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Prophecies & Predictions: Billy Meier has no access to Scientific Information ?

One of the main claims being put forward by Meier/FIGU supporters, especially the Meier case Representative-Michael Horn is that since Meier has no access to volumes of scientific information (historical or contemporary), all the prophecies & predictions including the scientific content in the contact reports, he published, then must have come from himself alone or from the Plejaren ETs. This according to them proves that the case is genuine or authentic.

Following are some of the excerpts that claim that Meier has allegedly no access to academic papers, scientific journals, science magazines, popular science articles, television, Universities, public libraries..etc.

Light Years, 1987

Before Stevens’s first trip to Switzerland in 1977, Lou Zinsstag had sent him the contact notes pertaining to the Pleiadian propulsion system. But Stevens had never heard the term “tachyon.” Nor had the Elders or Welch.

After Welch had read in the contact notes Semjase’s explanation of Pleiadian propulsion to Meier, he questioned the man often about the concept. Welch came away thinking that Meier knew more than he should, both for his station in life and for the dearth of information on the subject in all but the most sophisticated scientific circles.

“He wrote down in the notes what he had been told,” said Welch, “and then he elaborated on what he understood of the concept as a method of space travel. I saw those notes in ’78. We did learn later that, for some period of time, specialists either connected with NASA or with companies like General Dynamics had been quietly working on that as a propulsion concept. What’s interesting is that the man who wrote the notes has a formal education equivalent to the fifth or sixth grade. He does not live near major libraries, he does not live near major scientific centers, he doesn’t have immediate contacts in those fields. At the time, we didn’t know what ‘tachyon’ meant. Most physicists didn’t know what a tachyon was. And to apply the concept of theoretical tachyon to space propulsion is a huge step to make. There was no evidence that we could dig up that he had collaborated with anybody on this.

“But the thing that was startling to me was that, as soon as we started to dig into that, all of a sudden something else would pop up, in the notes or through Billy, that was equally sophisticated, unique, and advanced in a different field. In the notes, there were conversations about the universe and celestial mechanics, about healing methods and advanced medical equipment that just did not make sense coming from a man out in the remote countryside of Switzerland. Most of it, though, I noticed in the way he carried himself in conversations – the way he dealt with knowledge. It all seemed out of context with his personality. It seemed as if the man had a tutor in various fields who was one incredible tutor.”

Billy Meier case American Media Representative – Michael Horn has published the following in respective sources:

UFO Magazine, Volume 14, No. 3, March 1999:
The Meier Case: Beyond great UFO photos: an inquiry into the Billy Meier case

“The above-mentioned examples bear serious consideration, unless, of course, all one wants to do is go back and argue about whether the photos Meier took are “real.” Set aside all the hard evidence for a moment if you wish, the hundreds of photos (only a small few of which have ever been well scrutinized), the films, the metal samples and the sound recordings. Please explain the above information ending up in the remaining hand of a farmer with a sixth grade education, living in the hilly countryside 50 miles outside of Zurich, Switzerland, some 13-17 years before it was first publicly announced, published and attributed to the aforementioned reputable scientific sources.”
Michael Horn – To the Real Scientists, November 27, 2010:

“In addition to having an abundance of the best, clearest and still irreproducible physical UFO evidence, Meier has published a voluminous amount of very specific, highly detailed scientific information in numerous fields of study, most of it still only available in German. Thankfully, due to recent efforts by interested parties, more is being translated into English all the time. The ongoing corroboration of Meier’s information automatically occurs with each so-called “new, official discovery” of something Meier had already, verifiably, published. It’s even more compelling because the “discoverers” and the reporting sources are consistently unaware that the information was first provided to a “Swiss farmer” by “extraterrestrials”, often decades ago.

For the skeptics, who are suddenly compelled to launch serious online searches in efforts to show that Meier is really just plagiarizing already existing scientific information, several problems occur. First, a good deal of Meier’s information was published in copyrighted books and documents beginning in 1975, while earlier documents from the 1950s and 1960s are harder to prove (even though there is an interesting mechanism that may ultimately confirm their authenticity, as well as accuracy, too).

When it is said, for instance, that Meier scooped scientists by 23 years regarding information about the moon’s surface, some skeptics will search the internet (certainly not available to Meier or anyone else during the 1950s through 1980s, and even later) and perhaps point to scientists who offered theories that were similar in varying degrees. But even then, such information wasn’t easily available, and with no effective search technology at the time much, if not most, of it only saw the light of day in specialized, often obscure academic papers and/or publications, etc.

To this we add that there is absolutely no evidence that Meier had access to even the theoretical or academic information. The investigations established that he didn’t receive or purchase scientific periodicals and didn’t have access to universities, libraries, or even television, etc. Nor was there evidence of interest in, or reasons for writing about, the various (often abstract) scientific matters, especially for a poor, one-armed, “Swiss farmer” (on a disability pension) who was verifiably concerned mainly with eking out an existence, in a remote and rugged area of rural Switzerland, while renovating a rundown farmhouse for his family.”

Though Thomas Welch was not conclusive in his statements, Michael Horn strongly asserts that since Meier has no access to academic papers or publications, scientific periodicals, libraries, Universities or even television etc., according to him the logical conclusion would be that the scientific information he published must have come from extraordinary sources which would support the claim that Meier is in contact with highly advanced extraterrestrials and/or has extraordinary capabilities himself. Michael cites the investigations conducted by the late Wendelle Stevens during the late 1970s and early 1980s published in his two books – UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report (1982) and UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Supplementary Investigation Report (1989), though he didn’t mention on what specific pages did Wendelle mention the above details. We would like to see some citations.

Is it true that Meier really had no access to academic papers or publications, scientific periodicals, television etc.?
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