Sunday, November 30, 2014

Peoples Internet Radio (Nov 17, 2014): Michael Horn


The Swiss farmer, Billy Meier has proved to be a controversial case for many years, yet he has survived 22 attempts on his life, and has taken footage of the craft of the Plejaren, those advanced humans with whom he has had so much contact, which up to date analysis shows are authentic and genuine. Billy says his mission here is about his prophecies, some of which have proved accurate since he began speaking of events to come since 1951. Michael Horn shares his insights and the work of this extraordinary man who has remained steadfast in maintaining the authenticity of his contacts, which has in turn brought scorn and attack. You wont find any grey areas in this interview, and you will either come away convinced that it is real or not, either way, you cannot ignore what history makes of Billy Meier's prophecies. If what he says is true, does humanity have enough time to turn things around?

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Source: PIR

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