Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Exploring The Bizarre (Aug. 8, 2017): Jim Dilettoso on the Billy Meier Case

JIM DILETTOSO has been a friend of Tim Beckley's for a long time, so there will be some catching up to do on this episode. Jim was the producer at his company, Village Labs, in Arizona and has been involved in the entertainment business, among other things, for many years. Since the early 1970s, Dilettoso investigated and researched UFOs. He was a member of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, founded by Jim and Coral Lorenzen. Dilettoso served as director of special projects for APRO from 1978 - 1982. jim and Tim share stories of the Moody Blues and their alien abductions/encounters, plus ELO, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, all of whom Dilettoso have worked with. . He has also been a special adviser to Shirley Maclaine, Arizona State University, Richard Shaw, Discovery Networks, and the US Olympics. Dilettoso's work has brought him some controversy, especially his work on the Billy Meier case, the Phoenix Lights, and the Mexico City UFOs. He is the co-founder of the International UFO Congress. In his other life, at Village Labs, Jim is a specialist in Image Processing and Bio-Acoustics. He has worked with Paramount, CRAY, Allied-Signal and the group The Moody Blues. Free newsletter at

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