Thursday, May 14, 2015

Late Night in the Midlands (May 12, 2015) - Interview with Michael Horn

Michael Horn joins Michael Vara to discuss Billy Meier and his UFO experiences, alien contacts, prophecies and more.

His picture gallery can be found at his website.
The prophecies of Billy Meier can be found at his website They Fly.

Michael Horn spoke about the prophecies given to Billy Meier that have come true and that are soon to come true.

Michael Horn spoke of a large earthquake that Billy Meier seen with his own eyes when ET or an advanced human race took him a head in time in which case he mentioned the time period this event would take place, not a date but a time. Billy said the cars at that time did not look like the cars of his time, he said the cars were more round and get this !! most had no rear view mirrors. Guess what ? that time has come as you know, cars are now being designed with no mirror but with a camera and screen to see behind you. “enjoy”

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