Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top Secret Writers interviews Billy Meier UFO Research Group (BMUFOR)

Recently Top Secret Writers (TSW) has interviewed me on our BMUFOR group's research into the Meier case. Here is their article.

Billy Meier UFO Research Group Keeps the Fraud Under Wraps

"The Billy Meier UFO Research Group (BMUFOR) is interested in collecting and documenting evidence and research involving the Billy Meier UFO case (1). With comprehensive evidence collated, the research group then presents its own original research.

As Top Secret Writers wrote in 2013, the Billy Meier UFO Cult has a long history of lies and manipulation (2). The Billy Meier UFO Research Group expertly demonstrates the lies both Meier and his accomplice Michael Horn have told for many decades. Due to its impressive and meticulous research on a controversial subject and the fact that the research group attempts to set asides biased beliefs when researching UFOs and extra-terrestrials when presenting their own original research, the BMUFOR has to be one of the best fraud research groups on the Internet."

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