Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BMUFOR: Prophecies and Predictions - THE CONCLUSION


With this CONCLUSIONS section published, BMUFOR's research into Meier's prophecies, predictions and probability calculations has ended.

Following is an excerpt from the Conclusions section:

And the most important finding of our investigation into the widely touted extraordinary claims and by far the strongest evidence supporting the null hypothesis, is the uncovering of so much incriminating evidence of deception and falsification. And this has been quite evident and demonstrable in many of Meier’s so-called “fulfilled” prophecies and predictions, which exhibits the following four patterns (or modus operandi), strikingly matching all the hallmarks of an ingenious hoax:
  1. Publish information on events or discoveries that are vague, open ended, recyclable, catch-all, shotgunning, statistically likely or unfalsifiable.
  2. Publish information only after the occurrence of events or discoveries, but misleadingly with an older publication date printed on it, i.e. a date that is older than the described event or discovery. And often either explicitly or implicitly claim to be the first person in the world to announce it.
  3. Publish information that is already or later proven to be baloney or erroneous, or that is considered to be downright pseudoscience or myth. As a result of this, Meier gets his specific details wrong in EXACTLY the same way the scientists and others had it wrong at the time Meier published it.
  4. Either slip in new specific details or alter the texts in later reprints/editions of the books in order to make it accord with the latest information or scientific findings that invalidates the earlier published information. And these new and altered editions are published misleadingly with only the first edition publication dates printed on it instead of the latter edition publication dates (along with the former).

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