Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Meria Heller Show (July 20, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

Meria interviews Michael Horn, US Media Representative for Billy Meier; Billy has been giving prophetic information/warnings/solutions since 1951;79 yr old Swiss man contacted at 5 yrs young;over 1200 photos/videos of his contact;spirituality is KEY;WW3- a war we won’t win;Obama turned from the pressure to obey orders;the dominant energy of the U.S. is negative;Clinton or Trump?Attacks on France predicted in 1981;Muslims or Islamics?Merkel;over 17,000 sleepers in the EU? US?majority of Earth’s rulers are psychopaths;2 civil wars predicted in 1981;environmental damage;we are to blame;cause & effect; NO E.T.’s coming to “save us”;techno toy dopes;bio-chipping;”And Still They Fly”;Apophis -incoming asteroid 2036;solutions;and lots more. Special deal from Michael for subscribers. 

Listen: youtube (listening to the full show needs subscription)

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