Thursday, August 22, 2013

P.I.D. Radio (Nov 29 & Dec 2, 2010): Edgar Mitchell to explore Billy Meier UFO case

DR. EDGAR Mitchell is reportedly in talks with the US representative of Billy Meieir for a first of its kind public forum with the famed UFO contactee and “prophet”.  Given that Dr. Mitchell is co-founder of a leading New Age research group, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, we’re not surprised.

Listen(10:57-14:25 min & 27:10-28:56 min): Nov 29, 2010

RATHER THAN repeat ourselves tonight by doing a show and then another show, we’ve decided to just take it on the road and feature the hour we were honored to spend as guests on Raiders News Live with our friends, Tom and Nita Horn — and, of course, the “Wild Man of the Ozarks”, Joe Ardis.
Tom and company pretty much gave us free rein to discuss today’s NASA “astrobiology” discovery, the proposed Edgar Mitchell/Billy Meier forum, alien disclosure, the alleged Gulf of Aden stargate, transhumanism, pandemics, and our panoptic society. It’s a wild hour, and the high point may be Sharon’s speculation about why DARPA’s X-37B space drone has been orbiting Earth for nine months.

Listen(50:36-52:32 min): Dec 2, 2010

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