Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ARCHIVES PROJECT: Donation by Norman DeCindis

A long time FIGU forum member(& possibly FIGU Passive member) has responded to the ARCHIVES PROJECT & shared the following list of files. These files were selected from a very long list of Norman's collection, as they were not available anywhere for us & not even in the torrents on the Meier case.

Coast to Coast AM:
Art Bell - Michael Horn - Billy Meier UFO Case (2-28-02)
Art Bell - Michael Horn - Billy Meier UFO's & Prophecies (10-24-02)
George Noory - Billy Meier's Contacts & Prophecies 7-28-04 (M. Horn)
Ian Punnett - Prophecies of Billy Meier - Michael Horn (11-12-05)
George Noory - UFO Researcher Paola Harris on Billy Meier, T. Walton, P. Corso (7-20-04)

X-Zone Radio Show:
X-Zone - UFO Billy Meier - Michael Horn vs Kal K Korff (2006)
X-Zone Radio Show - Billy Meier UFO Update - Michael Horn (3-28-06)
X-Zone Radio Show - The Prophecies of Billy Meier - Michael Horn (1-11-07)

The Edge - Michael Horn - Alien Contact & Future Survival (4-30-05)
Hilly Rose Show - Michael Horn (4-30-03) (1 of 3) (Art Bell)
Alex Merklinger Show - Michael Horn (Jan 11 2005)
LA Talk Radio - M. Horn (7-16-08)
The Zoh Show - Jesus' Lost Years in India - Edward T Martin (6-23-00) (1of1) Zoh Hieronimus

International UFO Congress - James Deardorff on Billy Meier UFO Case(Jan 23, 1997)

On the Possibility of Extra-Terrestrial Presence - Nicolas Marquis Kirchberger (March 2004)
Symbole Der Geisteslehre

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