Friday, September 28, 2012

Asket & Nera Photos - Finally the Truth is Out(Original Video)

Above still is from Dean Martin Variety Show, Episode 170, February 25, 1971
Watch: Asket & Nera Full Sequence
My Analysis on this latest revelation starts from here..


  1. I am sure this is answered somewhere already. The dean martin show according to the wiki ran from 1965 to 1974 for 264 episodes, broadcasted by NBC. Was this just to america? or could people in switzerland pick up this as it was broadcasted. If not was it perhaps taped and sent to switzerland, or was it a poster or something else?, how did billy get the images. Also I would like to know how billy cropped the image, from a still frame on a video, then took a picture of the projection? or perhaps another way?, either way, I want to know what technologies could be purchased in switzerland at that time how much these technologies were, how big they were, how much training required to operate... etc. I want to know how in real terms and why, what motif billy took an image from popular series and added it to his series of images, knowing full well that the vast majority of his audience was from the united states?

    1. If you only speak english, watching a german television programme is like trying to interprit alienese. So why would billy have chosen a foreign television show to have to sit through for 170 episodes to get the flavour of it while barely understanding it in order then to botch a few choice frames from episode 170. A television show that is in the language of his biggest audience.

      A hypothesis could be constructed that could read sensibly as someone from america was paid to sabotage the images billy took. Tracked the photo developers down quite easily, paid the guy off, couldnt think of what the girls looked like other than his favourite show the dean martin show, used some botch editing techniques to make it look like a man with one arm did it and then gave the images back to billy in order for him to distribute. Billy didnt really check it because there were still girls on that image, that looked similar, why would he double check?. Later as the case became more popular someone actually checked the validity, realised where the images came from.

      That is another hypothesis. I am not convinced billy would do something this stupid when everything else he has done has been so profound. I mean if billy was in the business of making some really shoddy claims and very weak hypotheisis and predictions that never came true I would be inclined to agree this is just another shoddy thing for the list. But Its not, this image is a really rare case, and not only that, he has said that this particular batch may have been tampered with. During a period of time when he realised a particular level of interest was taken in his photos.

  2. It it more likely the case that someone else in the U.S. manipulated his photos in the lab when he sent them in to get them developed, as he says. The manipulator of the photos would be able to more easily discredit him exactly because the majority of his audience is in the United States. There are many problems with the hoax theory. I have met Billy (spent 2 1/2 weeks at his house) and he seems like a truthful person who other people try to discredit by slandering him, instead of some dubious hoaxer. He is a very sharp, responsible and respectable individual, of high moral character, from what I could gather.

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