Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Meria Heller Show (Oct 21, 2014): Interview with Michael Horn (Updated)

Meria interviews Michael Horn, American Media Representative for Billy Meier on his latest film “He Warned The People, And Did They Listen?“. Let Michael know you are a listener with”Meria” in your order and get a 2nd movie free; Who is Billy Meier? visited since he was 5 years old (77 now);humans in another star system; why suppressed? Classic UFO daytime photos/videos; 26,000 published papers; prophetically accurate information 50 yrs earlier; 22 attempts on his life;info could be destabilizing to the controllers; suicidal success for planet Earth? Henoch Prophecies; can prophecies be prevented?1951 prophecies (happened); 1958-computers, cell phones,AIDS and more. Predictions different than prophecies;ebola epidemic predicted;2 coming US civil wars? Will there be WW3? is their collusion between aliens and governments? holograms in use; climate change; HAARP’s damage;militaristic insanity;religious delusions;Plejarens; 800 yrs of difficulties? Obama; Mothers of the millennium; and much more.

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