Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Late Night in the Midlands (April 25, 2017): Interview with Michael Horn

Guest Michael Horn joins host Michael Vara for an update on the Billy Meier’s Prophecies. 

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

'Evidence of fraud discovered again: Billy Meier's spaceship photos' - JUFOF Nr. 122 (February 1999)

German UFO researcher, Hans-Werner Peiniger has published an article - Wieder Hinweise auf Schwindel entdeckt: Billy Meiers Raumschiff-Fotos / Evidence of fraud discovered again: Billy Meier's spaceship photos - in his Journal für UFO-Forschung (JUFOF), Nr. 122, February, 1999.

Billy Meier's "Wedding-cake" UFO or WCUFO

Comparison of Meier's WCUFO parts with flower pot-holder and bookshelf-pins

Comparison of Meier's WCUFO with the garbage can lid
Comparison of Meier's WCUFO with the garbage can lid

For complete article, read: JUFOF Nr. 122 (this text is extracted from a reprint, from JUFOF Nr. 185, pgs. 148-151, May 2009)
My sincere thanks to Hans-Werner Peiniger for sharing all his JUFOF articles on Meier case with me.

Further reading:
Die Reporter (Pro7 TV, May 27, 1999): German UFO researcher deconstructs Billy Meier's WCUFO and Asket-Nera photos

Saturday, April 15, 2017

'Between the Lies: The Hoax and the Paranormal' - by Jeff Ritzmann (April 12, 2017)

Jeff Ritzmann

Photographed Model. Was it real or Meieresque?
But let's look at what effect hoaxes have on people in the field: the discovery of a hoax, and the aftermath of the presentation that the data is demonstrably fake.

The Billy Meier case is a wonderful example, rich with fakery and trickster thematics. Anyone who's known me over the years remembers my close to 2 year involvement in demonstrating what kind of hokum this case is. The operative question is - should I have gone on that long with it?
Of course not.

I found myself quickly at odds with Meier case believers - even long before my public examples of deception within the case. I gave a presentation in the late 90's to a conference in Washington D.C. and during the lecture mentioned that until we 'shelf things like the Billy Meier case, not much is going to be taken seriously by the public at large, much less anyone working in any branch of science'.

After the lecture, I had a contentious encounter in the hotel with a gentleman who held a PhD in physics.

"The only part of your presentation I take issue with is your statement about the Billy Meier case. I've done a lot of looking into that and I'd say you're completely wrong there." he said with a furrowed brow.

"Well I've spent a lot of time on it too. And if you think those photos and films represent anything other than models and simple forced perspective you're dead wrong." I replied.

One of our mutual friends said something like "Bob has a doctorate in physics he's a..." I interrupted to say it was nice to meet him (as I shook his hand), but it didn't change my statement of the case or the evidence. I also went a step further "The difference between your stance and mine on this case is I can conclusively demonstrate and prove mine." (Knowing full well that he couldn't.)

"Bob", tended to get a bit intense as he railed my 'ignorance' and 'fear of the truth' and added "I don't know much about the photos, but the written information of prophecy is solid!"

He didn't know much about the photos? Could this be serious? This is how Meier entered the field's eye - his clear, daylight photos of alleged UFOs. How could someone so obsessed with Meier's prophetic writings (which are also nonsense btw), be blissfully unaware of the volume of alleged UFO photos an film?

This is yet another example of the complete loss of critical thought by accomplished scientists upon entering into the field(s) of the paranormal variety. We've spoken about this effect before here.

In later years I would get into discussions with accomplished meteorological scientist Dr. James Deardorff (another supporter of the Meier case) that were equally as absurd. I would eventually join a Yahoo group devoted to the Meier case, where I would present all matter of photographic demonstrations showing the photos to be faked. I was challenged that if they were simply models on a string, that I should be able to duplicate that easily. So I did. (Left)

The photo was a small model suspended on a string from my deck. Many of the members found the image of the model in the file section of the group and posted asking "when/where did Billy take this photo?" I then reminded them that this was the duplication that was asked for and posted days before. Several (and some prominent) members of the group left, and wrote me privately to say they couldn't believe how fooled they had been.

There are still people from all walks of life and profession that solidly believe the Meier case is the best evidence of UFO contact ever. By many more, it is considered the longest enduring hoax in UFOlogy.

I use this case because it's such a great example of the repeated disconnect from critical thought exhibited when clearly faked (some laughably so) photos are presented as legitimate.

But was my obsession with showing obviously faked photos to be...obviously faked photos, logical? No it wasn't. Taunting, duplication challenges, and sometimes even physical threats from believers only have so much effect - after awhile it just doesn't phase you. The depth and length of my involvement was irrational considering the painfully obvious fabrication of the case and it's 'evidence'.

You become so involved that you completely lose sight of the fact: no one with any critical faculties believes the case anyway. You are killing a mouse with a howitzer. It's overkill in the extreme.

Later with the epiphanies I would learn from George Hansen, I would recognize these patterns of irrational obsession with disproving hoaxes and hoaxers, and accept that such things are to be expected in the paranormal field.

Read the full article: The Numinous Den
Jeff Ritzmann: Linkedin

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

BMUFOR: Billy Meier and ETs reveal the "true" location of our Solar System in Milky Way Galaxy

In 1970’s, Meier published the following article – Der Lageort unseres Sonnensystems / The location of our solar system – on pgs. 17-19 in the 24 pg. booklet, UFOs: Raumschiffe von fremden Welten / UFOs: Spaceships from Other Worlds:

Why the Earth is not visited in ‘large masses’ by extraterrestrial forms of life, but only in a certain small number, is because our solar system is practically an enclave of our Milky Way. As a very far-reaching system of a spiral arm of the Milky Way, we are outside of all usual flight paths of the extraterrestrials. The SOL system, as viewed from the Milky Way, represents something of a ‘Solitary system’ or ‘Forsaken System’.

Is it really the case, as Meier and the Plejaren ETs explain, that our Solar system lies in the outermost fringes of the Milky Way (for a moment ignoring the galaxy's shape)?

Read More: BMUFOR

March 11, 2017: "MUFON WILL Investigate Billy Meier UFO Case "

Jan Harzan speaking to Michael Horn

Jan Harzan publicly announces long overdue study

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, MUFON Director Jan Harzan publicly announced the long overdue study and investigation of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

Michael Horn, the American media representative for the Meier contacts, pointed out that he had found the evidence and information long after MUFON had already come into existence, questioning why such a vast, well-funded organization as MUFON hadn’t.

In addition to expressing his own personal interest in the Meier case, Harzan responded to Horn’s comments, and those of off-screen attendees, stating:

“We’ll take a look at it, I’m happy to do that.”

With Harzan now on the record, and with new independent, expert scientific analyses of Meier’s UFO photos and films, as well as ever-ongoing corroboration of his prophetically accurate scientific information, MUFON will have the opportunity to find what they claim they've been looking for...and put to rest the suspicions that they are merely a disinformation organization serving the intelligence agencies in suppressing the singular authenticity of Meier's still ongoing contacts, now spanning more than 75 years.

Source: theyflyblog

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Uhørt! - 'Billy Meier' music band from Oslo, Norway

Upcoming event: Wednesday, Apr 19 2017 at 08:00 pm;  Nasjonal jazzscene, Karl Johans gate 35, Oslo, Norway 

Uhørt! is a concert series with young jazz talents.

Billy Meier pulls you into an intergalactic journey filled with energetic and bubbly grooves, free sections, riffs and melodies. From the vulnerably close to the humoristically distanced. The jazz, space rock, improv, hip hop, roots and psychedelia you hear is a tribute to the Swiss UFO theorist Eduardo Albert “Billy” Meier’s life and excursions.

Henriette Eilertsen – flute, synth

Hans P. Kjorstad – violin
Sander Eriksen Nordahl – guitar
Martin Morland – bass
Ivar Myrset Asheim – drums
Lêãrn thę trûth:

Source: Victoria & Soundcloud

Check out another 'Billy Meier' band from Ecuador:

Friday, April 7, 2017

Michael Horn's Lecture (March 4, 2017) - The Billy Meier UFO case: Henoch Prophecies, Trump & Our Future Survival

March 4, 2017 presentation by Michael Horn at a UFO conference in Los Angeles. 

Michael was the only presenter that had valid information regarding our current world situation and where things look to be headed. All the other presenters were regurgitating old, previously presented by others, information that only produced fear and had not solutions. Topics by Billy Meier included Henoch Prophecies, what to do about ISIS and where it can go as a Army, and that the public, you and me, have absolutely no say in world, government, affairs and that these so called leaders will do what they want. The way we prepare ourselves is through the spirit teaching. People are superficial and only address material situations with short term material solutions. As world population grows by about 8,000,000 people a month these material solutions will not work into the near future and a planetary crisis has been created with no solutions. Reduce world population will reduce majority of ills in place for us now. The Henoch Prophecies are super difficult to read, very intense and I have never been able to read it from start to finish in one sitting. 

Currently President Donald Trump stated on April 4, 2017 he would roll back DODD FRANK ACT and that would let the banks go gambling with your money, lose it, and get protection for doing so. Look forward to 18months of a boom and by 2020 if you choose to follow the current money trends you will regret it, be broke, and possibly in line to rent a small apartment or home with 20 others in front of you. Now, this is happening now. Look, in Prescott Valley AZ there are 100's if not 1000's living in cars. Just drive off any highway on a dirt road and when you hit the 5mile mark roughly and to 20 mile mark it's car, upon car with people living in them getting ready for work and driving into town holding down regular jobs. This is happening all over USA. Please don't wake up, it will only hurt you, stay asleep and hope this will go away. :) Good luck on that.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

ARCHIVES PROJECT: Donation by Phil Langdon, UK (March 31, 2017)

Phil Langdon with model WCUFO and cultivated miniature tree

I am glad to announce that we have acquired several negatives, slides and 11 CDs containing the successful recreations (images and videos) done by Phil Langdon, of Billy Meier's alleged beamships or extraterrestrial crafts. Also included is a PC game (Nanobites), in the 12th CD, made by Phil himself. You can download (131 MB) the game here.

Thank you very much, Phil.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ohio Exopolitics Radio (March 31, 2017): Interview with Michael Horn

Michael Horn on the Corruption in the UFO Community. Michael was on fire during this show it was a lot of fun.

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