Friday, February 3, 2017

BMUFOR: Exposé of Billy Meier by his ex-wife Kalliope

Billy Meier and his now ex-wife, Kalliope Zafiriou; circa 1980

After Kalliope left Meier and his community in mid-1990's, Meier reportedly forbade her to give any information concerning the background of his “extraterrestrial experiences” to the Swiss writer, publicist, and journalist, Luc Bürgin. She of course, defied his orders and gave interviews to Luc Bürgin, and also to author and researcher Kal Korff and UFO researcher, Hans-Werner Peiniger.
Our sincere thanks to Hans-Werner Peiniger, President of GEP (Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des UFO-Phänomens/Society for the investigation of the UFO phenomenon) for sharing articles on Meier case from GEP’s in-house journal JUFOF (Journal für UFO-Forschung/Journal for UFO Investigation). Likewise, our sincere thanks also extends to the author Luc Bürgin and Waltraud Neher, Executive Assistant at Kopp Verlag (German non-fiction publisher), for sharing their UFO-Kurier articles.

Visit the BMUFOR article on - KALLIOPE ZAFIRIOU - for a brief summary of the information conveyed (or implied) by Kalliope during her interviews, distinguished by topics.

p.s: Billy Meier may be the most infamous hoaxer and plagiarizer, but UFO-Prophet takes this opportunity to wish Meier a very happy birthday. Meier was born on Febraury 3, 1937. Today he becomes an 80-year old man.

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