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Fulfilled or not? - 'Islamic State' Prophecy

Picture distributed by the Islamic State, showing militants including a commander known as Abu Waheeb.


Matthew Deagle - the host of the now-cancelled 'Real Astrology' show on Jeff Rense radio - during his April 22 show has demonstrated (41:20 - 43:40 min.) to Michael Horn his "little tiny piece of proof" that supports the authenticity of Meier case. According to Deagle, the proof lies in the FIGU Special Bulletin #9 published in September 2003, where Meier has predicted, by name, the terrorist group - Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) / Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) / Islamic State (IS) - which took the US Government 8 years to predict it, i.e. in 2011.

I don't know where Deagle got the 2011 figure from or whether it is legit, but even much before that in 2006 a terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq (ISI) was reported to have formed as an umbrella organization by the Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AIQ), which actually was found a year after the Iraq war, in 2004. And much later in 2013, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has been the leader of the ISI since 2010 has announced the merger of his forces in Iraq and Syria, and the creation of ISIL/ISIS/IS. In any case, even if we take the 2006 year into consideration, this is 3 years after Meier published his information first. If true, this would be very interesting!

After taking note of this "prediction" (a fulfilled prophecy, according to Meier), more than two weeks later on May 9, Michael Horn (MH) has published an article - The People Were Warned and SOMEBODY Listened, Part 2 - on his blog, where he has provided that "proof" which was much talked about by Deagle on his show earlier. On his blog, MH writes (in orange):

(Meier was also the first person to even refer to Islamic States, 13 years ago*.)
*Unofficial translation by Matthew Deagle:

"The Americans are clueless about the mentality, the religion and the special sense of freedom of the Islamic peoples, and consequently are clueless about the Iraqis, wherefore it may fare quite terribly for these wannabe-conquerors, and it cannot be ruled out that actual terrorists become involved – such as Al-Qaeda – as well as other Islamic States that want to help the fight in Iraq against the hated American and British invaders. As in Israel and Palestine, I predict ever more murder and manslaughter, explosive-, grenade and rocket-attacks, in which suicide-commandos and individual suicide-assassins will be involved. That is what I think." – from FIGU Special Bulletin #9, September 2003


There are 3 main reasons why this evidence, put forth by Michael Horn, as proof of Meier's prophetic accuracy is both fallacious and self-contradictory, right from the start. Let's begin!

Reason #1:

The above information from FIGU Special Bulletin #9, cited by Michael Horn and Matthew Deagle themselves, evidently talks about ISLAMIC STATES but not ISLAMIC STATE. It is still inconceivable to me, by what logic have they arrived from the word 'ISLAMIC STATES' to the terrorist organization which calls itself ISLAMIC STATE.

Reason #2:

In the same April 22 show, Matthew Deagle claimed that Meier has used "other Islamic States" in his Special Bulletin, in the context of a terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda, that fights against US and UK troops that have invaded Iraq in 2003. Apparently, MH has also subscribed to this proposition.

But, a simple reading of the text - " cannot be ruled out that actual terrorists become well as other Islamic States.." - clearly points to the fact that there are two different groups that are or would be involved in fighting against the US and UK troops. One is a terrorist group (Al-Qaeda) and the other is not a terrorist group (Islamic States who just hate the invading US and UK troops).

Reason #3:

Besides, Wikipedia on Islamic State says:

"An Islamic state is a type of government primarily based on the application of shari'a (Islamic law), dispensation of justice, maintenance of law and order. (..) Today, many Muslim countries have incorporated Islamic law, wholly or in part, into their legal systems. Certain Muslim states have declared Islam to be their state religion in their constitutions, but do not apply Islamic law in their courts. Islamic states which are not Islamic monarchies are usually referred to as Islamic republics."

And the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) claims to have 56 Islamic States as its members. So even if Meier just wrote ISLAMIC STATE, it doesn't in anyway automatically signify the terrorist organization ISIS/ISIL, but could be argued to be any one among the several dozen Islamic States.

Moreover, none other than Meier/FIGU has explicitly made this very clear in their writings, where they have categorized countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc. as members of Islamic States.

Example 1:
FIGU Core Group members Andrea Bertuccioli has published the following in his article in FIGU Special Bulletin 30, October 2006:

"They could not bear that the supposed 'land of freedom' has so brutally kicked with feet their religious sensitivities and not even that, even some Arab and Islamic states - just like Saudi Arabia - has allowed the <unbelieving> Americans to start a military attack from holy ground against another Arab and Muslim-inhabited state."

Example 2:
Billy Meier has published the following in his article in FIGU Bulletin 53, September 2005:

"When accusations of Fundamental Rights, the human rights violations, torture, the death penalty, terrorism, unjust criminal enforcement and legislation, the war crimes and inhumanity, etc. are levied against other countries, then screams US-America pro and hurray and stomps it into ground , especially when it comes to Islamic States such as Iran, Syria and Iraq, etc."

And the final nail in the coffin appears in the Contact Report 636 (November 26, 2015), where both the Plejaren ET Enjana and Meier expounded on the distinction between the ISLAMIC STATE and the ISLAMIST STATE (ISIL/ISIS/IS) among others. Enjana claimed that unlike Meier who has "already often written" and "repeatedly pointed out (note: the distinction) in accordance with..remarks and explanations everything of the rightness," the "entire earth-human media-journalism of newspapers, journals, radio and television, etc." however "has still not understood" because of their "stupidity and ignorance."


It looks like Meier followers and especially Michael Horn, after realizing their much touted, so-called - "ironclad, documented corroboration of…Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information” and “environmental and world event related information” that “indisputably” proves “his singular status as the only authentic UFO contactee, and the prophet for the new time,” - has been thoroughly debunked and proven to be fabricated, is now trying to resurrect Meier's non-existent prophetic ability by falsely claiming that every major global news story has "already been predicted" by Meier years or decades ago, even if it contradicts Meier's own information. And the above ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim rightly serves as an ideal example for that, reflecting their desperation to prove to themselves and others that Meier is the real Universal Prophet and not a fraudster or a swindler.

UPDATE I: MH's blog article containing the specific ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim has been silently removed without any notice. Perhaps MH, after realizing his ridiculous claim has challenged the credulity of even the hard-core Meier believers, might have felt compelled to take it down.

UPDATE II: All the blog posts (including the one containing the above ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim) along with their comments, that have been published by MH on his blog after April 23, 2016 have also been taken down. No explanation was provided by MH on either his website or blog, so far. However all of them can be read on website.

UPDATE III: (May 15)

MH's missing blog articles are back. Reportedly, the problem was with the hosting company. ISLAMIC STATE prophetic claim is of course still missing in his article.

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  1. Wow. This shows more lunacy apparent with Billy Meier and his group. This seems to be more of boasting and fluffing than anything. Very doubtful the alien entities would be so off the mark when rightly criticized and analyzed. Sorry, this claim (i.e. Meier) is just preposterous, no matter how you see it. Good work!