Thursday, January 8, 2015

BMUFOR: Are Wendelle Stevens' claims on CIA involvement and other paranormal events during Billy Meier investigation true?

Wendelle Stevens @International UFO Congress, 2006

During their investigation into the Billy Meier case, Wendelle Stevens, Tom Welsch, Lee & Brit Elders have made many trips to the FIGU center in Switzerland. According to Wendelle Stevens, the intelligence services of many countries - Switzerland, West Germany, East Germany, France, US, UK, Austria, Czechoslvakia, USSR, etc. -  were also very interested in the Meier case and their investigation, and that their investigation team had many encounters with them. Wendelle also reported many strange things that were happening during their trips to Switzerland, some of which according to him seemed to have been arranged by the intelligence agencies, others so strange and unexplainable that they could probably only have been caused by the Pleiadians/Plejaren.

The activities of these intelligence agencies and other issues are also described in an article published in 2012 in UFO Digest titled 'Billy Meier and the CIA' (Part 1 & Part 2).

Is there any truth to these claims of Wendelle Stevens, which are being used as one of the strong evidences that supports the authenticity of the Meier case?

To know the answer, visit: BMUFOR

Also visit the new category page - Other's Investigations on BMUFOR website. Introduction to that page reads as follows:

"Over the years, many people or groups have investigated the Meier case and came to very different conclusions on the authenticity of the case, which is not surprising considering the quantity, quality and variety of evidence. Some people or groups have investigated several aspects of the case, while others focused on only a few particular aspects, mostly the photo and video material. We’ve listed the most prominent research initiatives in a more or less chronological order, including our own ‘investigation into previous investigation’ and any communication we’ve had with other researchers etc."

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