Sunday, June 28, 2015

BMUFOR - Space and Time Travel Pictures: More Photos of Billy Meier

Planet Venus
Planet Mars with Secret Terrestrial-Satellite

Planet Mars with a 2nd Secret Terrestrial-Satellite
3rd Secret Terrestrial-Satellite in orbit around Mars

Billy Meier and Plejaren ET Ptaah

Terrestrial spacecraft in orbit above Earth
Prehistoric Earth with Two Moons

In 1975 Meier allegedly made 2 journeys through space and time with his Plejaren contactors. His first space journey (often referred to as the Great Journey) described in Contact Report 31 and also continued in Contact Reports 32, 34 & 35, took place between July 17 and July 22, 1975. During this alleged journey he witnessed the historic Apollo-Soyuz coupling on July 17, he visited moons and planets in our solar system and in other far away galaxies and he even visited another parallel universe called the DAL universe. His second space journey, described in Contact Report 39, was started on December 3, 1975 and lasted 2 days. He was taken through a dimension gate opened at the Bermuda triangle that allowed access into three different dimensions/time planes.

According to the contact notes, Meier allegedly made more than 1,380 pictures from his two journeys, out of which he claims that many hundreds have been either lost, stolen, unusable (ex: overexposure, distortions, etc.) or falsified. On pg. 248 of his 1995 book – ‘Spaceships of the Pleiades’ – Kal Korff claimed that there are ‘more than 60′ space and time travel pictures in Hans Jacob’s (official organizer/safe-keeper of Meier’s photo and video material since 1975 before he left the Meier group in 1977) photo album. It is not clear whether Jacob possessed, all or most of the space and time travel pictures (probably in hundreds) allegedly photographed by Meier or only a part of them. Out of these ‘more than 60′ pictures, Korff combinedly addressed a total of 22 pictures in his 1981 and 1995 books.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

BMUFOR - Billy Meier's Outer Space Pictures: Asket, Nera and Semjase

Photo #109, allegedly showing from left to right – Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)
Photo #110 (image enhanced), allegedly showing Asket and a women on her left, not identified by Meier
Photo #111, allegedly showing, from left to right – Asket, Nera and Semjase (partly visible)

During Meier’s Great Journey in space described in Contact Report 31, which took place from July 17-22, 1975*, he allegedly traveled through the Universal Barrier (or Tunnel) to a parallel or twin Universe called the DAL Universe in a Plejaren mother ship called the Great Spacer. Once in the DAL-universe, together with Semjase he transfers to the giant space ship of the people of one of Meier’s former contact persons from the DAL-universe, the extraterrestrial woman Asket. There, according to the excerpts from CR 31, Meier was allowed to take some photographs of the extraterrestrial women Asket, Nera and Semjase.

It is not clear on how many photographs Meier actually shot of Asket, Nera and Semjase, but he published only three photographs which are indexed as #109, #110 and #111 in his photo catalogue book – ‘Verzeichnis – der Nummern und Legenden der FIGU-Photos (1991/1999)‘. These photos became some of the most well known and controversial photos of the Meier case.

The above pictures #109, #110 and #111 of Asket, Nera and Semjase have been sold to the public by Meier/FIGU probably from around 1975 onwards. They have also been promoted and published numerous times in various newspapers, magazines, TV shows, etc. since 1976.

Did Meier really photograph the three ET women?

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Purchase of 'Stimme der Wassermannzeit' periodicals and 'Verzeichnis': May 23, 2015

I am glad to announce that we have acquired 20 periodicals (each 7 CHF) of 'Stimme der Wassermannzeit' and a 1999 edition of 'Verzeichnis' for our RESEARCH & ARCHIVES project, with the help of the donation amount. Once again my sincere thanks for all of your valuable donations that made it possible.

Nr. 4, 1. Jahrgang, Nov 1975/Feb 1995
Nr. 15, 2. Jahrgang, Nov 1987  
Nr. 52, 10. Jahrgang, July-Aug 1984  
Nr. 54, 10. Jahrgang, Nov-Dec 1984
Nr. 55, 10. Jahrgang, Mar 1985  
Nr. 56, 10. Jahrgang, June 1985 
Nr. 58, 10. Jahrgang, Mar 1986 
Nr. 59, 13. Jahrgang, June 1986  
Nr. 60, 11. Jahrgang, Sep 1986
Nr. 61, 11. Jahrgang, Dec 1986  
Nr. 63, 11. Jahrgang, June 1987  
Nr. 64, 13. Jahrgang, Sep 1987  
Nr. 65, 12. Jahrgang, Dec 1987
Nr. 66, 12. Jahrgang, Mar 1988
Nr. 67, 12. Jahrgang, June 1988
Nr. 68, 13. Jahrgang, Sep 1988
Nr. 71, 13. Jahrgang, June 1989
Nr. 72, 14. Jahrgang, Sep 1989
Nr. 75, 14. Jahrgang, June 1990
Nr. 78, 15. Jahrgang, Mar 1991

Verzeichnis, 1999 ed. (1975/1991/1999) - 15 CHF

Total cost = 155 CHF or 165 USD