Sunday, September 22, 2013

Light Years - An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier (1987/1988, 4 Publishers) : Gary Kinder



Top Left: Atlantic Monthly Press
Top Right: Pocket Books
Bottom Left: Viking
Bottom Right: Penguin Books

Gary Kinder is an American writer. He authored true crime classic, Victim: The Other Side of Murder(1980); Light Years: An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier(1987); and the The New York Times Best Seller, Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea(1988).

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Kinder's Website: KinderLegal
Watch: Gary Kinder on Meier case


  1. I still have that book ( top right ) that i bought from a book store in Singapore in i think 1987. Thanks Gary for your effort to tell the world about the Meier contact. Back then no internet. Information about Meier was scarce and hard to come about in this part of the world. Nevertheless back then i had read of his contact and never doubt about it. Meier contact reports now avalaible online help me a lot to understand about the mysteries of Life and the Universe minus God/religions. Again many thanks to Meier himself and his ET contacts for their efforts to open up our stone age skulls. Sadly many people had not even yet heard of him while the clock of his prophecies is ticking closer to the time of fulfillment.

    1. Hi, would it be possible for you to share a good scan of the front cover of the Light Years book you have ? Also please let me know if you are willing to share any meier-related stuff with the world here!