Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Revolution Radio (May 25, 2014): Guest Michael Horn


1st hour: MICHAEL HORN, spokesperson for BILLY MIEIR, tells the Lessins that information given to Meier by Pleiadian (Plejaran) visitors, and published by him over 20 years ago, has proven to be true and accurate. We discussed the reincarnation process and the 52 million spirit life forms and how they move in and out of incarnations and the process called life. We discussed the Billy Meir contact phenomenon which has been ongoing for over 60 years, the true nature of existence, the cosmology of the cosmos, alien intervention in human history and genetic manipulation that created human/ET hybrids.

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Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 6, Sep 1991): Randolph Winters

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nieznany Świat (Polish Magazine, Feb 1994): 'Nikt nie jest wiarygodny'



This article covers mainly Billy Meier case. The English translation of the title of the article - Nikt nie jest wiarygodny - means "No one is credible”. The name of the magazine - Nieznany Świat - means "The Unknown World". Nieznany Świat is a monthly magazine, which covers the unexplained, including UFOs, parapsychology, dowsing, alternative medicine, astrology, secrets of nature & ancient astronauts theory. 

Thanks to the anonymous person from Poland for sharing this magazine article.

Note: If you are a non-polish speaker, then copy the polish text from below file and put it into google translate for reading.

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