Monday, July 13, 2015

Kal Korff and Luc Bürgin interviews Billy Meier's ex-wife Kalliope (1998)

""For decades, the Swiss Billy Meier with his alien tales brought disrepute to credible UFO observers. His alleged ET Lady aka "Asket" proved to be a singer from the "Dean Martin Show," as the journalist Luc Bürgin and Kal Korff unveiled in 1998. The corresponding video evidence shows Billy's ex-wife Kalliope in front of the camera. Now these earlier TV recordings are finally available online.
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Our English subtitles (courtesy of Joachim Koch, Berlin, Germany) are based on the German subtitles that appear in the video. Some of these German subs that are attributed to Kalliope are just paraphrases of what she originally spoke in Swiss-German."

Watch: youtube/thebillymeierufocase-2

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