Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paradigm Unhinged Radio (Jan 29, 2014): Michael Horn

Paradigm Unhinged is excited to announce Michael Horn will be on Paradigm Unhinged on the 29th!

Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts (, which he has researched since 1979 (and proved to be absolutely authentic).

Michael’s newest film on the Meier case, “And Did They Listen?”, has just been released. He is also the co-producer of the documentary, “as the time fulfills”, which presents an abundance of ironclad, prophetically accurate scientific evidence that irrefutably authenticates the Billy Meier case. Michael is the writer and producer of the  award-winning feature length documentary, “The Silent Revolution of Truth”, as well as the writer, producer and narrator of the DVD “The Meier Contacts – The Key To Our Future Survival”.

Michael’s very eclectic background includes: award-winning film director, film producer, prize-winning painter, designer/creator of the still popular fashion fad “fingernail art” (featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine), award-winning songwriter, one of the first creators of digital online book publishing (ebooks), music and video producer, science researcher, national and international lecturer, frequent media guest, published writer, credentialed teacher, humorist, pioneer in commercial water purification applications (Starbucks), set designer, health care professional, creator of the Future Self interactive therapeutic video technique, volunteer work with children and seniors.

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