Monday, October 30, 2017

The Weird UFO Show (Oct. 29, 2017; Episode 1): Michael Horn

In this special first Halloween episode of "The Weird UFO Show," starring UFO researcher Jane Kyle (UFOJane) and GLURP the Alien, UFOJane talks to Michael Horn, representative of the famous Billy Meier UFO case, about what he believes to be the alien abduction "myth" and a secret plan by the US government to portray aliens as negative and threatening, as well as theories about the Phoenix Lights and even Bigfoot! In the second part of the show, UFOJane chats with alien abductee Thantos Poter, who says that despite what Michael Horn believes, negative aliens really do exist and are endanger of invading planet Earth. What do you believe? Share your thoughts and feedback below in the comments!

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