Thursday, August 9, 2012

Independent Filmmaker Damon Packard's Radio Interview on his film: FOXFUR(Inspired from Billy Meier UFO Case)

The long-awaited film by mad underground auteur Damon Packard (REFLECTIONS OF EVIL) features a sweet but mentally unbalanced young woman obsessed with crystals, dolphins, Pleiadians, David Icke and Richard C. Hoagland. Soon she becomes increasingly disillusioned with New Age philosophy, in particular with the Billy Meier Pleiadian contacts, and is evicted from her room, forced into the insane outside world subject to the effects of "The Dead Zone,” where everything turns in circles and the true original experience of life no longer exists.

Listen to the radio interview on 'Radio Misterioso'..
Watch the 'Foxfur' - Theatrical Trailer..