
           Kalliope: Sex, Geld und Macht sind seine Motive.
           Kalliope: Sex, money and power are his motives.

For more Q & A: BMUFOR

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The X-Zone Radio Show (Feb. 22, 2018): Kal Korff on the Billy Meier UFO Case

Kal Korff (on his facebook post) - "Here's Part 2 of the show (topics: recent mass shooting, Democrats and Republicans), which was two hours total. The last 30 minutes is about exposing the Billy Meier UFO Cult and fraud."

Listen: spreaker or youtube

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Monday, February 19, 2018

ARCHIVES PROJECT (Feb. 13, 2018): Joe Fex Donation

We are immensely thankful to Joe Fex for donating his vast repository of Meier material, originally turned over to him by Wendelle Stevens. His donation include:

  • 22 DVDs
  • 7 UFO posters (2 belongs to Billy Meier case)
  • USB Flash Drive (20 GB data; out of which Meier material occupies 10 GB)

22 DVDs contain:
  1. From Beyond (1996 UFO documentary)
  2. UFO Journals (UFO documentary)
  3. 'The Meier Chronicles' documentary - RAW footage
  4. 'Contact' documentary out-takes
  5. Tom Ivony's interview of Wendelle Stevens and Elsi Moser
  6. Wendelle Stevens dialogue wtih Phobol Cheng (April 26, 1996)
  7. Marcel Vogel's analysis of Meier's metal/mineral samples: Extended Footage (1hr:11min:23secs)

And the flash drive with Meier material (~10 GB) contains:
  1. Call recording (probably secret) of Wendelle Stevens with Randolph Winters (April 1995)
  2. Marcel Vogel's lecture (Feb. 18, 1980)
  3. Q/A with Marcel Guesuon on Meier case (Feb. 21, 1980)
  4. NTV's meetings at San Diego (Nov. 18, 1980)
  5. Wendelle team's meeting with IPI (Nov. 11, 1980)
  6. Ilse Von Jacobi Interview
  7. Call recording of Lee Elders with "Prod Brag" on analysis of MIG photos
  8. MIT analysis of UFO sound recordings
  9. Randolph Winters lecture on Talmud Jmmnauel
  10. Billy Meier/FIGU's correspondence with Wendelle Stevens and others
  11. Hundreds of Meier's outer space and beamship photos; and several others
The other half (~10 GB) of the flash drive data contain all the ebooks published by Wendelle Stevens on various alleged UFO-Contactee cases. Also, it contains several other books, photos and research data on other UFO cases and Big Foot.

Joe Fex is the founder and curator of APE-X Research and has had many years exploring the unknown and a lifetime of paranormal experiences. He maintains a massive archive of data and artifacts for public and scientific reference or study. He can be reached at for commentary or research consultation.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Michael Horn interviews Kenneth Smith, VP Operations Director (Feb. 16, 2018)

From Ken Smith: 

"I worked for a fortune 500 aerospace/military aerospace company that incorporated several divisions, each managed by a different vice-president (VP); for example, comprising the Civilian Division, the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force including NASA and payloads to the International Space Station (ISS) and Facility Production Operations, they all had their own VP’s. 

My position was Facility Operations Director/VP that encompassed various support custodial programs to include physical security and all other Facility contractual services which included all trades associated with construction, including electronics and communications personnel. A facility can have many VP’s but there is usually only one Facility Operations Director. The best way to describe my position would be equivalent to a Civil Engineer. 

Aside from the aforementioned and cutting to the chase, throughout my carrier I coordinated a multi-million dollar operations budget, to include the construction of rocket launch pads and associated support facilities; high-bay & low-bay rocket assembly areas/buildings, explosion containment facilities; management and engineering office complexes in Arizona, California, Indiana, Oklahoma and Wallops Island Virginia. 

That being said, in order to design these facilities to a specific rocket program requirement, it was imperative to understand certain unique design characteristics of a particular rocket program in order to develop the proper facility support systems for the manufacturing and testing requirements of the specialized rocket. This and related issues required me to carry a very high security clearance. 

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, M.D. Born 22 May, 1859. 

In other words, if one of the service support systems does not work correctly; when troubleshooting, it’s always about rudimentary creational logic and thinking for oneself to solve the predicament. Beginning with systematically eliminating the impossible and focusing on what remains, what is left may be easy to accept as true, other times it can seem highly improbable. However, with the impossible eliminated, what remains are the only solutions; and one of them must be the Truth. 

When I was introduced to the Billy Meier material by a U.S. Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigations) agent, I applied the same rudimentary logic! Without getting too wordy; from my prospective, what “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier has said and continues to say about UFO’s, extraterrestrials, the Teaching and the recommendations of the primal power of all existence, Creation; is in fact the Truth! 

Kenneth Smith 
OSC Aerospace, Director of LSG Support Operations (ret.)"

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

LOPvox LIVE (Feb. 12, 2018): Host "The Ghost Scientist" interviews Michael Horn

Michael Horn on himself, his world views, his research on the Billy Meier UFO Contacts and Predictions, and what he sees for humankind in the future.... So sit back relax on this journey of discovery as we interview Michael Horn.

Listen: youtube