Sunday, March 26, 2017

BMUFOR: Billy Meier’s “Love” Teachings 101 - How to steal another’s wife?

top: Louis Memper (born on Sep. 13, 1953) and Eva Bieri (born on Dec. 15, 1955), taken on Aug. 15, 1987; bottom: Louis Memper and Eva Bieri, taken on Sep. 5, 2010; source: OM, pg. 483, 2011

In response to our article on Methusalem's exposé - especially the discussion around how Meier reportedly sexually exploited his female followers, few Meier supporters have wrote to us saying that Meier, the Prophet of New Age, would never have done such grotesque deeds and demanded us to either put up with proof or shut up. Well, we at BMUFOR decided to take up their challenge and have come up with the best available proof there ever can be - Meier's own contact reports.

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