Saturday, February 8, 2014

ARCHIVES PROJECT: Donation by James Deardorff

UFO-Prophet has taken a step further!

We are happy to announce you that from now on we are not only archiving & safe keeping just the Meier case related material that appears in the media(ex: newspapers, magazines, television, radio,..etc), but we have decided to archive & preserve all the personal collections held by Meier case students, researchers, investigators, skeptics, debunkers, FIGU members,..etc.

Archives Project's goal: is archiving & safe keeping all the Meier case material however remotely related. We accept all books, ebooks, booklets, flyers, documents, letters, correspondence(both ordinary post & email), newsletters, bulletins, magazines, photos, videos, audio, slides, negatives,..etc. We also preserve material that have originated from you like the photos, videos & research material which were captured or written down by you during your investigation or visit to the Billy Meier's place(Semjase Silver Star Center) in Switzerland. One of the main intentions behind starting this project is to make available all the material - which are rare and were published in the years starting from 1970's, most of which are nearly impossible to find in the market - for study, reference & research. If you have any need or query that arises as a part of your study or research, visit our ARCHIVES section & mail us your questions and we will definitely help you.

If you are interested to donate anything, please write to Visit the PROJECT & REQUESTS page for the material which we currently need for our research. For those who do not want their names to be disclosed, we respect your wish & refer to you as Anonymous(only if you agree).

As a part of this project, we are very glad to inform you that our first donor was none other than the Research Professor Emeritus(Oregon State University) James Deardorff who sent us 2 boxes full of material which we received on January 23, 2014. Visit our ARCHIVES page for Mr. Deardorff's priceless collection.
James Deardorff


Deardorff sent us his material in 2 boxes through USPS with all the packing & shipping costs(total of $150) paid by him!

Material arranged according to the different categories like books, videos, booklets,..etc.

My mom took this photo as I was going through categorizing all the material. I could not resist reading some material while categorizing and so this whole process which started with picking up the boxes at the local post office at 1:30 pm on Jan 23, finished at 4 am the next morning.

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