Thursday, May 5, 2016

'End of Days' (April 30) and 'Real Astrology' (April 22 & 29) : Interviews with Michael Horn

End of Days:

We are then joined by our second guest Michael Horn who is best known for being one of the famous Billy Meier’s contacts for sharing information with Earth. We start the interview off by taking a call from Chefist, who proceeds to take over the interview and lambaste Michael with some hard hitting questions until Daniel steps in and puts a stop to things, Mr. Horn really stabs back at the skeptics by explaining the scrutiny that Meier has already undergone by some legitimate organizations. We then really dig deep into the Bill Meier case as Michael and Daniel as him everything about the Meier case under the sun which really opens some minds.

Listen/download: mp3 or youtube
Source: endofdaysradio

 Real Astrology:

Matthew Deagle is a long time Billy Meier supporter, and a self-proclaimed "expert in astrology, numerology and symbolism."

This 'Real Astrology' show won't be aired anymore on Jeff Rense radio. Reportedly the reason is that Jeff Rense objected to Matthew Deagle's decision to devote Billy Meier UFO case by inviting its the case representative Michael Horn every Friday onto his show that originally is dedicated to Astrology.

Listen: April 22 and April 29

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