Monday, December 14, 2015

BMUFOR - Analysis of Prophecies and Predictions in Contact Reports 197-231 (Part 3/3)


Visit this BMUFOR link to check out the newly added analysis of the prophecies, predictions and scientific information contained in the Contact Reports 223-231. 

We also have updated this page - Exposé of Billy Meier's prophecies and predictions - based on the analysis of CRs between 223 and 231. This exposé page documents all the dubious and the negative evidence that strongly supports the hypothesis that Meier has most likely fabricated almost all of his so-called "fulfilled" prophecies/predictions and other scientific information either by basing or copying them (irrespective of them being credible, scientific or pseudo-scientific) from the newspapers, science magazines, popular magazines, etc. or only publishing them (with an earlier date) after the events have occurred.

Investigated prophecies/predictions and scientific information, between CR 223 and CR 231 include:

CR 223 (1988)
  1. Wandering Black Holes in Milky Way Galaxy
  2. Future Wars in Iraq (1991 and 2003) and Afghanistan
  3. Causes of Climate Change on Mars
  4. Liopleurodon – Largest Predatory being ever lived on Earth
CR 224 (1988)
  1. Telescope named ‘Planet-Seeker’ will be launched in 2025
  2. Centaraus A’ Super-massive Black Hole
  3. Galaxy-Black Hole relationship
  4. Milky Way Galaxy and it’s Super-massive Black Hole
  5. Wandering Black Holes in M87 and Milky Way Galaxy
  6. Neutrinoes have Mass
CR 227 (1989)
  1. Diameter of Milky Way Galaxy’ Supermassive Black Hole
CR 228 (1989)
  1. Neptune and its Moons
CR 229 (1989)
  1. Bermuda Triangle and Methane Gas
CR 230 (1989)
  1. 9/11 Terrorist attack on World Trade Center
  2. Eternal-Light regions on Moon
CR 231 (1989)
  1. George Bush and Tony Blair’s lies on WMD in Iraq