Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BMUFOR - Billy Meier's Outer Space Pictures: Great Spacer analysis

After Meier and Semjase allegedly witnessed the Apollo-Soyuz coupling during Meier's Great Journey in space as described in Contact Report 31, which took place during July 17-22, 1975, they moved on to visit other places in the universe. They left the Earth behind and after a while they rendezvous with a huge mother ship of the Plejaren, called the Great Spacer.

In Contact Report 39, Wednesday, December 3, 1975, 1:37 AM, another space journey of Billy Meier is described, which allegedly lasted 2 days, after which Meier with the help of time travel is brought back to Earth only 2 hours after he left. In this Contact Report 39, Meier mentioned that he took 3 pictures of both the Jupiter with its Red Spot feature and the Ptaah's Great Spacer in the same frame. In PPKB 1, the description of the rendezvous with the Great Spacer is illustrated with the two pictures (one is seen on the left above). These pictures are a part of the collection of 42 space photos which around the year 2001 have been verified and concluded by Plejaren Ptaah to be genuine or pictures that were only slightly falsified.

Did Meier really photograph the Plejaren mother ship called as Great Spacer in 1975 ?


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