UFO's(2009): Rupert Matthews 



Note: The mess in the last 3 pages is due to them being secretly photographed by my brother in the bookstore..
Source: UFO's

The Big Book Of The Unexplained(1997): Doug Moench


Source: Amazon

Extraordinary Encounters- An Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrials and Otherworldly Beings(Dec 2000): Jerome Clark



Purchase: Amazon

Might of the Thoughts(April 7, 2013): Meier, Billy Eduard Albert


The root and the fruits of all human phenomena are one’s own consciousness and its thoughts, the might of which translates everything into reality.

Publisher:        FLAU
Translators:      Vivienne Legg & Dyson Devine
Pages:              484
Format:            DIN A5
Language:       Bilingual – German/English
Binding:           Soft cover
ISBN-13:           978-0-646-59477-4
Sample:           Might of the Thoughts sample

Purchase: au.figu/shop for $40(shipping extra)

Silent Invasion: The Shocking Discoveries of a Ufo Researcher(1991) by Ellen Crystall

Purchase the book: Amazon

World Atlas of UFO's (1991): John Spencer


Purchase: Amazon

UFOs and Popular Culture - An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Mythology (2000): James R. Lewis


Buy the book: Amazon

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence- A Philosophical Inquiry (2001): David Lamb


David Lamb is honorary Reader in Philosophy and Bioethics at the University of Birmingham.

Purchase the book: Amazon

Light Years - An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier (1987/1988, 4 Publishers) : Gary Kinder



Top Left: Atlantic Monthly Press
Top Right: Pocket Books
Bottom Left: Viking
Bottom Right: Penguin Books

Gary Kinder is an American writer. He authored true crime classic, Victim: The Other Side of Murder(1980); Light Years: An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier(1987); and the The New York Times Best Seller, Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea(1988).

More: Wikipedia
Kinder's Website: KinderLegal
Watch: Gary Kinder on Meier case

“And the Gods land again and again …” : Forecasting the future within new religious UFO movements on the Internet (Sep 23, 2003)

The Internet has become a rich field of varied representations of religious movements in its own right. Alongside the diverse websites of larger religious movements, there is also a huge Internet presence from individuals that see themselves as religious. This is an innovation due to the fact that it is now possible and relatively easy to create an international Internet presence without great expense. Technical innovations and special interaction processes pervade these religious representations and even impact the content of websites on the World Wide Web. This dissertation considers two different groups in the context of the Internet and examines their forecasting of the future: The Ashtar Command Movement (Ashtar-Command-Bewegung) and the FIGU Community (FIGU-Gemeinschaft). These groups are presented in very different ways on the Internet: The Ashtar Command Movement appears as a network of many diverse individual websites that vary greatly in form and content. In contrast, the websites of the FIGU Community represent the image that a highly structured community seeks to portray. Common to both groups is the belief that extraterrestrials are of central relevance to the history of mankind and that they will also have an important role in the future. In investigating both groups it was necessary to first consider some particular problems connected with the Internet, such as data collection, ways of communication, and manipulation of data. Using this foundation, it was then possible to identify and analyze websites that deal with forecasting the future and extraterrestrials. This identification process was necessary to describe the web background of the Asthar Command Movement and FIGU Community websites and to classify, for example, some important markers concerning beliefs of progression and degression. It became clear that many new religious movements on the Internet consider extraterrestrials as a real and serious matter. To explore the websites of the Ashtar Command Movement in terms of forecasting the future it was necessary to classify this dynamic movement using structural characteristics in order to narrow down data. The analysis of both movements in terms of forecasting the future shows that there are different forms of forecasting and most of them use different topoi that stem from the European history of religion. Scenarios of degression mostly prevail within the FIGU Community while scenarios of progression for mankind exist in the Ashtar Command Movement. Extraterrestrials generally have a catalytic function in both scenarios. On the methodological side, this dissertation enters new territory concerning ways to explore religious movements in many respects. Some new methods were developed to collect and analyze data from new religious movements on the Internet. These methods take account of the technical form and the content of the websites. Above all, however, it was also necessary to create new ways of describing dynamic religious movements on the Internet. These methods are not only building blocks for analyzing new religious movements on the Internet; they are also of major significance for general discussions within the science of religion.

Download the bookhere(only german)
SourceGernot Meier

A Gift from the Stars (May 2011): Nicholas F. Schmidt Ph.D.



Full E-book: Scribd

Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA (2007): by Richard C. Hoagland & Mike Bara



Richard C. Hoagland is the former science advisor to CBS News, author of The Monuments of Mars, and a frequent guest on the popular radio programs Coast To Coast and The Art Bell Show.

Mike Bara is a consulting engineer for Boeing aircraft. This is his first book.


Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness (2012): Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D.




Revelations - Alien Contact & Human Deception (1991): Jacques Vallee







Die Wahrheit über die Plejaden (1996) : by Billy Meier - Free Ebook(Italian)

This book reads like one of the most exciting and most fantastic science fiction novels ever. The author compelling and convincing describes his own true, almost unimaginable for us life story. Since his childhood he has contacts with the Pleiadians on the telepathic as well as on the physical plane. The Pleiadians give us valuable information about the history of the earth and mankind, the nature of the universe and of human consciousness. Interesting phenomena such as teleportation, space-and time-jumps that could even personally experience the author are clearly explained. Billy Meier explains the fascinating world of the Pleiadians with its technical, cultural, social and artistic achievements.(Google translation)


Mind Monsters - Invaders from Inner Space ? (1990): Jenny Randles




The Billy Meier Contacts (1992): Randolph Winters


Updates from FIGU Switzerland & Canada: New books & event with CG members in July 2014

Update #1:

This year the FIGU-Landegruppe Canada is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Q&A session  with Andreas Schubiger (president of FIGU Switzerland) and his wife Barbara Harnish, who is also a Core Group member. Both are very knowledgeable about the Billy Meier contact case and the spiritual teaching, therefore this event should prove to be quite interesting.

Q&A Session with Andreas and Barbara
Thursday July 17, 2014
4 - 8 p.m.
Toronto, Canada

Admission is free however donations will be accepted to help cover the costs of the room rental.

This event is open to the public but there is limited seating, so please let us know if you are planning to attend on the contact us form.

More details to follow!

SourceFIGU Canada

Update #2:

The German - English Edition of Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching - A Companion Guide
by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

The purpose of this book is to act as a companion guide for English readers who have not yet mastered the German language. For cost-related reasons, the actual pictures of the symbols found in the German original book Symbole der Geisteslehre are not available in this book. For readers who are interested in the pictures of the symbols, please refer to the German original (can be purchased from FIGU


PurchaseSwitzerland Shop & Canada Shop

Update #3:

Semjase-Bericht - Band 27 (Contacts No. 541-557) by Meier, Billy Eduard Albert
200 A4 pages
Price - 30.00 CHF

Billy's contact reports, spiritual teachings, explanations and experiences with extraterrestrial Pleiadian Pleiadian/Plejaren life forms. 

Purchase: Switzerland Shop

Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 1, Oct 1989): Randolph Winters

Note: Meier on Randolph Winters
Download: Drive

Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 5, June 1991): Randolph Winters

Note: Meier on Randolph Winters
Download: Drive


Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 2, May 1990): Randolph Winters 

Download other parts: Vol 1 & Vol 5

Note: Volumes 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 will be shared in the near future.

Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries (1995): Jonathan Eisen



Goblet of the Truth (March 2014): by Billy Meier (corrected edition)

FIGU (March 29, 2014) on its Facebook page says:

"More than 65,000 downloads since we've put the PDF online! Fantastic. Since the Goblet of the Truth is licensed under a Creative Commons license, you are free to share and free to non-commercially distribute the book - as long as the work isn't modified."

Goblet of the Truth:

"The book of the entire Teaching of the Prophets

Teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life from Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM).

In this book, ‹Goblet of the Truth›, the true prophet of the new time, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, known as BEAM, is once again providing the human beings of Earth as well as extraterrestrial races and peoples with a very signifi- cant work of truly universal uniqueness. Originally, he had intended to undertake this eminent and highly expressive transcription in the year 2017. However, for important health reasons, he was induced to set down this extremely valueful written bequest, indeed one that is steeped in history, at an earlier stage. The first lines originated on Sunday 19 August 2007. After only 5 months and 17 days of intensive work, he completed the task on Tuesday 5 February 2008.

In the course of these 171 days, concealed from our hectic and restless planet and in the seclusion of the Semjase Silver Star Center at Hinterschmidrüti, and during many nights, a epochal manuscript comprising 260 A4 pages was created. This work, being only a provisional conclusion of Billy's untiring work, is in its bound form structured as a long series of highly instructive pearls of evolutive shine which have been penned by his hand to date, and which form the psyche and the consciousness. The very short time taken to complete the book even surprised his extraterrestrial friends, since they had themselves expected the completion to require several years. The tome comprises a total of 28 chapters."

Source: FIGU
Download: PDF (11 mb)

Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 3, Oct 1990): Randolph Winters

Download: Drive

Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 4, Feb 1991): Randolph Winters 

Download: Drive

Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 6, Feb 1991): Randolph Winters

Download: Drive

Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 7, Jan 1992): Randolph Winters

Download: Google Drive

Contact - Erra to Terra (Vol 8, July 1992): Randolph Winters

Download: Google Drive

The Failed Prophet BILLY MEIER (June 29, 2014; Maurice Osborn): Meier's letter to his daughter Gilgamesha

"This free E-book has been written in order to shed light on a case of extraterrestrial contacts with a citizen of Switzerland by the name of Eduard Albert Meier, also known as Billy Meier. This involves the most significant and longest lasting UFO case in history. The sheer volume and quality of the evidence presented in this case is staggering, not to mention what the ramifications of this case may mean to humanity.

What this case involves are hundreds of contacts that Billy Meier claims to have had with intelligent extraterrestrial beings from the Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus Constellation approximately 500 light years from Earth. It also includes what other people have written about these contacts and how they interrelate. A large amount of information has been presented that casts doubt, as well as reinforces, the credibility of this case. The purpose behind this E-book is to help humanity to understand what they should accept and reject regarding all of Meier’s information."

The following letter is available on the pages 44 & 45 of the ebook(pdf) where it says the following:

"..a hand-written letter by Billy Meier that was addressed to his daughter, Gilgamesha on December 2nd 1967, where he admits to beating and abusing his wife."

Download: pdf (for other formats visit below link)
Source(+about Author): Smashwords


The following is FIGU Core Group member Christian Frehner's response to a person who made him aware about the Meier's letter to his daughter Gilgamesha in 1967 being published in a book written by Maurice Osborn.

Unauthorised translation: (for original German, read here)

Thank you for your information, respectively the reference to the letter from Billy to Gilgamesha. I was already informed that Maurice Osborn, whom I had met once in Laughlin Nevada, again wants to puff up himself with a book. Well, off course I immediately read the letter from Billy to Gilgamesha and printed it out for Billy. The matter was also brought before the core group of 49, and in summary I can inform you about the matter as follows:

Basically FIGU will not respond to the unintelligent scribblings by Maurice Osborn, because he obviously is not receptive to sensible, decent and logical thinking.

With respect to the aforementioned letter can be said: Apparently, the publication of the letter is intended to show that Billy is a "failed prophet" because he admits in his own words, he has beaten his wife. The fact that this very private and personally dedicated letter is published at all (or at least in this way) is in itself a shameful act and a clear indication that the people involved are not fond of the truth, but pursue wicked goals. Yet they are not capable of recognizing that their reprehensible, malicious and bungling etc. actions will not lead to the desired goal, but contrary to that will sooner or later return to them like a boomerang.

The letter was written by Billy at a time in his life, when he was so fed up with the whole situation, that he saw no other way out than to separate himself from his wife and especially his daughter to find his peace again. The daily attacks and accusations etc. on the part of his wife and her uncle, and especially the fact that he had to ward off their constant attacks with knives, forks and even logs, in order to protect his own life, got so much on his nerves, that he decided to leave and handed the letter over to his wife with the instruction to hand it over to Gilgamesha upon reaching her majority. However, Billy then considered his obligation to his wife and child (and the predestination), and he reversed his decision, after which he was able to return to Swiss with his wife and daughter. The information for Gilgamesha that he had beaten her mother was based on the fact that he had to actively fight for his own life, which corresponded to an act in self-defence. Incidentally similar things also happened in Hinterschmidrüti when Billy was repeatedly lethally attacked with objects by his wife and he could only save himself at the last moment thanks to his extraordinary reflexes and impulses. Two examples: once Billy had a sudden urge to rise his right hand over his shoulder to the back, after which the axe, which was about to be landed on his head from behind by his dear wife, fell to the ground, thereby breaking her arm. A second incident was when she threw a frozen chicken against his head from the stairs, which would have shattered his skull, would it have hit him. These and other similar instances were observed by witnesses.

Regarding to the letter itself is to be said, that Billy on purpose choose the word God instead of Creation, because he had to assume that Gilgamesha, when she would grow up in this fanatic-orthodox environment, would not have been confronted with the word “Creational Universal Consciousness”, but would have been indoctrinated with the religious term God.

Best regards, and Salome

Read this FIGU Special Bulletin 65(Jan 2012) where Meier ponders suing his son Methusalem for his 'An Open letter to the FIGU' which was first published here in October 2011 & later on Methusalem's blog in December 2011, where he made many accusations on Meier & FIGU members. Also read the response by FIGU Core Group member Patric Chenaux to Methusalem's open letter, who says that it was agreed by Billy & also by all Core Group members of FIGU.

According to Methusalem, Meier did try to sue him through another person but failed because Methusalem has submitted the 1967 letter to the state attorney as evidence, who then ruled in favour of Methusalem. For more information regarding this letter, search for the words - letter, stateatturny, stateattorny & 1967 - in Methusalem's blog.

UFO Religion - Inside Flying Saucer Cults & Culture (2007): by Gregory L. Reece




UFO Aliens: The Deadly Secret (2006) - by Jonathan Gray



Buy bookbeforeus/aliens

T-Bird vs. The Flying Saucers (1991): Michael Topper




King of Travelers - Jesus' Lost Years in India (1999): Edward T. Martin

Download the extracts: ZIP
Purchase: Amazon

Dec. 22, 2016: The Total Novice’s Guide To UFOs: What You Need To Know
Nov. 30, 2017: UFOs, Chemtrails, and Aliens (2017) - What Science Says

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