Tuesday, December 26, 2017

More Core Group members claim Meier's group FIGU as CULT-like

Alfred Kropf; left: 15/08/1987, right: 5/09/2010.
Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011.
Silvano Lehmann; left: 15/08/1987, right: 5/09/2010. Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011.

The 28th FIGU's Annual Passive-Group General Assembly was held in the town of Wila (Switzerland) on May 27, 2017, where all the FIGU Passive members from all over the world are supposed to convene. A record of the proceedings was later sent to all members of the FIGU group through snail mail.

On page 2 of the minutes it was mentioned that the long-standing Core-Group member Alfred (Freddy) Kropf (in addition to the ones mentioned much earlier), who joined FIGU since 1981, had also resigned from it towards the end of December, 2016.

Visit BMUFOR, for more information regarding the correspondence between two of FIGU's current passive members and Freddy about his decision behind disavowing FIGU.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

International UFO Reporter (May/June, 1989): 'Billy, no; Ed, yes' by Bruce Maccabee

NotePoints written down throughout the article at the edges with pencil, was the work of the late James W. Deardorff.

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Source: Archives Project

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

James W. Deardorff's UFO/Aliens-related papers published in peer-reviewed science journals

James W. Deardorff

James Deardorff was a Research Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University, he held two BSC degrees in physics and meteorology, an MSc degree and PhD also in meteorology. He worked as a senior scientist and then as a research professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. His website TJResearch.info is dedicated to his studies and research into the origin of Christianity and his interest in the Talmud of Jmmanuel - a book Meier published translated from scrolls recounting the true teachings of Jmmanuel (aka Jesus). The website presents the results of 20 years analysis of the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ), showing, largely throughout a comparison with the Gospel of Matthew, that the TJ was the original source for that gospel. (Source: FOM)

Title: Possible extraterrestrial strategy for earth
Journal: Royal Astronomical Society, Quarterly Journal (ISSN 0035-8738), vol. 27, March 1986, p. 94-101

The arguments are reviewed which hold that our Galaxy is nearly saturated with extraterrestrial life forms, that our existence requires in hindsight that they were and are benevolent toward us, and that our lack of detection of them or communications from them implies that an embargo is established against us to prevent any premature knowledge of them. An inconsistency is detected, in that any sudden lifting of the embargo in a manner obvious to the public would cause societal chaos and possibly touch off a nuclear exchange, while any communications received via radio telescope would likely be either quickly confiscated by government agencies and not revealed to the public, or heavily censored. The inconsistency is that the advanced civilization should be expected to have planned some other strategy, if it is actually benevolent, experienced and intelligent.It follows that any embargo not involving alien force must be a leaky one designed to allow a gradual disclosure of the alien message and its gradual acceptance on the part of the general public over a very long time scale. A possible strategy for their accomplishing this is proposed.

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Title: Extraterrestrial communications
Journal: Journal of Communication, v37, n3,  p. 181-184, Summer 1987

Description 1: by James Deardorff
So far, the search for alien intelligence, in its concentration upon a radio message from the stars, has neglected to search right here on Earth and examine the UFO phenomenon. The prevailing scientific rationale responsible for this breakdown in logic fails to take into account the embargo hypothesis and Clarke's third law, which holds that the actions of advanced extraterrestrials would likely seem to us to defy the laws of physics.

Description 2: by ERIC

Discusses the embargo hypothesis--the theory that Earth is apparently free from alien exploitation because of a presumed cosmic quarantine against this planet--which implies that, instead of being only a few hundred years technologically in advance of earthly civilization, extraterrestrials in charge are likely tens of thousands of years in advance.

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Title: Examination of the embargo hypothesis as an explanation for the Great Silence
Journal: Journal of British Interplanetary Society, Journal (Interstellar Studies) (ISSN 0007-084X), vol. 40, p. 373-379, Aug. 1987

The embargo or quarantine hypothesis for explaining the 'Great Silence' is reviewed and found to be more plausible than the view that, at most, earth might expect to receive radio messages from some distant star. The latter hypothesis is shown to be compatible with extraterrestrial technologies only a few hundred years in advance of those on earth, whereas the embargo hypothesis more reasonably infers that they should be tens of thousands of years in advance and in control of any contact with humanity. Reasons why the embargo hypothesis has received insufficient attention are presented; they involve failure to allow for the application of both greatly advanced technology and high ethical values by maturing societies of extraterrestrial intelligence. The implication of the embargo hypothesis for space development is that planets already harboring diverse biota are ethically off-limits for exploitive colonization.

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TitleInflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation
Journal: Journal of British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 58, pp. 43-50, Jan/Feb 2005

It has recently been argued that anthropic reasoning applied to inflation theory reinforces the prediction that we should find ourselves part of a large, galaxy-sized civilisation, thus strengthening Fermi’s paradox concerning “Where are they?” Furthermore, superstring and M-brane theory allow for the possibility of parallel universes, some of which in principle could be habitable. In addition, discussion of such exotic transport concepts as “traversable wormholes” now appears in the rigorous physics literature. As a result, the “We are alone” solution to Fermi’s paradox, based on the constraints of earlier 20th century viewpoints, appears today to be inconsistent with new developments in our best current physics and astrophysics theories. Therefore we reexamine and reevaluate the present assumption that extraterrestrials or their probes are not in the vicinity of Earth, and argue instead that some evidence of their presence might be found in certain high-quality UFO reports. This study follows up on previous arguments that (1) interstellar travel for advanced civilizations is not a priori ruled out by physical principles and therefore may be practicable, and (2) such advanced civilisations may value the search for knowledge from uncontaminated species more than direct, interspecies communication, thereby accounting for apparent covertness regarding their presence.

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Deardorff also published a theological paper.

Title: A Scientist turned New Testament scholar examines basic problems with Christianity's Origins: Resurrection vs. Reincarnation
Journal: Theological Discussion Series (Lutheran Church), March 2000

Christianity's origins are beset with very serious problems that remain unknown to most of its followers. What does a seeker of truth find upon examining these matters? Options are supplied on how the keeper of the faith may deal with the "unthinkable".