Friday, April 7, 2017

Michael Horn's Lecture (March 4, 2017) - The Billy Meier UFO case: Henoch Prophecies, Trump & Our Future Survival

March 4, 2017 presentation by Michael Horn at a UFO conference in Los Angeles. 

Michael was the only presenter that had valid information regarding our current world situation and where things look to be headed. All the other presenters were regurgitating old, previously presented by others, information that only produced fear and had not solutions. Topics by Billy Meier included Henoch Prophecies, what to do about ISIS and where it can go as a Army, and that the public, you and me, have absolutely no say in world, government, affairs and that these so called leaders will do what they want. The way we prepare ourselves is through the spirit teaching. People are superficial and only address material situations with short term material solutions. As world population grows by about 8,000,000 people a month these material solutions will not work into the near future and a planetary crisis has been created with no solutions. Reduce world population will reduce majority of ills in place for us now. The Henoch Prophecies are super difficult to read, very intense and I have never been able to read it from start to finish in one sitting. 

Currently President Donald Trump stated on April 4, 2017 he would roll back DODD FRANK ACT and that would let the banks go gambling with your money, lose it, and get protection for doing so. Look forward to 18months of a boom and by 2020 if you choose to follow the current money trends you will regret it, be broke, and possibly in line to rent a small apartment or home with 20 others in front of you. Now, this is happening now. Look, in Prescott Valley AZ there are 100's if not 1000's living in cars. Just drive off any highway on a dirt road and when you hit the 5mile mark roughly and to 20 mile mark it's car, upon car with people living in them getting ready for work and driving into town holding down regular jobs. This is happening all over USA. Please don't wake up, it will only hurt you, stay asleep and hope this will go away. :) Good luck on that.

Watch: youtube/wiegandsfiles

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