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Light Years - An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier (1987/1988, 4 Publishers) : Gary Kinder



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Gary Kinder is an American writer. He authored true crime classic, Victim: The Other Side of Murder(1980); Light Years: An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier(1987); and the The New York Times Best Seller, Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea(1988).

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Kinder's Website: KinderLegal
Watch: Gary Kinder on Meier case

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Far Out Radio (Sep 11, 2013): New Aspects of Billy Meier Story with Michael Horn

Official American spokesperson for Billy Meier, Michael Horn, continues Billy Meier's amazing story, with new documentation and developments from this one of a kind UFO contactee. We look at these new details as well as older controversies – the controversy over the photographs, the claims of Billy’s former wife, Billy’s prophetic messages, and the guidance he’s received from his Pleiadian (also known as Plejaren) friends.

Michael Horn as the official American representative for UFO contactee, Billy Meier, shares this amazing story and all its implications. Within the UFO experience, many people have sightings, others are abducted against their will, and a few are contacted.

There are fascinating aspects to the Billy Meier story.  Billy claims to have been contacted and taught by Pleiadian and Plejaren humans since the age of five. Another aspect is the existence of his astonishing photographs of the UFOs that his extraterrestrial friends use to get to Earth. And third, are the amazing prophecies and instructions Billy has received from his ETs friends.

Michael Horn has been studying the Billy Meier story since 1979 when he saw a copy of the book, “UFO… Contact From The Pleiades Volume 1.” While the message in the book was profound, the photos initially captivated Michael. This would be the beginning of a journey and a role of sharing and communicating that continues to this day for Michael. You can read all about this important Billy Meier contactee story at Michael Horn's site,

Listen/Download: Part 1 & Part 2
Source: Far Out Radio

Sunday, September 8, 2013

In Memoriam Professor Ten Chu: (Dec 25, 1923 - June 23, 2013)

Ten Chu is a composer, musicologist public figure, a member of Composer’s Union of Kazakhstan, professor, doctor of philology and tenuar professor of conservatoire at Chang Yang University (Seoul, Republic of Korea) honored figure of culture of Republic of Kazakhstan, was born on 25th of December 1923 in South Korea. He studied composition at the Nihon Daigaku University (Tokyo). Learned Russian language at the Foreign languages Institute in Pyongyang (North Korea). Graduated from Moscow conservatoire on the class of composition guided by Professor An. Alexandrov. His compositions are widely performed in Kazakhstan and abroad. In 1990 he was awarded with a medal of Republic of Kazakhstan “For Labor Achievement” in his work. In 2001 he was awarded by President of the Republic of Korea with the Folk Order “Tong Beck Tjang” “Camilia”. For his great contribution into public and cultural development of the Republic of Korea he was awarded with KBS prize of Korean aboard Diaspora (Seoul, 2004). He is a co-chairman of International political organization “The Front of salvation and struggle for democratic union of Korea”. From his early days he was interested in meditation, astronomy, searching for constant laws of living. He got acquainted with Billy’s studies from 1990 and is one of his ardent admirers & advocates. A passive member of the FIGU society. Personal acquaintance with “Billy” E.A. Meier got place in 2004 and served as a stimulus for spreading the studies of Truth, the creation of Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy, and the library at the Institute, the creation of Public Fund of “Billy” E.A. Meier and the University of “Billy” E.A. Meier in perspective.

On 13 July 2013 we were informed by Yuji Imayo from E.I.R.B (Eurasian Institute of Research in Billilogy) in Almaty / Kazakhstan that Professor Ten Chu died the same day, after he had (see photo above), signed a contract the day before, which he received from Billy, for the publication of the book OM was granted to the Russian-speaking world. After he had corresponded for several years with Billy, Prof. Ten Chu visited the SSSC first time in 2004, fulfilling a lifelong dream for him later. In 2010, he was for the second and last time in Hinterschmidr├╝ti. With his Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy, he supported our mission through the translation of several books of Billy into the Russian language.

More information on Professor Ten ChuFIGU Bulletin 81

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Investigating the Billy Meier UFO Case (Sep 2, 2011): Derek Bartholomaus at Skeptrack, Dragon Con

Since 2003, Derek Bartholomaus has been researching the various extra-terrestrial contact claims made by Swiss farmer, Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier, with a skeptical, and critical, eye. His research has now been collected onto a new website: The Billy Meier UFO Case.  Derek is going to be discussing his research as part of the Skeptics Track at Dragon*Con 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia this coming Labor Day weekend.
Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe! SkepTrack is a complement of live entertainment and discussion panels for the legions of free thinkers, science enthusiasts and skeptics helping to put the Science in Science Fiction at Dragon*Con. On Friday, September 2, 2011 at 5:30 PM in Hilton Hotel Meeting Room 205/206/207, Derek Bartholomaus will be presenting an overview of his involvement in the Billy Meier UFO Case. Throughout the years claims have been made by Billy Meier, and his supporters, that Derek has successfully shown to be inaccurate. For example, Meier claims to have predicted an accident at a nuclear power station in France in 2003 that shut down the reactor. Derek was able to show that, not only was there no accident at the power station, the reactor was not shut down.
One of the highlights that will be discussed at Dragon*Con concerns the work conducted by Phil Langdon, from the United Kingdom, who has been able to successfully recreate all of the various Billy Meier photographs and movies. His reproduction work is so accurate that it also finally answered a thirty-year-old question about the case. This answer, and much more, will be discussed at Dragon*Con 2011 on Friday, September 2 at 5:30 PM in Hilton Hotel Meeting Room 205/206/207 in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Billy Meier UFO Case is the home of the research conducted by Derek Bartholomaus into the alleged extra-terrestrial contacts of Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier. 
Visit our website at or call (323) 364-2596.

Article Source: PRWeb, Aug 25, 2011
Video SourceSkeptrack or Vimeo

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Interview with Billy Meier (No.1, 2006): Jack Gerlach & Michael Horn (english subtitles)

Topics: Billy's mission, his contacts with Sfath and Asket, his travels and experiences, his accident, his family. Billy Meier was interviewed in the summer of 2006 by Jack Gerlach and Michael Horn (USA).

Original subtitles were in polish, so for an automatic-machine translated english subtitles, please click on "Captions" => "Translate Captions BETA" => "English -- English". I noticed some mistranslations & mistakes in the english subtitles, so in such cases pay more attention to the german audio(if you know german) or to the polish subtitles(if you know polish).