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International UFO Library Magazine(April-May, 1994) - 'Life in the Pleiades' by J.Randolph Winters

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Argosy UFO Magazine(May, 1977) - 'A Most Remarkable Recurring UFO Case! -2/3' by Wendelle Stevens





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International UFO Library Magazine(August-September, V3N2, 1994) - 'The Great California Earthquake' by J. Randolph Winters

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UFO Universe Magazine(Winter, 1996) - 'New Pleiadian Contacts in America' by J. Randolph Winters




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Billy Meier's letter to Wendelle Stevens on Ex-Cambodian UN Diplomat-Phobal Chang(June 24, 1994)

Correspondence between Billy Meier & Wendelle Stevens on 'Stopping the Publication of English version Contact Notes' & Kal K. Korff(March 1995)


Paranormal Underground (V3I3, March 2010) - 'Now That's What I Call a Close Encounter' by Rick E. Hale(Greater Illinois Ghost Society)



The X-Chronicles Newspaper(May-June 2009): 'Billy Meier: Contactee or Modern Day Prophet'




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Source: The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - May / June 2009

Veritas Magazine(Oct/Nov 2010) - Spiritual Messages from the Pleiades – Is Billy Meier a modern day Prophet?

Source:  An Interview with Michael Horn
Note: If anyone has the remaining 5 parts of this 6-part interview, would you please share them with us?

Nexus Magazine(V11N5, Aug/Sep 2004) - The Henoch Prophecies from the Billy Meier Contacts




Nexus Magazine(V7N2, Feb/Mar 2000) - Michael Hesemann(Editor of Magazine 2000) Interviews Methusalem Meier


UFO Magazine(V19N5, Oct/Nov 2004) - 'Billy Meier points to our Future History' by Michael Horn






Note:  The sentence in the last page apparently didn't end with that page. Also I could not find the continuation, on any other page. When i contacted the seller, they said they would look into it but it has been a couple of months and i still got no response.

The last sentence on the last page ends like this:

"Regarding the prophetic material described above, I hope to be among those who disprove it. - M.H."

Sun Magazine(January 20, 2004) - UFOs are Real: At Last! The Final Photographic Proof

Mystic Pop Magazine(May, 2004) - UFO Prophet Right Again ?

SFATH - a Sci-fi movie by Conrad Faraj

Wonder, what had happened to this SFATH project, started in 2009 ?
Sfath: Production Teaser Trailer
Production Diary: 123 & 4

The Statesman(Delhi, Wednesday, Sep 30, 1964) - "THE FLYING SAUCER MAN" LEAVES DELHI

The author of the above article, journalist S. Venkatesh passed away in 2009.
More information: Theyfly

Nexus Magazine(V2N26, June/July 1995) - Alleged Alien Alloy


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UFO Magazine(V20N1, Feb/March 2005) - Letter to the Editor by Gene Andrade


Earlier article by Michael Horn: Oct/Nov, 2004 
Gene Andrade is the author of the book 'Star Wisdom: Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality'.

SYNESIS-Magazine(January 2004) - 'UFOs sind längst Realität' by Rainer Schenck

Source: SYNESIS-Magazin

Exopolitics Journal(V2N3, Jan 2008) - Engaging Higher Intelligence Agencies in a Post-Roswell Civilisation




Source: Exopolitics Journal

From the Depths of Outer Space: The Billy Meier Story(October 2012) - LEGACY COMICS

Sample Page from 'From the Depths of Outer Space: The Billy Meier Story' Issue#1 which is going to be available at Detroit Fanfare: October 26, 27 & 28 of 2012
More:  New releases have local comic book company set for big 2013

Intro to the Billy Meier Contact Case: Live Multimedia presentation, Live Screening & Q/A Session(Nov 24, 2012)

Billy Meier: Učedník Mimozemšťanů(July 26, 2012) - Czech Weekly Magazine

Translation in German: FIGU Special Bulletin 70

UFOs & Channeling: A Cautionary Tale(March 9, 2010) - Oregon MUFON Presentation


 Source: OregonMUFON

Mahigitam's Meier UFO Case Torrents

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Billy Meier's Experiences as Stories for Kids: 'Billy for Kids'

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Flying Saucer Review(V35N1, March 1990) - "The Double Deception": Eduard Meier, the "Pleiadians", etc


Nexus Magazine(V2N12, Feb/Mar 1993): The World's Largest UFO Flap - Mexico City, July 1991 - January 1993



Note: Only a couple of references to Meier UFO case.

Mysteries Magazine(March/April 2011): "Ja, ich bin Billys Ausserirdische!" - Sängerin der «Dean Martin Show» outet sich

Source: Mysteries Magazine
More Info:

Contact Report 31, 1975 Corrections: Messages from the Pleiades Vol 1 & 2, Uncensored versions (1979) Vs  Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1 (2002)

Download: Dropbox
Read CR 31, 1975: FOM

New Energy Technologies(Issue 4, July-August, 2002): Beamship Technology - a Reworking of Early 20th Century Discoveries

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The Alien Digest(Vol 4, 1990): Pyramid of Cheops & brief history of the Giza group


The SPECTRUM(V3N7, Dec 11, 2011) - Lively activity under Arctic Ice-Cap


Exopolitics Journal(V4N1, March 2012): 'The Analysis - Why Billy Meier's Pleiadians Lie & Disinform' by Dana Rasinova

Dana Rasinova is a former member of FIGU who was expelled from FIGU. Dana Rasinova nowadays is an active member of the Exopolitics in the Czech Republic.
ReadExopolitics Journal - Vol 4, No.1
SourceExopolitics Journal
FIGU Special Bulletin 62
Dana Rasinova

Billy Meier's Letter(Feb 18, 1980): Urging no boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow




Source: Contact Report 115, Thursday, October 19, 1978(Semjase Kontakt Berichte Block 7, 1988, pages 1437-1442)
More info on 1980 Moscow Olympics: CR 115, 1978

Nexus Magazine(V9N4, June-July 2002): "National Geographic" validates Billy Meier claim


National Geographic: ASK US, Jan 2002
FIGU Bulletin 42"NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC" validates Billy Meier Claim

Infact, Chimborazo being taller than Everest had been known before but was not popular among common people, which often led to mistakes and confusion. See below for just two articles out of many that goes back to the beginnings of 20th century.
Mountain Heights(Boston Evening Transcript) - Jan 24, 1914
Believe it or Not! Mount Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the world(The Milwaukee Sentinel) - June 23, 1930

More info: Billy Meier said Mount Chimborazo(Equador) taller than Mount Everest in 1975(Taiwan, 2012)

The Amazing Billy Meier UFO Contact Case(March 16, 2013): Multi-media presentation by Michael & Amy Horn

The Billy Meier Contacts
Thursday, March 16, 2013 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
The Amazing Billy Meier UFO Contact Case

Michael & Amy Horn, the producers of the new documentary, “as the time fulfills”, will make a multi-media presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

The Meier case, ongoing for over 70 years in Switzerland, is the only scientifically proven UFO contact case. It contains five categories of still irreproducible physical evidence and an even higher standard of proof – volumes of specific, prophetically accurate, scientific and world event related information that Meier verifiably published years and even decades before “official discovery”. Meier is said to be the most prophetically accurate person that ever lived.” Michael & Amy Horn

Source: Flagstaff Southside Center
Michael Horn's Website:
Contact Michael Horn:

Photos, Newspaper articles, Magazine Stories & Others in 1970's

Source: This picture was forwarded to me by Norm who told that he got this picture when all the items in the above picture were made available for auction on ebay several years back.

Turkish Newspaper article

Note: If anyone of you knows the original source of the above article, please forward it to me. Also if anyone of you knows Turkish language, let us know what the article says(if it is discernible at all!)..

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N142, December 1979): 'Director's Message' by Walt Andrus



The MUFON - UFO Journal(N143, January 1980): 'Plethora of pictures from Pleiades' by Larry W. Bryant


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N148, June 1980): 'Director's Message' by Walt Andrus


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N150, August 1980): 'New View of Pleiades' by Richard Hall


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N154, December 1980): 'The Meier Incident - The Most Infamous Hoax in Ufology' by Kal K. Korff



The MUFON - UFO Journal(N160, June 1981): 'Director's Message' by Walt Andrus


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N164, October 1981): 'Kal Korff and the "Meier Hoax" - A Response, Part 1' by Wendelle C. Stevens



The MUFON - UFO Journal(N169, March 1982): 'Response to Stevens' by Colman S. Vonkeviczky


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N173, July 1982): 'Contact from the Pleiades' in Fact & Ficiton  - by Kal K. Korff & William L. Moore





The MUFON - UFO Journal(N209, September 1985): 'Letters to the Editor' by James W. Deardorff


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N211, November 1985): 'The Meier Case' by James W. Deardorff


Hong Kong International UFO Congress(November 2012): Michael Horn(extra)






For more photos: Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hong Kong International UFO Congress(November 2012): Michael Horn

Source: Hong Kong UFO Club
Introduction Video: Youtube/HKUFOClub

UFO-Kurier(N18, April 1996): 'The Meier controversy - New accusations' by Luc Bürgin

Semjase: But now it is time for me, because I have to go back to the North sea.
Billy: Then just go, you nightingale – I almost said night owl, but that doesn’t fit you, you’re more like a nightingale – also with regard to singing, by which I mean the voice.
Semjase: Your compliments are of exceptional value and very honest.
Billy: Thank you, then take all the flowers in the world as a token of honour and let their flavour please you in peace and love.
Semjase: You are very sweet, I have a very peculiar feeling within myself.
Billy: You are also very sweet – I wish you so much, lovely girl, may the enchanting flavour of the flower world guide you in love. Goodbye, and until we meet again soon.

(from: Guido Moosbrugger, "Und sie fliegen doch...", Düsseldorf 1991)

Until today the statements of the Swiss Billy Meier lead to heated discussions in the UFO-scene. For decades Meier claims to have personal and telepathic contacts with the “Pleiadians”, and even to have undertaken interstellar flights and time travels with his extraterrestrial friends. Naturally he also met Jesus Christ (who he calls Jmmanuel in his reports) on these occasions and equally naturally Jesus was astonished about his “high intellect”.
As evidence for his hair raising assertions Meier provided hundreds of pictures over the course of years, at which Pleiadian beamships are supposedly visible. He also brought highly blurred pictures from his journeys to other planets in circulation. In addition Meier perpetuated the knowledge gathered during his contacts on thousands of pages which are being studied enthusiastically by his followers – off which there are many – until the present day. While the majority of UFO-investigators are sceptical or even reluctant to the Meier story, other investigators and publishers like Gary Kinder, Randolph Winters, Guido Moosbrugger or Wendelle Stevens basically give the Swiss credibility.
Even the most enthusiastic Meier followers might now become hesitant. The reason: Kal Korff. The American has recently published a book counting over 400 pages, which very precisely documents the results of his many years of investigation ("Spaceships of the Pleiades", New York 1995). No unfounded suspicions, no subjective polemics, but hard facts characterize his work. Facts which properly dismantle the Meier case.
Korff didn’t hesitate to investigate on site: under the false name “Steve Thomas” he managed to get inside Meiers "Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien" (FIGU) in Hinterschmidrüti, where he pretended to be an enthusiastic Meier follower, which gave him the possibility to talk to his closest associates. (He only saw Meier himself from a distance, despite his many requests to speak to him personally.)
During his stay the American asked the followers of the UFO-guru, among other questions, how they would react to a possible visit of Korff, the well-known Meier-critic. Bernadette Brand, a long-standing confidant of Meier, answered: “Lee Elders warned us about him, we wouldn’t allow him in, and if we did, we would never let him go…” Korff was alarmed. Nevertheless he insisted to perpetuate himself in Meiers guestbook.
Let us get into the most important weak points which stroke Korff in Meiers story: the already frequently and gladly cited claim that De Anza Systems in San Jose (California), in commission of Genesis III (a group of Meier supporters), Wendelle Stevens as well as the by MUFON-CES, because of his photo investigations, criticized computer expert Jim Dilettoso have analysed several of Meiers pictures, is false. On inquiry of Korff the company managers disputed since 1980 to have ever researched photo material. Company manager Wayne Heppler about that: “The guys pretended that they wanted to buy a computer. For demonstration purposes we took one of their UFO-pictures and enlarged it (…). They then took a picture of the screen and left (…).” Heppler also declared that De Anza Systems didn’t posses the technical abilities to ensure conclusive photo technical analyses.
Also Ken Dinwiddie, who then did the demonstration, could remember the visitors clearly. During the course of his conversation with Korff most claims about the alleged results of the De Anza-“analysis” turned out to be nonsense. An example should be sufficient: in the pro-Meier-literature occasionally the claim emerges, that the soil of the terrain, above which one of Billy’s flying saucers supposedly had flown its circles, reflected at its bottom side, what would be clearly visible on a photograph which was edited with false colours. A circumstance which – according to Meiers followers – impressively excludes trickery.  As Dinwiddie declared to Korff about this, he inserted the reflection himself by personal request of Dilettoso.
Other photo experts like for example Neil Davis, Eric Eliason or Michael Malin, to which the Meier-pictures were presented for examination, couldn’t admittedly find any manipulations, but in their respective opinion or in later conversations they pointed out that the presented material only allowed for limited conclusions. To be short: without an examination of the respective negatives no adequate evaluation could be made about the pictures. (Characteristically no negatives exist anymore today. According to Meier they were all lost in the mail, or they were stolen from him.)
In the course of his investigation Korff decided to critically examine some of the Meier-pictures himself. The results of his study were more then sobering. It turns out that in many cases the respective sharpness of the photographed saucers were not corresponding to other objects of comparison on the picture. Also computer analysis brought values to light which were in strong contradiction to Meiers claims about the size, height and distance of his UFO’s. In addition Korffs investigations documented bulges and asymmetries on the outer casing of the objects, which construction would rather indicate self fabricated models then extraterrestrial spacecraft. In the case of a photo of March 19, 1976, on which a UFO allegedly hovers behind the branches of a tree (a circumstance which by the Meier-proponents is used as an argument for the genuineness of the respective pictures) a computer manipulation was enough to determine that the alleged spaceship was located in front of the tree.
Another UFO Billy allegedly snapped in February 1975 at Unter-Balm from another hovering spaceship at the same height, 300 meters above the ground. However during a comparison of the terrain on location Korff discovered a small hill, on which the observer is offered the exact same geographic perspective which is also visible on the Meier-picture. The American estimates the height of this hill on a mere 7 meters.
In the case of a series of pictures, supposedly showing a Pleiadian spaceship curving around a tree at Fuchsbüel at July 9th, 1975, the indications of a fabrication are even more obvious. Korff examined the location and concluded that Meier occasionally turned a full 90 degrees while taking the pictures, because the background setting on some of his pictures changes completely. The American: “As the series of pictures clearly shows, the tree must have moved with Meier when he changed his direction twice, since on all ten pictures the same tree silhouette is visible. I hardly need to mention that trees don’t move…”
Characteristically Korff and others searched for the tree in question in vain during their investigations on site. No wonder, according to Meier the cautious Pleiadians eliminated it already many years ago, since it was contaminated by radiation during their demonstration flight. Korff also found Hermann Wyss, the longstanding owner of the strip of land in question, to ask him for the whereabouts of the tree. During this conversation Wyss couldn’t suppress a chuckle. As Korff learned from him, there never was a tree on the said location at all! When after that the American went trough the Meier-pictures again, he discovered a picture among them which Meier allegedly snapped four months before the tree-elimination: also hereon one amusingly seeks for the mysterious tree in vain.
The discrepancies become even worse with his alleged space travels. In this case Meier brings forward among others self snapped pictures of Venus as proof for his assertions. Foolishly the visible cloud formations thereon are exactly identical with those visible on photos taken in 1974 by the NASA-orbiter Mariner 10 – by means of a special UV-filter of course! Billy’s story eventually becomes completely ridiculous, when we consider his picture of the Horsehead Nebula, which he supposedly snapped “from a few thousand kilometres distance”. An acquainted natural scientist comments: “The picture is identical to a picture from one of my astronomy books, including all stars in the foreground. Apart from that Meier could never have made any pictures of gas nebulae with his simple camera, since they shine far to faint. Nearby they are far to thin, to be visible anyway. For such pictures to be made from the earth one needs a precise telescope which follows the earth rotation and a long exposure time.”
Two other pictures from 1975 seemed strangely familiar to me. They show ancient men, which Billy supposedly snapped during his travel to a planet called “Neber”. Somehow it seemed to me as if the Swiss photographed the two hairy figures from a graphic illustration, on which the evolution of men at different points in time is represented. Later it turned out my instinct didn’t mislead me. The graphic designers from List-publisher used such an illustration for the German version of a book of Steve Jones ("Die Botschaft der Gene",
München 1995), at which two of the depicted human predecessors were exactly identical with the creatures on Meiers pictures! (I saved myself the trouble to research the exact age of the original illustration, but I bet it originated before 1975.)
Finally Korff addresses in his book the allegedly so extraordinary metal samples, supposedly given to Meier by his extraterrestrial friends. Bottom line: neither the analysis by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science & Technology nor the analysis by metallurgist Dr. Walter W. Walker (university of Arizona) showed any evidence for an extraterrestrial origin of the metal samples.
Only the chemist Marcel Vogel speaks around 1980 in an evaluation about an extraordinary composition, which he can only explain by an extraterrestrial origin of the material, all the more because one of the samples examined by him clearly contained Thallium, an extremely rare metal. As Korff determined in this matter, Vogel obviously interpreted his results incorrect: another conducted analysis by metallurgist Dr. Robert Olgilvie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge) didn’t show the slightest trace of Thallium.
In addition Kal Korff also carefully examines the scientific credibility of computer expert Jim Dilettoso. Conclusion: Dilettosos assertions, which state that he has a degree in natural sciences from the McGill-University in Canada are demonstrably false. Confronted with the inquiries of Korff during a radio interview in 1994 he eventuality stumbled something about an honorary title. He didn’t provide any evidence for that until now. Hardly surprising, the McGill-University doesn’t provide any honorary titles (according to investigations of Korff). During Korffs investigations also other assertions of Dilettoso concerning his professional career turned out to be downright lies.
Korff eventually devotes a series of pages to the main promoter of Meier, Wendelle Stevens, his long-term prison sentence, as well as the attempts of certain circles to portray Stevens sentence as an orchestrated plot “from above”, which objective was to discredit his investigations in the UFO-sector. Since this story only touches the fringes of the Meier case, I won’t get into detail about this matter.
After reading Korffs book I also started to examine my curious fellow-countryman myself. Different colleagues provided me with information and documentation in this regard, which back Korffs investigations more than once. Michael Arends from Germany studied the Semjase-reports as early as in the seventies. His photocopied documentations contain among others the following findings: “(…) it is therefore also understandable, that in Meiers contact reports authoritarian political systems are endorsed again and again. For example the dictatorship on the planet Akart (it is not mentioned where this planet is located) is positively addressed. Also Adolf Hitler is mentioned extensively, whereby the extraterrestrial humans assess him mainly positively (Semjase-report, page 375).”
An acquainted Swiss natural scientist also studied Meiers writings extensively around 1980. His impressions are written down in a lengthy, unpublished article. “The manuscript is solely a hymn of praise to Meier himself”, I read. “Although Meiers explanations consistently reveal a low education, Semjase is ecstatic about his “high knowledge”. In the manuscript little of this high knowledge is noticeable. (…) Off course astronomical themes are attended to in Meiers conversations with Semjase, and nothing points more clearly to the unreliability of his assertions then the many errors which emerge from his scientific remarks and are accepted by Semjase, as far as they do not originate from her.”
The article subsequently lists 25 contradictions in Meiers manuscript, from which I’d like to mention three as an example:
The Pleiades, from which Semjase originates according to herself, are an open star cluster, which are a few hundred million years old at most. For the formation of habitable planets this is far too short.
Meier: “An atomic destruction of the earth has a substantial influence on other solar systems or even other universes.” Impossible! The distances are far too great. Not even supernovae have any influence on their surrounding environment.
In the manuscript drawings emerge which supposedly stem from Semjase. Her style is just as dilettantish as that of Meier himself.
Also the “Talmud Jmmanuel” of Meier is examined more closely in the mentioned article. According to Meier we are talking about the original gospel, which was discovered this century by a certain I. Rashid in the cave in which the body of Jmmanuel (=Jesus) was taken after the crucifixion. The initiation for the discovery of the document was off course given by Meiers intimate friend Semjase, “the daughter of king of wisdom Ptaah, who travelled to earth in a beamship from the Pleiades, with the assignment to once more point humanity to the real truth, since the time has come to recognize the truth.” The ominous mister Rashid translated 36 chapters of the Talmud Jmmanuel in German and send them to Meier, before he “unfortunately” lost the mysterious document.
The Swiss scientist points out: “The Talmud Jmmanuel is basically nothing else then Luther’s translation of the New Testament with numerous changes and additions, which clearly do not originate from a manuscript, but rather from Meiers pen. (…) Consequently he uses a series of terms which didn’t even exist in the time of Jesus, for example ‘Logic’, ‘Natural law’ or ‘Brain’ (as seat of the intellect).” In the beginning of the book a letter is added which Rashid allegedly wrote to Meier and issued the future fate of the scrolls. The letter contains numerous linguistically erroneous expressions like “es ist mir leid”, “doch aber” or “verlustig gehen”. Exactly the same expressions we find in Meiers own writings.
But also racist passages sting in the eye of the Swiss scientist: “Most characteristically for Meiers views are arguably the numerous sharp anti-Semitic outbursts and the insult of the Jews, which he puts in Jesus’ mouth. He indeed railed against those who in his opinion interpreted the Bible incorrect, but not against his people, to which he belonged after all. The hateful passages are in strange contrast to the many additional world improving, moralistic passages, with which Meier extends the gospels.”
Who eventually pages trough “Information quer durch die FIGU”, a roughly 40 page brochure for those who are interested in FIGU and future members, comes across passages which hardly leave any doubt about the sectarian structure of Meiers environment: “If you visit us outside the official visiting hours, please be aware that after 30 minutes we summon you to assist us in the work that has to be done. (…) Visitors who appear outside the official visiting hours and only want to hang around, not willing to actively assist in labour are not tolerated. (…) These kind of visitors have a demoralizing effect on the centre residents and have to leave our centre and its surrounding area as soon as possible. (…) If you see Billy during your visit, then please leave him in peace. He has more problems to solve and duties to fulfil then you suspect, and at some point he deserves it to have a few moments of rest and enjoy our environment. (…) When you work for and with us, you do it according to the statutes of FIGU without any right for compensation! (…) Connected to the membership (…) is the obligation of meditation according to the meditation teaching.”
The members of FIGU are loyal to their master. Critical sounds from their own ranks hardly get out to the public. I could personally convince myself of that in 1994 during my participation in a panel discussion on the Swiss television. Across from me back then sat Meier-follower Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer. With a dogmatic uplifted forefinger Lanzendorfer (who refers to the FIGU in Hinterschmidrüti in an undated brochure from the centre as the “origin of great knowledge and creational philosophy”) didn’t get tired back then to regurgitate Meiers story in an uncritical and sectarian fashion and randomly deliver blows at press, church and science. He didn’t make any mention of the process Billy fought out with former members in the early eighties.
 Via Roger Eglin from Basel, who carefully examined the Meier-case around 1980, I could see into a part of the documents from back then. On November 12, 1979 two close confidants of Billy, H. S. and C. S., wrote a letter to the local council of Turbenthal (Swiss): “(…) since two years E. Meier runs a so called meditation centre, which is constructed belowground, under the shed. (…) In the meditation centre is a changing room. A stairs is leading up to another room, in which a copper pyramid is located. In it the members have to carry out the meditation teaching under the guidance of E. Meier, while laying naked on a stretcher. That these locations are misused in various ways is sufficiently made clear in the accompanying resignation letter from (…). We’d like to point out urgently that E. Meier suggested on several occasions that he would defend the meditation centre by force of arms against foreign intruders if necessary. (…) Also he and his first companion, Jakob Bertschinger, posses a substantial weapon arsenal including ammunition. (…)”
On June 17, 1980 both FIGU insiders had another go, when they handed over a detailed list of financial amounts to the district attorney, which Billy received from his followers as interest-free loans. Around two thousand persons were mentioned by name in the questionable letter, the respective amounts range from 10,000 to 130,000 Swiss francs!
That Meier apparently uses any means in his pursuit for success is illustrated by a four page anonymous letter that was send by Billy in return to these ex-members. The letterhead shows in a large font  “BM – Galact CORPORATION”. The content of the letter basically consists of a very incoherent and long-winded threat to both Swiss to maintain their anti-Meier-initiative any longer, joined with an exuberant hymn of praise to Meier himself. Direct quote: “It must be eminently prevented that this Billy Meier can disseminate his material and his word, because he’s the most dangerous man in this area, since he can proof to every sensible thinking human being that his contacts are based in fact, which you know very well yourself. Our method is therefore that we put every UFO-observer (…) within reach under pressure to remain silent. (…) In tougher cases we have to take measures that will send such people to the afterlife. These measures however did not and do not have any effect in case of this Billy Meier. His spiritual power is simply too great, and besides that he is so knowledgeable, that he can even influence our people, by which means already some of our people were killed, without this guy having to move a finger, since his spiritual power is sufficient to kill. (…) Because of your abysmal stupidity and indiscretion you claimed 5000 francs from this dog and demanded a bankruptcy against him. Exactly that led to one of his greatest accomplishments of his prophet career: thousands of his followers donated contributions amounting around 98,000 francs, as our investigations indicated. He thereby waited until the last moment to pay the claim (…). In particular his dangerous and foreseeable thinking as well as his unbelievable spiritual power made him recognize that because of their stupidity and indiscretion and his patient waiting until the last moment he could achieve the victory he couldn’t achieve otherwise; namely that his cursed organisation became an officially accepted and legal association. (…) The fact that they could not recognize this, is completely incomprehensible for us, therefore we could only conclude that they are hatefully blinded (…).” (The reader is attended to the for Billy typical, incorrect conjunction of clauses, which are italicised.) Hardly necessary to add is that the ominous writing ends with a tangible death threat.
A few months after the mentioned broadcast of the UFO-discussion on the Swiss television I also received a letter from FIGU, which among other things contained a pamphlet from Meier about Kall Korff which wasn’t lacking insulting words. Numerous utterances were put into the American’s mouth, which he never made in this way, and from which he vehemently distances himself – also in his latest book. Instead of giving factual answers to Korffs accusations Meier only lashes out with polemics: “We don’t want to respond at all to the slanderous assertions of the liar, fraud, slanderer and intriguer Kal Korff regarding the investigation of the photographic material by Genesis III etc., because these are so primitive and far-fetched, that these childish assertions can be refuted any time.” In the rest of the text Meier designates his critic literally as “nasty scoundrel”, “skunk”, “brainless, intellectually disabled wannabe detective and pseudo investigator” and “paid dirty creature”. Is this the language of the same man that was praised by Jmmanuel/Jesus for his high intellect and wisdom and even distributes a writing with the ingenious title “Gesetz der Liebe” (“Law of love”)?!
To avoid being accused of having written a one sided article I faxed a rough draft of my article to Billy on February 14, 1996, including the request to read it and send me his written response regarding the raised accusations. As I expected Meier answered me (yet the same evening) with a polemic writing. I’d like to recite it here – except for some italic printed passages – without commentary:
“Concerning your faxed writing as well as your equally by fax transmitted article from today’s date: on my part I think it is beneath me to respond to your article, which I do not wish to read, since I can very well imagine what lies and slander you, as a Korff- and S.-friend, or at least their ally, want to bring to the innocent and unsuspecting readers with these lines, which are with certainty lacking any truth, and since I know you from the television and from magazines as a man who doesn’t represent the actual truth, but only goes by hearsay, according to the principle: ‘From hearsay one learns how to lie’. Furthermore I have to comment on your false accusations, which I know from television and journals as well as from Kal Korff and S., just as little as the lies and slander from these gentlemen and from you, which Korff and you invented, since you do not personally know me nor ever talked to me on the telephone or corresponded with me, as it is also the case with Korff. You, Luc Bürgin, as well as Korff aren’t in any way open, free, honest and unbiased to the truth, which is particular in your case a real pity. Unfortunately you are under the bad influence of liars, imposters, frauds and slanderers as well as under the influence of wannabe-ufologists, like those of MUFON and CENAP etc., by whom you let yourself being spun around and misled, and therefore, in my opinion, your truly outstanding capabilities for the dissemination and rectification of a case are suffering and are being enslaved, and as a consequence you cannot openly, honestly and consciously vouch for and disseminate the truth, but instead you let yourself being misused like a pawn by wannabe-ufologists, as well as liars and slanderers and other lunatics and fantasists for their rotten purposes. You write to me, that a possible response from me, in which according to your words you, however mistakenly, hoped to find a justification, would be added in your article by you and would be published to its full extend. I am anxious to know whether at least in this sense you act according to the truth and whether you are honest and great enough to fulfil your promise. It is yet to say that also lies and slanders in vile articles, and I take it this applies to your article as well, bring more good than harm, as I and those who cooperate with me experienced since the beginning, in marked contrast to good articles, which rarely have any effect. For this reason I’d like to request you not to forget to mention my/our address (FIGU, CH-8495 Schmidrüti/ZH), hence the people who are interested can inform themselves about the real truth.”
On February 15 and February 20, 1996 I received additional letters from my fellow-countryman, which contained more or less the same passages as his first letter. At least they also contained some answers to my questions. Among other things I asked Meier about two of his UFO-photos from the year 1975. One dates from June 14 and shows according to Meier’s “catalogue of authentic colour photos” a “demonstration flight of Semjase’s beamship”. The other one stems from June 25 and is titled “Two beamships, photographed trough the window of a third beamship (Semjase’s), with at the background the still recognisable environment of Rumikon”. Remarkable is that both photos have the same background; in the right side of both pictures an absolutely identical cloudlet is visible!
The answer I received from Meier, when I called him to attention to this matter, could hardly convince me: “You take dates from our catalogue and assume that these are accurate. Exactly that is unfortunately not the case, since this catalogue was repeatedly written of by different persons, which unfortunately caused many errors since we didn’t have a computer back then. (…) Unfortunately we hardly can correct the occurred errors today, which is understandable after 20 years. We were able to catch some mistakes, which we didn’t correct yet in a published catalogue however, but only in our notes. Also with the photos you mention (6.14/6.25) such dating errors occurred unfortunately. (…) The photos, which are dated June 25 are actually also from June 14, 1975.”
Some days later I asked Meier how it was possible that on two pictures Semjase’s UFO is visible, while he snapped the other one from inside Semjase’s ship, since evidently in between both pictures, based on the identical clouds, hardly any time was available to transfer to the ship. Billy’s answer may at best flatter the writers of “Star Trek”: “Naturally it is possible for the Pleiadians to beam a living being from one place to another, by which means it was possible to make pictures outside and inside simultaneously…”
During our exchange of letters I took the opportunity to ask Meier about another photo. The concerning picture is supposed to show “an extraterrestrial instrument on the inside of a spaceship” – as former associate Herbert Runkel stated during presentations in 1980. An instrument indeed, which suspiciously reminds of a (very terrestrial) oscilloscope. Meiers explanation: “The instrument photographed inside the spaceship is not an unfamiliar instrument to the earthlings, but indeed an oscilloscope which is still used for certain purposes in the ancient spaceship. I don’t know what it is used for however, because normally I’m not interested in technical and mechanical issues etc. I know that we are dealing with an oscilloscope here, because friends requested me to ask about it. I never asserted anything else, and thus I don’t have to retort nor justify myself in this case.”
It’s curious however that this picture, just like all the other pictures which Meier supposedly snapped in space, has an arched black edging. (While Meier usually explains these issues so that he snapped these pictures from a Pleiadian display, Korff suspects – with good reason – that Billy far more likely snapped them from his own television.) The answer to this additional discrepancy – Meier faxed it to me on February 20 – could only make me laugh out of pity: “All instruments in the spaceship are constructed behind a display-like protective casing, which are transparent like colourless glass, but are composed of other transparent material. The boundaries between different instruments are composed of a dark, metallic material that is arched and non-transparent. As they explained to me there is a vacuum under this protective casing which is of importance for the function of the equipment. And when I snapped a picture of parts of such equipment/instruments, then this wasn’t possible without also photographing parts of the arched protective casing...”
For the sake of balance, I perhaps should mention that the Meier case consist of many more facets, which I do not wish to clarify here, since in the meanwhile Billy’s story contains – as opposed to other UFO-accounts – to many weak points to further occupy myself with it. As long as the Swiss only comes up with polemic verbal attacks and far-fetched excuses instead of enlightening arguments, I take the right  to remain sceptical.

2.22.1996 - lb

Luc Bürgin
CH 4056 Basel
Translated by: Simon Goudswaard,(June-July 2013)
Corrections by: Pete Ckonjevic,(June-July 2013)

Response to this article by Michael Hesemann: FIGU Bulletin 8

Shooting Billy Meier's upcoming Documentary(2013): Michael & Amy Horn

Note: Pictures of the face of Ricardo(Brazil) were hidden because his permission was not taken by the photographer.

Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas(2004, Video game): Billy Meier UFOs in Lil’ Probe Inn

The Lil' Probe'Inn is based off the real-life Lil' A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada. The above screenshots are taken by Simon C. Goudswaard while playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Source: wikiGTA

Professional Artist Richard Starbuck: Plejaren UFOs & Billy Meier

Ufology: Frozen In Time
Richard Starbuck@facebook
Main Website

Plejaren Letter to the Government of United States of America(Jan 5, 1979)



With the date of the 21st of March, 1979, Billy received a response to the proclamation of the Pleiadians to the government of the United States of America, which was obviously written by Lee Elders and sent to Billy. Whether Lee Elders had passed the proclamation on to the government of the USA, this remained in the dark for Billy. Anyhow, a letter from the USA government was missing, such as was requested by the Pleiadians. In response, the Pleiadians withdrew their proposal and their proclamation and definitively distanced themselves from it and from the USA.

Note: Lee Elders letter to Billy will be posted next.

CR 117, Wednesday, November 29, 1978

 Letter from Lee J. Elders to Meier regarding the Plejaren proclamation letter to the USA government(March 21, 1979) 




NotePage 1 of the above letter is the 5-page letter which was sent by Plejaren to USA. For the Plejaren letter to the USA, read here.

Plejarens response to Lee J. Elders Letter:

36. To these lines, I only have the following to say:
37. Quetzal has, in his proclamation to the Government of the United States of America, clearly represented the necessary facts and conditions, from which we are not willing to deviate in any way.
38. We cannot engage in any conditions of the Government of the United States of America or in any proposals other than ours in any form.
39. We alone choose the way of communication and the other connection, and any alterations or deviations from our given proclamation are not possible.
40. This means that we can in no way enter into the demands, wishes and proposals, as they are written here in this letter.
41. We are neither interested nor willing to stand in direct contact with human beings of Earth other than yourself, but we also have no interest in any visual contacts or voice contacts of a personal or indirectly personal nature.
42. And that certain things are even just too dangerous for us, I don't want to talk about at all.
43. On the other hand, in our overall form of leadership of the peoples, politics is foreign to us, so we will also never get involved on the Earth and with the earthly governments in such a form and connection.
44. Politics are only operated by human life forms who are still very foreign to the truth and who look at, consider, and handle all things in childish aspects.
45. We, however, have long been beyond such forms and will never get involved in them any more, neither in one form nor another.
46. So if we will help Earth humanity through connections with the governments, then that can only happen in the way that was unambiguously made clear by Quetzal in the proclamation.
47. A change, even if it would still be of absolute insignificance, can never be debatable, so the proclamation still retains its full range validity, including the one time limit specified by us.
48. We conduct no negotiations at all with any earthly governments because we are those who want to help without any compensation and without any demands of the human beings of Earth for our profit.
49. We are solely willing to offer assistance within a reasonable and responsible framework, without the human being of Earth owing us a wage because of that.
50. That's all I have to say to this letter, and you should submit that to your middleman.
Many thanks, girl. I will comply with your wish, let everything be translated into English, and then send it to America.

CR 122, Friday, April 6, 1979 

Open Minds Magazine(Oct/Nov, 2011) - The Billy Meier Controversy: Elaborate Hoax or Actual Alien Contact ?

Purchase the Magazine: Open Minds Magazine

A Trip to Semjase Silver Star Center by XYZ from Netherlands(2013)

Watch the video here..

Meier Literature from 1970's: 'Stimme der Wassermannzeit' & 'UFOs: Raumschiffe von fremden Welten'

Source: The Meier Incident: The Most Infamous Hoax In Ufology(1981) - by Kal K. Korff

Note: If anyone of you have any of the above publications( especially 'Stimme der Wassermannzeit' from 1978), please contact me. Allegedly information on TOUTATIS asteroid and other 3 astronomical bodies have been published in the Wassermannzeit publications from 1978.

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N220, August 1986): 'Director's Message' by Walt Andrus


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N228, April 1987): 'Light Years - An Open Letter' by Gary Kinder





FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada: Niagara Psychic Fair(July 19-21, 2013)

Source: FLCA Newsletter No. 6

What is the Origin of the "I Want to Believe" poster from The X-Files?

To answer this question, you have to dig into the bowels of some pretty authoritative mid-90s fan sites. Fear not, I've done it for you!

It was created specifically for the show, according to Chris Carter (X-Files creator) while donating memorabilia to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Where did the "I Want to Believe" poster from Mulder's office come from?
It [the poster donated to the Smithsonian] came from Gillian Anderson's collection. All the rest of the original posters had been stolen or, I assume, destroyed.

The original graphic came from me saying, "Let's get a picture of a spaceship and put—Ed Ruscha-like—"I want to believe." I love Ed Ruscha. I love the way he puts text in his paintings. (I actually got to say to him, "I was inspired by you.") When I saw the [finished] poster I recognized the photograph because it came from a series of photographs taken in Europe by a guy named Billy Meier. And I said, "Did we get the clearance for that photograph?" And they said, "Oh, yes!" Ten years went by and all of a sudden I got a call from Fox legal: "We have an intellectual property lawsuit we have to depose you for." And there was a lawsuit and they had not done the proper clearance for that photograph.

Some other links supporting this:

On this fan site, the author says of the poster:

It has become something of a Holy Grail for fans of the show. Many X-files fan would like a copy of the poster, but unfortunately it was a one off produced for the X-files production team.

There are made up versions of the poster available, but standards vary, good luck if you are looking for a copy.

There have been a couple of explanations for why the poster changed a couple of times over the series (without any in-world mention). Both of them point to the theory that the poster was made specifically for the show and was not a mass-produced product.

Frank Spotnitz (X-Files writer/producer) explained to

My recollection is that there was a problem with the legal rights to the photograph used in the original ‘I Want To Believe’ poster. It was resolved by changing the image.

According to The X-Files Trivia on IMDB this poster was a hot item on set:

Props from Mulder's X-Files office are currently preserved and on display at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum in Los Angeles. According to the museum, the famous I Want to Believe UFO poster from the office continually had to be replaced as copies kept disappearing from the set. The poster on display at the museum is reportedly one of the last available copies of the original set-used posters.

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N236, December 1987): 'Reassessing the Meier Case' by Dennis Stacy



The MUFON - UFO Journal(N236, December 1987): 'Occultness & Ambiguity' by James Deardorff





 In Memoriam Professor Ten Chu: (Dec 25, 1923 - June 23, 2013)

Ten Chu is a composer, musicologist public figure, a member of Composer’s Union of Kazakhstan, professor, doctor of philology and tenuar professor of conservatoire at Chang Yang University (Seoul, Republic of Korea) honored figure of culture of Republic of Kazakhstan, was born on 25th of December 1923 in South Korea. He studied composition at the Nihon Daigaku University (Tokyo). Learned Russian language at the Foreign languages Institute in Pyongyang (North Korea). Graduated from Moscow conservatoire on the class of composition guided by Professor An. Alexandrov. His compositions are widely performed in Kazakhstan and abroad. In 1990 he was awarded with a medal of Republic of Kazakhstan “For Labor Achievement” in his work. In 2001 he was awarded by President of the Republic of Korea with the Folk Order “Tong Beck Tjang” “Camilia”. For his great contribution into public and cultural development of the Republic of Korea he was awarded with KBS prize of Korean aboard Diaspora (Seoul, 2004). He is a co-chairman of International political organization “The Front of salvation and struggle for democratic union of Korea”. From his early days he was interested in meditation, astronomy, searching for constant laws of living. He got acquainted with Billy’s studies from 1990 and is one of his ardent admirers & advocates. A passive member of the FIGU society. Personal acquaintance with “Billy” E.A. Meier got place in 2004 and served as a stimulus for spreading the studies of Truth, the creation of Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy, and the library at the Institute, the creation of Public Fund of “Billy” E.A. Meier and the University of “Billy” E.A. Meier in perspective.

On 13 July 2013 we were informed by Yuji Imayo from E.I.R.B (Eurasian Institute of Research in Billilogy) in Almaty / Kazakhstan that Professor Ten Chu died the same day, after he had (see photo above), signed a contract the day before, which he received from Billy, for the publication of the book OM was granted to the Russian-speaking world. After he had corresponded for several years with Billy, Prof. Ten Chu visited the SSSC first time in 2004, fulfilling a lifelong dream for him later. In 2010, he was for the second and last time in Hinterschmidrüti. With his Eurasian Institute of research in Billilogy, he supported our mission through the translation of several books of Billy into the Russian language.

More information on Professor Ten ChuFIGU Bulletin 81

 Anton Hahnekamp with Guido Moosebrugger (Sep 11, 2013): Deutsches-Museum(German Museum), Munich

'UFOs make return visit to popular culture' (Eugene Register-Guard, Mar 22, 1987): On 'Light Years' book by Gary Kinder

Source: Eugene Register-Guard

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N226, February 1987): On the book 'Light Years' by Editor Dennis Stacy

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N227, March 1987): On the book 'Light Years' 

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N242, June 1988): 'UFOs- Science & Technology - In the Service of Magic' by Foster Morrison

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N246, October 1988): 'Comments on Photographic Trickery' by Foster Morrison

Swiss UFO guru wants to save the World (Nov 10, 2013): '20min' - online news portal

"The Swiss ufologist Billy Meier has retired. But, with new petitions he continues to fight overpopulation and the death penalty. Why, the aliens tell him."


We may bear fewer children (Nov 11, 2013): Ticinonline

"The Ufologist Billy Meier is back in the limelight. This time launched a petition aimed at preventing the end of the world."

169 '4X6' Color Photos: Wendelle Stevens Collection

Extremely Rare Original Hand-Noted HUGE Collection of 169 4X6 Billy Meier UFO Production Photos Shot Between 1974-1982+ from Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Own Archive!

EXTREMELY RARE Collection of 169 4X6 Color Photos Shot by Contactee Eduard "Billy" Meier Between 1974 and 1982+ Created by and Hand Written Notes with Date, Location and Time Details by Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Himself!!!
This Collection Consists of Commercial Production Photographs Created by Stevens, Mastered and Transferred Straight From the Originals from His Personal Private Collection of Meier Original Photos in the Early 1990s for Selling at Conferences, UFO Congress and Various Conventions.
Stevens Initially Sold them Publicly for $5.00 Each for a Brief Period Between the Late 1980s on through to the Mid 1990s and I Believe He Was the Only Person in the U.S. Ever Legally Allowed to Copy and Sell Meier Photos to the Public. They Have Long Been Out of Production and are No Longer Available Anywhere so far as I can tell... Start Price is Set at Just Over $1.00 Each and Buy it Now Price Set at Only $2.34 Each!
This Collection Includes 87 Photos Hand Noted w/Details Written by Stevens, 44 Photos w/Catalog Numbers Hand Written by Stevens and 38 Photos with No Writing on Backs.
Photo Collection is in Excellent to Near Mint Well Preserved Condition as Shown. This Photographic Collection was Recovered Directly from the Personal Archives of the Late Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens!


Beware of the Traps - Billy Meier & the Pleiadians (Feb 2001): 'ET - Magazin für Parawissenschaften'

 Note: If anyone is interested to offer english translation of the above german article, please contact me.

 TheyFly Newsletter (Dec 3, 2013): New Billy Meier Films & Book for 2014

Hi List Members, 
Welcome to the Winter Newsletter.
I'm sure that you're already getting a ton of seasonal emails, so I want to make this one brief, to the point and, most importantly, packed with value for you.
NEW Billy Meier Films, Book for 2014
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In 2014, we will be releasing two new films about the Billy Meier contacts and the spiritual teaching. Both films are full-length and highly informative. In addition, we will have a new book by Billy Meier, first in ebook form and then later in a printed version.
There will be updated details on all three new projects after the first of the stay tuned!
In the News
If you've followed my blog this year you know that I've continued to post corroborations of Meier's prophetically accurate scientific and environmental information. As almost everyone knows by now, the real magnitude of the Fukushima disaster has been largely hidden from us and is only now just beginning to be publicly revealed...though Meier published the truth about it more than 2 1/2 years ago. And as long as 10 years ago, I included Meier's warnings about atomic energy, nuclear power plants, etc., in The Meier Contacts, which is also about the best overall introduction to the Meier case. It's becoming a collector's item with prophetic information that occurred after it was released.
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I recently contacted the company to make sure that the product was being made from seaweed that wasn't grown in the contaminated areas of the Pacific Ocean. They gave me this statement:
"After the Fukushima events, because of the contamination issue, no raw Laminaria has been harvested, or procured, from the NW Pacific.

Modifilan is made in the US and the raw material, these days, is harvested in Patagonia - one
of the very few places where larger Laminaria species are still found in the wild habitat.

All of the raw supply is tested, before it is released, at the point of entry by the USDA and is
subject to quarantine by FDA."

This is also a cold processed product, so the natural ingredients haven't been degraded or altered through heat in processing. 
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The Billy Meier Contacts

UFO (No.36, May 2007): Report on International UFO Congress, 2007 in Laughlin


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N274, February 1991): 'Message from the Pleiades Vol 2' by Lucius Farish


Rare never-before-seen Hi-Res Wedding Cake UFO photos (WCUFO)

Download Hi-Res Photos: Dropbox
More: Theyfly

FIGU Landesgruppe Australia Bulletin 6 (Dec 16, 2013)

Download: FLAU 6

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N334, February 1996): Review of Kal K. Korff's 'Spaceships of the Pleiades-The Billy Meier Story'


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N387, July 2000): Contactees of the Fifties - The Onomastic & Diabolical Connection




The MUFON - UFO Journal(N422, June 2003): 'The Billy Meier Case' by Michael Horn

Rare Authentic Landed UFO (1975): Photographed by Billy Meier

Description of Photos on ebay:
EXTREMELY RARE Authentic True Original First Generation Direct from Original Negative 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 Inch Color Photo Shot by Contactee Eduard "Billy" Meier in Switzerland Exact Date and Location Unknown, Circa Mid 1970s. This is an Original Photograph Given to Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Straight from Billy Meier Himself! This Photo is in Near Mint Very Well Preserved Physical Condition with a Very Small White "Nick" at the Lower Right Corner and Original Catalog Sticker #102(or #97) at the Lower Left Corner as Shown, Printed on Vintage Photographic Paper with Vintage Swiss Kodak Watermark. This Original Photograph was Recovered Directly from the Personal Archives of Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens!

Billy Meier's response: 
In an email to Michael Horn through Christian Frehner on Jan 19, 2014:

"As I was driving by on my moped I've seen that flying object (kind of a telemeter disk) hovering above ground. I stopped, took two photos, and then the object vanished. I continued to drive along. I've never spoken with the Plejaren about this incident and, therefore, don't know what the object was and why it was there. Luckily I had my Olympus camera with me."

Note: Kindly share the scans of the images with us after your purchase!
Purchase: Photo no.97 102

Rare Authentic Landed UFO (1975): Photographed by Billy Meier (*Update: CLARIFICATION*)

Clarification to Monday, January 20, 2014 post:

The photographs(no.97 102) that were put up for sale(now sold) on ebay were originally taken by Meier however according to the latest email from Meier through Christian Frehner, it was said that there was a telemeter-like disc present but was not visible in those photos. He also said that the white conical thing which many suspected to be the UFO is something like a water reservoir with a lid.

Also some have speculated that the thing shown in the images below could be an ET that came down from the "white conical" UFO. It looks like some kind of "being" with its head bent towards its left, right hand raised to the sky at elbow & both legs bent. Or is this seemingly human-like appearance a case of pareidolia ?

Correspondence with Christian Frehner on Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 1:27 AM:

Hi Mahesh,

An interesting answer from Billy: He said that the large whitish object is not the telemeter disc that he saw, but something like a water reservoir/silo with a cover/lid. The small telemeter disc was visible on the right side behind and above the silo, in the meadow (on the photo with the moped). It is not visible on the photo, at least not in the actual version.

The human-like figure on the street board wasn't noticed by Billy. He was surprised to see it on the photo.


ARCHIVES PROJECT: Donation by James Deardorff

UFO-Prophet has taken a step further!

We are happy to announce you that from now on we are not only archiving & safe keeping just the Meier case related material that appears in the media(ex: newspapers, magazines, television, radio,..etc), but we have decided to archive & preserve all the personal collections held by Meier case students, researchers, investigators, skeptics, debunkers, FIGU members,..etc.

Archives Project's goal: is archiving & safe keeping all the Meier case material however remotely related. We accept all books, ebooks, booklets, flyers, documents, letters, correspondence(both ordinary post & email), newsletters, bulletins, magazines, photos, videos, audio, slides, negatives,..etc. We also preserve material that have originated from you like the photos, videos & research material which were captured or written down by you during your investigation or visit to the Billy Meier's place(Semjase Silver Star Center) in Switzerland. One of the main intentions behind starting this project is to make available all the material - which are rare and were published in the years starting from 1970's, most of which are nearly impossible to find in the market - for study, reference & research. If you have any need or query that arises as a part of your study or research, visit our ARCHIVES section & mail us your questions and we will definitely help you.

If you are interested to donate anything, please write to Visit the PROJECT & REQUESTS page for the material which we currently need for our research. For those who do not want their names to be disclosed, we respect your wish & refer to you as Anonymous(only if you agree).

As a part of this project, we are very glad to inform you that our first donor was none other than the Research Professor Emeritus(Oregon State University) James Deardorff who sent us 2 boxes full of material which we received on January 23, 2014. Visit our ARCHIVES page for Mr. Deardorff's priceless collection.
James Deardorff


Deardorff sent us his material in 2 boxes through USPS with all the packing & shipping costs(total of $150) paid by him!

Material arranged according to the different categories like books, videos, booklets,..etc.

My mom took this photo as I was going through categorizing all the material. I could not resist reading some material while categorizing and so this whole process which started with picking up the boxes at the local post office at 1:30 pm on Jan 23, finished at 4 am the next morning.

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N165, Nov 1981): Kal Korff & the "Meier Hoax": A Response - Part 2 by Wendelle Stevens



UFO Report (Dec 1980): 'Hoax from the Pleiades' by Kal Korff

Download: Rapidshare

OMNI Magazine (V9N10, July 1987): AntiMatter - The Case for Billy Meier UFOs. etc.



Note: Kindly share the digitial copy of the Ilse Von Jacobi's article in 1976 on Meier case with us.

The name of the magazine & title of the article when translated into english is - 'THE JOURNAL OF MYSTERIES (1976): "SEMJASE" FRIEND FROM PLEIADES'.

Information on Ilse von Jacobi's involvement in Meier case: 
Source: Light Years (1987, Gary Kinder)

"Ilse von Jacobi, a journalist living in Munich who wrote frequently about metaphysics and the paranormal, had read about Eduard Meier in a newsletter printed and circulated by a self-study group in Munich in the summer of 1975. Interested, she contacted the young man who edited the newsletter and, through him, began to monitor developments in the Meier story as reported by witnesses. A few months later, after seeing photographs Meier had taken, she decided to interview him for publication.

When von Jacobi arrived in Hinwil in December 1975, she found herself one of about eighteen people who had come to the Meier home to listen to the man speak. She stayed for two days.

"I was impressed," she recalled. "I was convinced that he had had the experiences he talked about. The facts he gave me, the pictures, the personal impression he created, there was nothing wrong. I wanted to make him known and to put his story in the papers because it was real. But something made him mad, and he told me I should not publish anything about him, so I left. But it was for his own good that he become known."

Von Jacobi took her article to Quick magazine, one of the two largest slicks published weekly in Germany, with circulation in Switzerland and Austria as well. Hesitant to run such a story without verification, the magazine editors assigned a staff member to Hinwil to interview Meier. When the writer returned with substantially the same information von Jacobi had given to them, the editors set the article for publication on July 8, 1976.

The magazine circulated rapidly through the town of Hinwil, carrying a story that astonished Meier's neighbors. For nearly a year and a half, they had observed and disapproved of his constant comings and goings at all hours of the day and night, but not one had confronted Meier about his purpose or attended one of the meetings at his home. The reason he now gave for his behavior made them angry and made them laugh all at once: Meier claimed that he had been telepathically contacted by alien beings from a planet in a star cluster known as the Pleiades. Through telepathy, said the article, the Pleiadians frequently had directed Meier to remote locations near Hinwil, where they landed a seven-meter silvery beamship, disembarked, and met with him face-to-face. Most of Meier's contacts were with a female named Semjase for the Pleiadians, according to Meier, had found that females seemed to be far less intimidating to earth humans. Meier met with her often, and she allowed him to photograph her beamship as it approached for landing and again, as it ascended.

Many people laughed. But others seemed awed by the clear, color daylight photographs of the beamships and captivated by the thought of space beings alighting on earth in a gentle and peaceful fashion. The July article in Quick led to a series of articles in various European magazines that appeared throughout the summer and fall of 1976. Il Giornale die Misteri, in Italy, published von Jacobi's original piece on Meier in August; then, in September, the largest tabloid in Switzerland, Blick, ran the front-page title "Zurcher verbluffte Erich von Daniken"-"Zurich Man Amazed Erich von Daniken." More articles followed in the German magazines Echo der Frau, in October and Neue Welt, in November. One of Meier's neighbors had a son living in South Africa who even read of Meier in a newspaper there."

Purchase: ebay

The MUFON - UFO Journal(N422, June 2003): On Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens


OMNI Magazine (August 1983): Antimatter - UFO Update


PHOTO INVENTORY (April 5, 2014): New book from Billy Meier/FIGU

Sample Pages:

Views on the person BEAM. Recordings of Plejaren-beam ships, landing tracks and visitors, etc., photographed by Billy Eduard Albert Meier and some of its witnesses. 17 May 1964 to 5 February 2004

In order to understand why the issues identified in this photobook beamships images plejarischer origin of Eduard Albert Meier <Billy>-called BEAM, could be made, it is necessary to briefly describe the circumstances of the conclusion of the photos. But it is also essential to say something about the person BEAM as a man and as a harbinger of the modern era and as a contact person to understand why he was commissioned as a single to make the most ever best pictures of extra-terrestrial beam ships be controlled by the people of the Federation Plejaren and come to earth."  - google translation

Publisher: Wassermannzeit
Pages: 288
Format: DIN A4
Language: German
Binding: hardback
ISBN-13: 9783909154739
Purchase the book: FIGU Shop

FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada Newsletter (#8, March 2014)

                                                             Guido & Elisabeth in Toronto, 1994

Read/DownloadFIGU Canada

FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada Newsletter (#7, November 26, 2013)

Read/Download: PDF
Download all the 8 Newsletters: here

Your Questions to Billy Meier - Answered (2001 - 2014): FIGU Forum

All the questions that have ever been asked and answered by Meier since year 2001 on FIGU forum has been incorporated into an excel sheet & pdf files, arranged according to topic or username for easy reference by Matt Lee.

Download: googledrive

Nieznany Świat (Polish Magazine, Feb 1994): 'Nikt nie jest wiarygodny'



This article covers mainly Billy Meier case. The English translation of the title of the article - Nikt nie jest wiarygodny - means "No one is credible”. The name of the magazine - Nieznany Świat - means "The Unknown World". Nieznany Świat is a monthly magazine, which covers the unexplained, including UFOs, parapsychology, dowsing, alternative medicine, astrology, secrets of nature & ancient astronauts theory. 

Thanks to the anonymous person from Poland for sharing this magazine article.

Note: If you are a non-polish speaker, then copy the polish text from below file and put it into google translate for reading.


The MUFON - UFO Journal(N305, September 1993): Ten UFO's drawn in AutoCAD

Directions and Information for Building your own Meditation Pyramid for the Peace Meditation of FIGU 

On its General Meeting of July 6, 2014, the Core Group of 49 has decided to publish the measures of our Peace-meditation pyramids, in order to enable that each interested person may produce (or let produce) his or her own pyramid.
FIGU’s meditation pyramids are based on instructions by the Plejaren, and they serve to connect with the Center Pyramid all those human beings worldwide, who take part in our Peace Meditation. The pyramids are serving as amplifiers of the meditators‘ thought waves. However, the requested effect is limited to the Peace Meditation only.
For further information regarding the Peace Meditation look here:

Important: All measures must be precisely observed in order to get the requested effect. Only copper may be used!

For measurements of travel, table & group pyramids, download this pdf.

Source: FIGU

Portal to Ascension(July 26, 2014) & Bolgatty International Film Festival(Sep 11-15, 2014): Michael Horn

Michael Horn will present information, and answer questions and challenges, about, the Billy Meier UFO case on Saturday, July 26, beginning at 10:30 AM, Pacific time.
For more information, please click here.

Michael Horn's film 'And Did They Listen' is going to screen at Bolgatty International Film Festival in India, September 11-15, 2014.





Thanks to David Guerra for sharing this article with us, in response to request which we have put up on March 15, 2014.

The Sunday Statesman (March 19, 2000, Delhi, India) - 'Alien Experience' by Philip McAiney

SourceJames Deardorff's Collection (Jan 23, 2014)

Rhal Zahi's Analysis - WCUFO (March 2013), Pendulum UFO (Jan 2014) & Energy Ships (Aug 30, 2014)

'Wedding cake' UFO

Analysis: WCUFO & Night-time WCUFO

Pendulum UFO

Analysis: Pendulum UFO

 Energy Ships

#718, April 19, 1979, 2:25 AM
#719, April 19, 1979, 2:25 AM
#720, April 19, 1979, 2:40 AM
#724, June 22, 1979, 5:25 AM
#725, June 22, 1979, 5:25 AM
#726, June 23, 1979, 4:10 AM
#727, June 23, 1979, 4:16 AM
#728, June 23, 1979, 4:20 AM
AnalysisEnergy Ships

About: Rhal Zahi & Author's Den

California UFO Magazine (Vol 2, N1, Jan/Feb 1987) - Meier group in U.S. to release New Pleiadian Material 

Source: James Deardorff's Collection (Jan 23, 2014)

Magazin 2000 Plus (Nr. 132, Oct 1998) - 'Der Fall Meier: UFO-Kontaktler entlarvt?' Part 2 by Michael Hesemann





SourceJames Deardorff's Collection (Jan 23, 2014)
Reference: Same article in German on FIGU Swiss website and in English on FOM website

"Wedding Cake" UFO (WCUFO) in Times Square, New York City (Oct 2014)


Fate of the graphic novel - 'From the Depths of Outer Space: The Billy Meier Story' 

On Tuesday, October 23, 2012, I have published a blogpost pertaining to the upcoming release of a full-color graphic novel on Billy Meier story. Following are the details about the novel:

Written by:  Mike Michalski and Philip McAiney
Art by:  Tony Gray

UFO fans - alien aficionados - seekers of other worlds and alternate realities - believers - sceptics – read the fascinating, thought-provoking, "From the Depths of Outer Space: The Billy Meier Story." For the first time ever in full-color graphic form: experience the thrilling and mysterious stories of his meetings with extraterrestrials - the teachings they bring to mankind - his predictions as to what the future holds - and more! Adapted from Meier's own words, with the full cooperation of the man himself!

However even after 2 years, not even one issue of the novel was published. Curious about the reasons behind this, I wrote to Glassmonkey Studios (earlier it was named Legacy comics publishing) today i.e. on Nov 26. Tony Gray, the Author, Illustrator and also the contact person for Comic Books Marketing Program responded on the same day as follows:

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your interest in The Billy Meier Story graphic novel that we were working on at GlassMonkey Studios.

After spending several years working with Billy and organizations who represented him we were, unfortunately, unable to proceed with the project.

While Billy had no objections to our portrayal of his story or the individuals involved and offered his verbal and written approval to the endeavor, we were not able to proceed without a legal arrangement. This legal agreement was something that we were never able to attain. As such GlassMonkey Studios, after much consideration to proceeding based upon Billy's verbal approval, had to abandon work on the project upon our legal team's advice.

Billy's history is a great one and we wish him the best in his other endeavors which tell his story.

All the best.
Tony Gray

ZEITPUNKT (Nr. 132, July/August 2014): 'Ausserirdische–Stippvisite in Hinterschmidrüti' by Patric Chenaux

DownloadZeitpunkt 132

Die Wochenzeitung (Nr. 38, 18.09.2014) -  Im All zählt man mit!

FIGU member sitting infront of Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC)

"The haunting of the term "over-population" since ECOPOP not only increased again in the minds and the media around. A visit to the ufologists headquarters Schmidrüti."

Read MoreGerman & English (google translate)

Hong Kong International UFO Congress (2014) : First FIGU publications showcase in Asia

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to The Hong Kong UFO Club and her Chairwoman Moon Fong, without the full support and cooperation of their task force, the presentation of our FIGU publications showcase would be impossible. We would also like to thank friends who have visited our booth. ^_^

This is the first FIGU publications showcase in Asia, and most probably also the first large scale showcase outside of Switzerland, we are privileged to be able to make this event come true.

Our first FIGU publications showcase has been successfully completed on 30th November during the “Hong Kong International UFO Congress 2014”.

More photos: facebook

New Billy Meier documentary (Dec 21, 2014): 'The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life' by Michael Horn


“The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life”.

The newest, information packed, full-length documentary - only available now as a download.

Billy Meier answers questions pertaining to:

Virtues to Develop • Human Relationships • Children & Families • Egoism Pro & Con • Women & the Future • Changing the Prophecies • The Spiritual Teaching & Evolution • The Effects of Swinging-Waves on People • Safety in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres • How to Safely Reduce Overpopulation • Realities of Artificial Insemination • Interracial Relationships • Combating Terrorism & Racism • Understanding Your Dreams • The Might of the Thoughts • The Truth about Mohammed’s Wives • Sinking Islands Due to Rising Seas • Fights & Challenges in the Plejaren Federation • Plejaren Education • Plejaren Use of Drugs & Medication • The Different Roles of the Father & Mother…and much more!

Easy to read English subtitles, German language."

Download: scubbly
Source: theyflyblog
Also readShooting Billy Meier's upcoming Documentary(2013): Michael & Amy Horn

ANNOUNCEMENT: James W. Deardorff passed away on Dec 28, 2014  

Date of birth August 28 1928
Date of death December 28 2014

James W. Deardorff (Jim) died on 12/28/14 of lung cancer at the age of 86, despite never having smoked.

Jim was born on 8/28/28, the middle of three children to Ralph and Mary Deardorff in Seattle. He was raised in Portland and graduated from Lincoln High School. He spent his freshman year at Reed College then transferred to Stanford to participate in an NROTC scholarship. He spent his fourth year at UCLA studying all the prerequisites for graduate meteorology. After serving 3 years in the Navy he studied graduate meteorology courses at University of Washington, where he received his PhD in 1959. After working on an air-sea interaction project at U of W, he obtained a job at the newly established National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO in 1962.

It was at UCLA where he first became involved with folk dancing, and at a dance at the U of W he met his wife, Leona. They were soon married and raised 3 daughters. Over the next 54 years they enjoyed folk dancing and hiking. Leona preceded him in death in 2010.

Jim spent a rewarding 16 years at NCAR as a senior scientist specializing in thermal convection, turbulence and diffusion within the planetary boundary layer. In 1978 he left NCAR with his family for the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, where he was a research professor until taking early retirement in 1986. This freed up his time to pursue frontier topics such as the UFO phenomenon, which led to his further interest in biblical and reincarnation studies. He published numerous papers and books related to his research of these subjects. His work in these fields can be viewed at his principal website:

His brother Don, sister Valerie, three daughters Ellen, Laila, Dana, grandchildren Michael and Kristine, survive him.

Per his wishes there will be no memorial service.

Source: Crown Memorial Centers
More about Deardorff: here
Deardorff's website and blog: and
See Deardorff's past donation to UFO-Prophet: here

Wildfire Magazine (Vol. 4, No. 2, 1989) - 'UFO Contactee: The Meier case & Its Spirituality' by James W. Deardorff

Download: google drive
Source: James W. Deardorff's donation to UFO-Prophet

The Billy Meier UFO debate (March 23, 2015): Michael Horn and Maurice Osborn (Update)

Update: Debate cancelled
Antonio Paris: "After watching the back and forth bickering*…. I decided to cancel the debate. It does not appear, at this moment, that the UFO community is ready for serious dialogue."

Date: Monday, Mar 23, 6 PM Eastern Time

Antonio Paris will moderate the debate regarding the alleged Billy Meier UFO story. The debate will be conducted by Michael Horn and Maurice Osborn.

Michael Horn is the authorized American media representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, which he has researched since 1979. Additionally, he is the writer/producer/director of the award-winning new film, "And Did They Listen?", as well as the co-producer of the new documentary, "as the time fulfills", which presents an abundance of ironclad, prophetically accurate scientific evidence that irrefutably authenticates the Billy Meier case.

Maurice Osborn is a long-time UFO researcher and has investigated the alleged Billy Meier Contacts for many years. Additionally, Maurice has been researching, authoring, and producing documentaries about the extraterrestrial phenomenon for more than 20 years. His contention is that Billy Meier has been a fake ever since the alleged aliens departed in 1983.

Moderator: Antonio Paris is a Professor of Astronomy at St. Petersburg College and the Chief Scientist at the Center for Planetary Science. He is the author of two books, Aerial Phenomena (ISBN 1467549274) and Space Science (ISBN 1495101037): He has appeared in dozens of radio shows, webcasts, and the TV shows Unsealed and Close Encounters. Antonio is also a disabled veteran and former US Army Officer. He was awarded a Bronze Star for combat operations on Iraq.
  • You must have a Google Plus account to participate in the debate. If you just want to watch, you will see the link to the LIVE youtube video the day of the debate.
  • I will post debate rules and agenda this week
  • The debate will be conducted in a professional manner. Anything other than that will eject you out of the debate.
  • You can post your questions to Michael, Maurice, or me anytime here.
Source: The Center for Planetary Science

'From OSU to UFOs - Retired professor now researches extraterrestrials': Gazette-times

UFO Magazine (Aug/Sep 2005) - Articles by Anthony Wharton and Michael Horn

'He said it is impossible?' by Anthony Wharton on pgs. 38-44
'Meier's Photos Outstrip any hoaxes' by Michael Horn on pg. 45

Source: google drive

Nation19 Magazine (July 2015) - Interview with Michael Horn

"Hip-Hop magazine, Nation19, interviews Michael Horn on the Billy Meier UFO case

The Billy Meier UFO case is now spreading into the world of hip-hop via a classy, glossy, bossy magazine that caters to the tastier elements of music, arts, culture and …controversy.

Nation19 founders, Queen Muhammed Ali and Hakeem Khaaliq, spent several hours interviewing Michael Horn in the serene setting of Sedona, Arizona. They discussed all aspects of this singularly authentic case, from the UFOs, the prophecies and predictions and the spiritual teaching, to why they came here to meet with Meier for…the past 73 years.

In this special food issue Nation19 gives an appe-teaser of what’s to come."

Source: theyflyblog

UFOs über den Alpen - WELT WOCHE REPORT (March 28, 1979)

OCR pdf: Download
Source: James Deardorff donation

Second Look (vol II, no. 4, May-June 1980): Update on the Pleiades Contact Case 

Source: James Deardorff archives

Stanton T. Friedman's letters from 1979 and 1980 on Billy Meier case in 'UFOs are Real' documentary


Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman requested (to no avail) that the segment in his 1979 documentary 'UFOs Are Real' dealing with the Meier case be removed. Here are two of the letters he sent to Group 1 Films (which produced the movie) and Wendelle Stevens, published by Korff on pgs. 105-107 in his 1981 book 'The Meier Incident: The Most Infamous Hoax in Ufology.'

Note: Portions of these letters not pertaining to the Meier case haven't been presented by Korff.

Letter 1:

Dear Brandon:                                                                                                                    Dec. 23, 1979

I wish to go officially on record as requesting that the Meier segment of the film be removed from the film. I have yet to see the movie but have also been completely unable to find any substantiation for the experience either from Wendelle Stevens, his associates, or anybody else in the world of UFOlogy. All four people who were at the screening on December 10 felt that the much better than expected, that it was probably the best UFO documentary ever made, and that the Meier segment leaves a very bad impression and should be removed. I should stress that all have many years of UFO interest, concern, and investigation behind them.

As I have stressed in numerous conversations with you, Ed, Mary Anne and others, I have been consistently distressed at Wendelle's unreliability as an investigator. Examples include the supposed but non-existent thousands of witnesses to the Ubatuba magnesium samples, the William Herrmann case documented in a previously supplied letter, the statement from Wendelle that that Marcel Vogel did not go to San Diego to announce the ET nature of the samples from Meier because of a conversation between Sagan and Vogel. No such conversation has taken place. Wendelle also misrepresented Jim Lorenzen's views about the Meier case. The book about the case is high on beauty but very low on documentation and also has errors of fact. Lorenzen's letter to the publisher's of Wendelle's book is enclosed. You have a German letter from Veit and also one from VonKeviczky both not accepting the Meier case even though both would very much like for it to be legitimate.

We knew the movie would bring attacks from the skeptics. I believe that the whole film will be tarnished by the implied acceptance of the Meier case. I think therefore that we will get attacks from friends. Do we really want them? I think sale of  the film to TV would be seriously jeopardized by the Meier segment. As you told me facts and documentation are what they for Meier other than from Wendelle and his heavily investing associates is totally lacking...

With the best wishes for the holiday season,
Stanton T. Friedman

Letter 2:

Dear Wendelle:                                                                                                             April 19, 1980

As I am sure you are unaware I have expressed very serious doubts about the validity of the Swiss pictures and have asked to no avail that that segment of UFOs Are Real be removed. It is not because I can at this time say that the pictures have been proven phony, but more that I am not satisfied that they have been established to be genuine. Unfortunately one of the main reasons is that your investigations seem to include as factual, many conjectures and extensions of reality. I find there to be an enormously important difference between what is and what might be. You seem to causually mix the two.

A good example is your investigation of the Herrmann case. Last June I wrote you asking for answers to a number of seemingly straight forward questions about your investigation. I have yet to receive a reply though you said you were working on it -- in San Diego in November...

Others have already raised a number of questions about the Swiss case and I suspect there will be even more raised in the future. I think the whole field of UFOlogy is done a great disservice by any publication embodying half truths, part truths, and untruths. They certainly lead to questions about profiteering, quick buck efforts, ethics, etc...

Stan Friedman

James W. Deardorff examines basic problems with Christianity's Origins: Resurrection vs. Reincarnation (18 pages, March 2000)

Download: drive

Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (Aug, 1987): 'Examination of the embargo hypothesis as an explanation for the Great Silence' by James W. Deardorff

Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol 40, pp 373-379, 1987; originally archived under James W. Deardorff's donation collection

Der Landbote (April 17, 2016): The Alien-believers are searching for members in old town

On Saturday members of a group that believes to be in contact with extraterrestrials instructed interested persons in the Marktgasse. According to cult expert Schmid, it shows"clearly sectarian traits".

Dozens of leaflets are placed at the information booth. Picture: Michele Limina

Saturday morning, it is raining. Before the 'Fountain of Justice' in the Marktgasse, there is a tent with blue and white vertical stripes and a small canopy. On this a note with the inscription hangs: "All documents and stickers are free." Behind a wall with dozens of brochures sitting dully are three men in their fifties. They are all members of  the Freien Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien (FIGU). A community that believes extraterrestrials - called Plejaren - are in close contact with its founder Eduard "Billy" Meier. On their website  "UFO-Meier" published his 641st contact conversation in early April. The community has its headquarters for over 40 years in Schmidrüti, above Turbenthal. Besides 30 members of the so-called core group, it has more than 350 passive members. However, Meier was the only one in the FIGU who has contact with the aliens. He writes down the conversations between him and the aliens and publishes it, says the men at the information booth. "Billy is the last teacher and prophet of the teaching of truth in a big way," says the press spokesman Patric Chenaux.

Demands Birth-stops

World population topic: "The central concern and root of all evil is the overpopulation," says one of the men. A worldwide, temporary cessation of births and a sensible birth control was needed. "If there were only 500 million people on earth, have all plenty of room, food and nature would be much better." The "rampant egoism" is an eyesore to the three members. Founder Meier fathered three children himself, is not that a contradiction? "In order to ensure the next generation despite cessation of births, it is our view permissible for a woman to have a maximum of three children," says Chenaux on request.
The UFO believers organize an annual information booth in Winterthur, a total of up to seven in all of Switzerland. The feedback to the stand is very limited. "Few have real interest, many are trapped in their own world." During our one-hour conversation three people stopped. A man with a ponytail, who seems to know the FIGU, asks: "You will certainly often get attacked, or?"

Georg Schmid, cult expert and Head of specialist body Relinfo says: "The FIGU clearly shows sectarian traits and can therefore be described as a sect." In addition to the "missionary behavior" as the information stands are in his opinion, the dominant figurehead Meier is an indication to it. "What he says is not questioned."

No false word

When speaking to the members at the information desk, they say: "There is usually nothing to criticize." You'll see
not a single wrong word in the basic statements in the writings of Meier. "It is the oldest teaching of the reality and the truth," they say.

Schmid also considered this exclusivity and differentiation as typical for a sect. "Only Billy Meier really stands in contact with the good-extraterrestrials from Plejaren. Other Contactees and UFO prophets are from the perspective of FIGU - fraudsters and charlatans, or the extraterrestrials, with which they are associated, are part of a wicked race. The members perceive Sect-allegations as "slander". "We would not be here today if there were legitimate reasons to criticize him as far as his statements about the overpopulation," they say. "Those who read our writings, in principle finds no contradictions."

Source: Der Landbote


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