Saturday, February 27, 2016

UFO-Besuch (May 10, 1994): Schweizer Radio und Ferhsehen

Guido Moosbrugger, FIGU co-founder and CoreGroup member
Google translation:

"Switzerland is not only visited by tourists but also apparently from extraterrestrials. Especially taken it the extraterrestrial visitors from the planet Erra to the Zurich Oberland - home of Billy Meier.

Is he is a chosen one or a swindler, an artist or a scientist? Billy Meier was and still is a controversial figure. The now 69-year-old Swiss asserted to have had decades of contact with extraterrestrials (Plejaren).

They would thereby given him permission to reproduce them. Originated thousands of photos and video evidence. This and his theories - especially his meetings with Plejaren, the inhabitants of the planet Erra - however disputed by ufologists. The Plejaren should incidentally have definitely left the Earth in the night of February 2 to 3, 1995.

The theories and studies of Billy Meier are from the community of interest "FIGU" represented and are publicly available on the Internet."

Watch: youtube/SRF Archiv

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