Wednesday, December 14, 2016

BMUFOR: Beamship Monitor Device - Obscuring knobs and the Truth

During Meier’s Great Journey in space described in Contact Report 31, which took place from July 17-22, 1975, among several hundreds of images he photographed, he published a photo (see below) of an extraterrestrial monitor (display) device present in one of the Plejaren's beamship. The image of this alleged extraterrestrial monitor was shown to Swiss writer, publicist, and journalist Luc Bürgin by Meier's former FIGU group member, Herbert Runkel which he apparently cited during his lectures up to 1980's (until he left the group) as an authentic "extraterrestrial instrument on the inside of a spaceship".

A monitor in the Plejaren beamship; source: Billy Meier

Is this image really showing an extraterrestrial instrument onboard Pleajren beamship?

For answer, visit: BMUFOR

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