Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BMUFOR - Analysis of Billy Meier's Extraterrestrial Metal and Crystal Samples

Billy Meier claims that in the years 1975, 1976, 1978, 1981 and 1993, his extraterrestrial contactors the Plejaren have provided him with several metal-alloy samples, crystals, minerals, rocks and primordial liquid – originating from various locations both within our solar system and also beyond, even from a different space-time dimension and also from the parallel DAL universe. Supposedly they also furnished hair specimens from a purported ET woman Semjase, an apple grown on a Plejaren mothership called the Great Spacer, residue left after the self-destruction of an ET warning-device, and metal specimens each representing a different yet consecutive stage of development in the production process of making metal for Plejaren spacecrafts or beamships.

All of these specimens have been analyzed by more than half a dozen scientific experts. What have they reported? Are Meier's purported extraterrestrial specimens conclusively proven as such by experts?

Find the answers at BMUFOR/Metal and Crystal Samples.

Following are some of the highlights from the analysis pages:
  1. No evidence that any of these specimens are extraterrestrial.
  2. Marcel Vogel's claims to have supernatural abilities like being able to communicate with stars and plants, bend metals, project thoughts and photograph their effects on crystals, project thoughts into peoples minds, contact extra-dimensional entities, communicated with Semjase, heal people, etc.
  3. Marcel Vogel reportedly claims that Meier is a fraud.
  4. Marcel Vogel claims to have discovered 4 previously UNKNOWN elements in the periodic table while analyzing Meier's metal specimens.
  5. Marcel Vogel was disappointed and became extremely upset because Lee-Steven's have published his "extraordinary" claims (which Vogel himself claims to be 'technically wrong') prematurely, before him being able to review them himself and also before subjecting them to peer-review.
  6. Meier claims Plejaren are behind the disappearance of the unique metal specimen in Marcel Vogel's possession.
  7. Meier and Plejaren, apparently never claimed the metal specimens as unique but only did after Vogel made the "extraordinary" claims.
  8. Evidence that contact report has been seemingly edited to fit the "extraordinary" claims.
  9. Correspondence with Ivan Alvarado-Rodriguez (PhD in Electrical Engineering from UCLA) on some of the "cold-fusion" claims made by Wendelle Stevens.

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