Sunday, April 5, 2015

BMUFOR - Billy Meier's Outer Space Pictures: Ring Nebula in Lyra Constellation

In Contact Report 30 Semjase tells Meier to prepare for a journey through space, in which he would be given the opportunity to photograph star systems, nebulae and galaxies etc. She also tells him that they will visit the “original home of the human races from afar” in the Lyra system. There they will see what the Plejaren call the JHWHMATA (‘Eye of God’), which is known on Earth as the Ring Nebula or M57, a planetary nebula discovered in the year 1779, about 1 light year across and around 2,300 light years away from the Earth.

The ‘great journey’ through space, which is described in Contact Report 31, took place between July 17-22, 1975, for a great part on-board of the Great Spacer, the mother ship of the Plejaren. This ship is allegedly capable of making ‘hyper-leaps’ or hyperspace jumps, jumping from one place in the universe to another in an instant, and Meier was allegedly taken to different star systems in our galaxy and also to star systems in different galaxies. As described in Contact Report 31, Meier was also taken relatively close to the Ring Nebula and was given the opportunity to take photographs of it.

But skeptics and critics pointed out that Meier's picture of Ring Nebula is just a poor reproduction of an astronomical observatory picture taken on Earth. Is it true?

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