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Note: Kindly share the digitial copy of the Ilse Von Jacobi's article in 1976 on Meier case with us.

The name of the magazine & title of the article when translated into english is - 'THE JOURNAL OF MYSTERIES (1976): "SEMJASE" FRIEND FROM PLEIADES'.

Information on Ilse von Jacobi's involvement in Meier case: 
Source: Light Years (1987, Gary Kinder)

"Ilse von Jacobi, a journalist living in Munich who wrote frequently about metaphysics and the paranormal, had read about Eduard Meier in a newsletter printed and circulated by a self-study group in Munich in the summer of 1975. Interested, she contacted the young man who edited the newsletter and, through him, began to monitor developments in the Meier story as reported by witnesses. A few months later, after seeing photographs Meier had taken, she decided to interview him for publication.

When von Jacobi arrived in Hinwil in December 1975, she found herself one of about eighteen people who had come to the Meier home to listen to the man speak. She stayed for two days.

"I was impressed," she recalled. "I was convinced that he had had the experiences he talked about. The facts he gave me, the pictures, the personal impression he created, there was nothing wrong. I wanted to make him known and to put his story in the papers because it was real. But something made him mad, and he told me I should not publish anything about him, so I left. But it was for his own good that he become known."

Von Jacobi took her article to Quick magazine, one of the two largest slicks published weekly in Germany, with circulation in Switzerland and Austria as well. Hesitant to run such a story without verification, the magazine editors assigned a staff member to Hinwil to interview Meier. When the writer returned with substantially the same information von Jacobi had given to them, the editors set the article for publication on July 8, 1976.

The magazine circulated rapidly through the town of Hinwil, carrying a story that astonished Meier's neighbors. For nearly a year and a half, they had observed and disapproved of his constant comings and goings at all hours of the day and night, but not one had confronted Meier about his purpose or attended one of the meetings at his home. The reason he now gave for his behavior made them angry and made them laugh all at once: Meier claimed that he had been telepathically contacted by alien beings from a planet in a star cluster known as the Pleiades. Through telepathy, said the article, the Pleiadians frequently had directed Meier to remote locations near Hinwil, where they landed a seven-meter silvery beamship, disembarked, and met with him face-to-face. Most of Meier's contacts were with a female named Semjase for the Pleiadians, according to Meier, had found that females seemed to be far less intimidating to earth humans. Meier met with her often, and she allowed him to photograph her beamship as it approached for landing and again, as it ascended.

Many people laughed. But others seemed awed by the clear, color daylight photographs of the beamships and captivated by the thought of space beings alighting on earth in a gentle and peaceful fashion. The July article in Quick led to a series of articles in various European magazines that appeared throughout the summer and fall of 1976. Il Giornale die Misteri, in Italy, published von Jacobi's original piece on Meier in August; then, in September, the largest tabloid in Switzerland, Blick, ran the front-page title "Zurcher verbluffte Erich von Daniken"-"Zurich Man Amazed Erich von Daniken." More articles followed in the German magazines Echo der Frau, in October and Neue Welt, in November. One of Meier's neighbors had a son living in South Africa who even read of Meier in a newspaper there."

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