Friday, November 3, 2017

A Different Perspective (Nov. 1, 2017): Host Kevin Randle with Derek Bartholomaus on Billy Meier Hoax

Derek Bartholomaus is the creator of the Billy Meier UFO Case website. 

Derek began investigating the claims of Billy Meier in 2003 when he was part of the Independent Investigations Group (IIG). Michael Horn had started challenging the IIG to “prove that Meier’s UFO photos were a hoax. The Billy Meier UFO Case website was constructed as a repository of various investigations into the claims of Billy Meier. Much of the research has been done by Derek personally. The rest has been published with permission of other people who have looked into the claims of Billy Meier. 

Derek works professionally in the entertainment industry as a Post Production Producer on various televisionshows. He is also the creator of the Anti-Vaccine Body Count (formerly known as the Jenny McCarthy Body Count) website. Derek has not had the time to update either website since fostering, and then adopting, children in 2015.

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