UFO X Fakten - Kontaktfall Billy Meier

Watch this video presentation by Guido Moosbrugger who is, an Austrian school Principal, retired, who have become intrigued by press reports on the controversial UFO contactee  Eduard "Billy" Meier & visited him in 1976. Moosbrugger was himself a witness to a number of Meier's UFO encounters with extraterrestrials who came from the direction of Pleiades. About what he has learned and experienced since then, Moosbrugger reported in his 1991 book, "And yet they fly." If you like the video, then please purchase it here.

Reality UFO Series Vol 1 - Michael Horn

The Billy Meier Case with Michael Horn(2003)
Part 1/3Part 2/3Part 3/3

Watch complete video of Reality UFO Series Vol 1

Wendelle Stevens 75th Birthday Celebration

Watch Wendelle Steven's 75th Birthday - 12345 and 6
Col. Wendelle Stevens, an icon in the UFO research field, had the surprise of his life when he was honored on his 75th birthday. Old friends and fellow UFO researchers turn up the heat on Wendelle and gently roast him with well done tales of adventures and excitement. Don't miss the hilarious appearance of one of Wendelle's dearest friends, Billy Meier, as portrayed with side splitting results by Michael Hesemann. It was a night Wendelle will never forget and neither will you!

Guest Speakers:
Cece Stevens - Daughter of Wendelle Stevens 
Jim Mosley - Editor, Saucer Smear
Jim Dilettoso - UFO Analyst
Tim Crawford - UFO Central
Robert Dean - Founder of Stargate International
Michael Hesemann - Producer 
Ted Loman - UFOAZ

Please buy the DVD here.

'UFO Fans' on SF TV(Switzerland)

Sie beobachten Ufos, treffen Ausserirdische und einige glauben gar an den nahen Weltuntergang. Eine verschworene Gemeinschaft von Ufologen in der Schweiz. Seltsame Begegnungen der dritten Art.
Source: SF TV

Wendelle Stevens Team-Jim Dilettoso's Methodology & Testing of Billy Meier UFO Photos

Jim Dilettoso exposes Kal Korff & Ground Saucer Watch's analysis of Billy Meier UFO Photos - here.
Complete Video Presentation by Jim Dilettoso - here.

'Visitors from Space' doc - Billy Meier UFO Case (1992)

Watch here..
Purchase the DVD here..

'Aliens: The Complete Truth - Startling New Evidence' doc - Billy Meier UFO Case(2000)

'Aliens: The Complete Truth - Startling New Evidence' doc - Billy Meier UFO Case(2000)
Watch here.
For complete documentary, watch here.

Author Gary Kinder on Billy Meier UFO Case

Watch here...
Read the book - 'Light Years: An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier'
More on his work biography details.

SBS TV (South Korea) on Billy Meier UFO Case

Watch here...

TNN's American Magazine(1990) : Billy Meier(UFO Series)

Watch Part 1 & Part 2...

SBS KBC TV on Billy Meier UFO Case(South Korea)

Watch here...

Plejaren Beamship's Sighted around the World ?

Watch Part 1 & Part 2...

Contact Notes' Corroborated Prophecies & Predictions from the year 2006 - 2011

Year 2006
Year 2007 
Year 2008 
Year 2009 Part 1/2 
Year 2009 Part 2/2 
Year 2009-2011 
Year 2010 Part 1/2 
Year 2010 Part 2/2  
Year 2011

Note:  After the uploading of these videos on Youtube, my new research indicated me that there are a few changes to be made to the years of corroboration or the article that is being corroborated. More updated work will be available on & other places soon...

FIGU Shop DVDs: Demonstrationsflüge & Ausschnitte/Reportagen



'As The Time Fulfills'(August 27, 2012) - a documentary by Michael Horn

Purchase the movie at Scubbly..

"as the time fulfills" is the newest, most definitive documentary on the Billy Meier UFO contacts in Switzerland.

With ironclad, documented corroboration of more than 50 examples of Billy Meier's specific, prophetically accurate scientific information, his singular status as the only authentic UFO contactee, and the prophet for the new time, is indisputably established.

"as the time fulfills" demolishes any and all arguments from skeptics and other religious believers. It will be equally troublesome for the "UFO industry" that promotes false and irrelevant UFO cases and so-called contactees - as well as studiously ignoring the Billy Meier case in pursuit of profits.

"as the time fulfills" also presents the clear distinctions between the fear-inducing, enslaving religions and sects and the true spiritual teaching.

Filmed in Switzerland, London, Paris, Brazil and the US, with interviews of people from around the world, the film presents the harsh truth about the:

· Apollo 11 moon landing hoax
· Demonstrations against Wall Street
· Worldwide Jewish conspiracy
· Realities of using "free energy"
· Coming Russian military attacks
· Civil wars coming to America
· The Book of Names
· Environmental destruction


· False UFO attack
· Illuminati influences
· Obama and the Plejaren on Obama and Romney

…and the radically controversial truth about who Billy Meier really is!

as the time fulfills
A film by Michael & Amy Horn
They Fly Productions © 2012


Runing time: 75 mins

'As the Time Fulfills' - a documentary by Michael Horn(Trailer) 

Purchase here: Scubbly

Christian Frehner(FIGU CG member, Toronto, August 24, 2012) on  'Creation' & 'Forms of Evolution' 

George Green Lectures: 'Billy' Meier UFO Case

                                                                       George Green on 'Billy' Meier UFO Case

Source: Realityeye

                                         'The Big Picture' by George Green: Billy Meier Case & Talmud Jmmanuel(2004)

Source: Youtube

More info:
George Green is not to be trusted.
Eduard "Billy" Meier on George Green
George Green clarifies role in Meier case

'World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets finally revealed' on FOX TV(1998)


More info on Kal Korff:
Revealed: How Kal Korff Falsified Meier's Photos!

'La Sobremesa' on Cadenatres TV(Mexico, 2012)

The 'Billy' Meier UFO Enigma(Jan 14, 2012) - Jim Dilettoso & Jim Nichols  

Watch here...

Who? (Sedona UFO Conference, 1992) - Jim Dilettoso on UFOs & Coverups 


Who? (Sedona UFO Conference, 1992) - Randolph Winters on Meier Case


'La Sobremesa' on Cadenatres TV(Mexico, Sep 13, 2012) - Contact with Extraterrestrials: Billy Meier

Watch: Cadenatres TV
Note: Meier Case starts at ~9:50 min

Asket & Nera Photos - Finally the Truth is Out(Original Video)

Above still is from Dean Martin Variety Show, Episode 170, February 25, 1971
Watch: Asket & Nera Full Sequence
My Analysis on this latest revelation starts from here..

Ivan Alvarado's analysis on The Billy Meier Metal Samples(Las Vegas) - TAM 2012

Watch: TAM-2012
More: IIG-West

Las Entrevistas perdidas de Billy Meier (Part 1, 2012) - Jaime Maussan(Trailer)

Watch the Part 1 Trailer: Tercer Milenio TV 
Watch: Part 2 Trailer
Watch: Part 3 Trailer

Nippon Television documentary(Japan, 1980)

Watch: FIGUCG49 Note: If anyone is interested to add subtitles to this japanese language doc, please contact me.

Ancient Aliens documentary(History Channel) - DEBUNKED(2012)


Note: Usually this blog is only dedicated to the Meier case but due to the important & revealing-the-truth content of this documentary, i decided to post it on my blog. This doc is a must for all Alien/ET/UFO researchers so that they would not fall prey to fraud, lies, ignorance & deception.

Billy Meier Case Presentation by Augusto(2012)

Watch the video presentation by a guy named Augusto on Meier Case: Youtube

Las Entrevistas perdidas de Billy Meier (Part 2, 2012) -  Jaime Maussan(Trailer)

Watch: Part 2 Trailer
Watch: Part 1 Trailer
Watch: Part 3 Trailer

The Story of Billy Meier's Lost Interviews(2012) - Background by Jaime Maussan(eng subtitles)

WatchT3rcer Milenio TV

Las Entrevistas perdidas de Billy Meier (Part 3, 2012) -  Jaime Maussan(Trailer)

Watch: Part 3 Trailer
Watch: Part 2 Trailer
Watch: Part 1 Trailer

FIGU Canada Passive Meeting Lectures(2012) - Christian Frehner

Part 1 - Love
Part 3 - Freedom
Part 5 - Q&A with CF about Creation
Part 6 - Q&A with CF

A Promo Piece of the lost Billy Meier interviews - Jaime Maussan

Watch: T3rcer Milenio TV

Ésotérisme Expérimental(Émission spécial O.V.N.I.) 

Watch: Ésotérisme Expérimental

THE PROPHECIES OF Pleiadians(November 2012): Interview with Michael Horn

Purchase: CLUB CREE

20 Questions With Christian Frehner(2012): FIGU LANDESGRUPPE CANADA

Watch: FIGUCanada

Las Entrevistas perdidas de Billy Meier (Part 4, 2012) -  Jaime Maussan(Trailer)

Watch: Part 4 Trailer
Watch: Part 1 Trailer
Watch: Part 2 Trailer
Watch: Part 3 Trailer

Big Boys Club(October 5, 2012): Hong Kong Television

Watch: Youtube
Official Website

Phobol Chang's visit to the ASOKA Ashram, India (2000)


Phobol Cheng meets Billy Meier(June 2000) & Interview in New York(2000)

Watch: Phobol meets Billy
Watch: Interview in New York

Military-Style Controlled Remote Viewer Confirms Billy Meier’s Beamship is Real

Watch: Transception
Read: Before its News

Billy Meier said Mount Chimborazo(Equador) taller than Mount Everest in 1975(Taiwan, 2012) 

Watch: ETTV

Infact, Chimborazo being taller than Everest had been known before but was not popular among common people, which often led to mistakes and confusion.
Mountain Heights(Boston Evening Transcript) - Jan 24, 1914
Believe it or Not! Mount Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the world(The Milwaukee Sentinel) - June 23, 1930
National Geographic, ASK US - Jan 2002
Note: Can someone please let us know what the reporter in the above TV show presented ?

Military-Style Controlled Remote Viewing Team Confirms Billy Meiers Energy Weapon is Real(Jan 2, 2013) 

Read: Beforeitnews
Watch: Transception


Dr. Sanford Weinstein on Billy Meier's - Russian Troop Movements - prediction


About: Dr. Sanford Weinstein
Source: michael amy horn

La Historia De Billy Meier (1984): Jaime Maussan (english subtitles)
Note: Thanks to David Guerra & Luis Badano for making english subtitles possible.

Frank Stranges on Billy Meier UFO Case: Earth Transformation Conference(May 2007)


Dr. Frank E. Stranges is Founder and President of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs. In addition, he is President of International Evangelical Crusades (a worldwide Christian Denomination) and International Theological Seminary of California. He was born in New York and educated in Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California. He holds degrees in Theology, Psychology and Criminology.
Dr. Stranges is an Assistant Deputy Director of the California State Marshal's Association and a member of the American Federation of Police. Numerous affiliations with law enforcement, scientific, religious and public service organizations attest to his dedication to community service. His university and college presentations are recognized as an important contribution to the understanding of the UFO phenomena today. Website:

... und sie fliegen doch(August 2012): German book introduction

Completely revised and greatly supplemented edition of Guido Moosbrugger's book, "...and still they fly!".

The most sensational UFO photos in the world: Authentic recordings of extraterrestrial spaceships or a brilliant hoax? After detailed analysis, scientists and imaging experts from NASA and the U.S. Air Force are convinced that substantial evidence of the Swiss UFO contact Eduard "Billy" Meier is absolutely authentic. So we must accept that the UFOs are more than just mere fiction? For 15 years, the author Guido Moosbrugger tracked the mysterious Swiss person(Billy) repeatedly & witnessed extraordinary events in his surroundings. Today, he is convinced that "Billy" actually has contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences from the Pleiades. What the aliens taught us, why have they visited us right now, why do I care about us - after reading this book there will be no more question marks for you behind the biggest mystery of this century.

Purchase the book:

Introducing FIGU Core Group 49 & bonus film of Meier(2006)


Watch: FIGU CG49 & Billy Meier' working room
Video excerpts from the film - 'Die Mitglieder der Kerngruppe stellen sich vor'(2006, 201 minutes)
Purchase DVD:

Note: I have written permission from FIGU to use these videos. If anyone needs further clarification, i will gladly provide.

IUFOC co-founder on the Billy Meier Case in USA: AMMACH in America(March 19, 2013)

Related VideoWhy Ufologists & UFO Groups are against the Billy Meier Case 

IUFOC - The International UFO Congress
The IUFOC was established in 1991 and hosts the largest annual conference on UFOs and related phenomena in the United States.
AMMACH - Anamalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline

Ammach in America Bob Dean & Bob Brown

La Historia Continua(1998): Jaime Maussan(eng subs)

Also watch: La Historia De Billy Meier (Eng Subs) - Jaime Maussan(1984)
Once again my sincere thanks to David Guerra(translation) & Luis Badano(correction) for making english subtitles possible.

TercermilenioTV: 'Las entrevistas perdidas de Billy Meier' by Jaime Maussan(complete)

Watch the full documentary: Part 123 & 4(german audio with spanish subs)
Note: Our special team of translators are currently working on the English subtitles to these videos & will make them available soon.

FOXFUR(2012): a Film by Independent Filmmaker Damon Packard(Inspired from Billy Meier UFO Case)

Watch the full movieDamon Packard@Youtube

The long-awaited film by mad underground auteur Damon Packard (REFLECTIONS OF EVIL) features a sweet but mentally unbalanced young woman obsessed with crystals, dolphins, Pleiadians, David Icke and Richard C. Hoagland. Soon she becomes increasingly disillusioned with New Age philosophy, in particular with the Billy Meier Pleiadian contacts, and is evicted from her room, forced into the insane outside world subject to the effects of "The Dead Zone,” where everything turns in circles and the true original experience of life no longer exists.

'Ufologen': HumorTV (1997, Dutch)  


RTL TV(2007, German): Michael Horn & Jack Gerlach working on SROT documentary

Source: FIGUTV

Nie Uwierzysz(July 20, 2013): "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier(Polish)

Watch: CW24tv

Note: Please share with us the summary of the above show which is in polish language.

UFO Whistle-blower Phil Schneider on Billy Meier Case(May 1995)

Among the most controversial figures in the field of ufology, is Phil Schneider (government Geologist/structural engineer). Phil appeared on the lecture circuit in May of 1995, and his talking points included: UFO’s, Aliens, One World Government, The New World Order, Black Budgets, Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s), and stealth technology. Seven months later, he was found dead in his Portland apartment on January 17, 1996 after an apparent “suicide”.

More: Phil Schneider’s incredible ET claims

Interview with Billy Meier (No.1, 2006): Jack Gerlach & Michael Horn (english subtitles)

TopicsBilly's mission, his contacts with Sfath and Asket, his travels and experiences, his accident, his family. Billy Meier was interviewed in the summer of 2006 by Jack Gerlach and Michael Horn (USA).

Original subtitles were in polish, so for an automatic-machine translated english subtitles, please click on "Captions" => "Translate Captions BETA" => "English -- English". I noticed some mistranslations & mistakes in the english subtitles, so in such cases pay more attention to the german audio(if you know german) or to the polish subtitles(if you know polish).


Investigating the Billy Meier UFO Case (Sep 2, 2011): Derek Bartholomaus at Skeptrack, Dragon Con 

Since 2003, Derek Bartholomaus has been researching the various extra-terrestrial contact claims made by Swiss farmer, Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier, with a skeptical, and critical, eye. His research has now been collected onto a new website: The Billy Meier UFO Case.  Derek is going to be discussing his research as part of the Skeptics Track at Dragon*Con 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia this coming Labor Day weekend.
Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe! SkepTrack is a complement of live entertainment and discussion panels for the legions of free thinkers, science enthusiasts and skeptics helping to put the Science in Science Fiction at Dragon*Con. On Friday, September 2, 2011 at 5:30 PM in Hilton Hotel Meeting Room 205/206/207, Derek Bartholomaus will be presenting an overview of his involvement in the Billy Meier UFO Case. Throughout the years claims have been made by Billy Meier, and his supporters, that Derek has successfully shown to be inaccurate. For example, Meier claims to have predicted an accident at a nuclear power station in France in 2003 that shut down the reactor. Derek was able to show that, not only was there no accident at the power station, the reactor was not shut down.
One of the highlights that will be discussed at Dragon*Con concerns the work conducted by Phil Langdon, from the United Kingdom, who has been able to successfully recreate all of the various Billy Meier photographs and movies. His reproduction work is so accurate that it also finally answered a thirty-year-old question about the case. This answer, and much more, will be discussed at Dragon*Con 2011 on Friday, September 2 at 5:30 PM in Hilton Hotel Meeting Room 205/206/207 in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Billy Meier UFO Case is the home of the research conducted by Derek Bartholomaus into the alleged extra-terrestrial contacts of Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier. 
Visit our website at or call (323) 364-2596.

Article SourcePRWeb, Aug 25, 2011
Video SourceSkeptrack or Vimeo

Los Grandes Misterios Del Tercer Milenio (LA REVISTA No.4, 2011): Eduard "Billy" Meier - 36 Años de Contacto

Google translation of title:
The Great Mysteries Of The Third Millennium (JOURNAL No.4, 2011) - Eduard "Billy" Meier - 36 years of Contact.

Billy Meier UFO Case on ETTV(Taiwan)

Watch: BillyCN

UFO Hypotheses (Nov 2007): Wendelle Stevens & Jim Nichols 

Under-Appreciated Science Productions presents U.F.O. Hypotheses.
Sponsored by Southern Arizona MUFON.
Jim Nichols: UFO Essayist, Talk Show Host, Artist and Author.
Director and Cinematographer: Rick Keefe.

Lecturing in Tucson, Arizona in November 2007 on Pleiadian ETs, Reptilian ETs and The Message with selected material from and Jim Nichols' "Case Files Revealed".

Watch full videoYoutube

Aliens, UFOs & the Bible: Are we alone in the Universe ? (2009): Creation Ministries International

Dean Martin Christmas Special Show (1970): Asket & Nera Lookalikes ?

Dennis Kirstein(google translation): "I'm already since 1999 in the possession of VHS cassette with the appropriate recording of the Dean Martin Show in 1970. At the meeting of the German UFO researcher Croeffelbach, near Schwäbisch Hall, 1999, the video was played by the Basel UFO researcher Roger Eglin. It was one of only three copies of the show that existed in Europe in 1999. Eglin had another copy at home in Basel. Luc Bürgin was also probably, also of Basel, still in possession of a copy. Eglin this copy specially made ​​for the meeting to be able to leave untouched original tape can. After the conference I took him to Stuttgart and drove him to our station was still beautiful, as a thank you he gave me the copy. Since they slumbered in my private UFO archive. Well, for ufo, "dusted" I, got me a video recorder, which is not so easy, and digitized the crucial minutes of film.

We would like to apologize for the mediocre quality of the recordings. After all, the VHS is already 14 years old and the show now already 43 years. Nevertheless, both ascetic and Nera are very visible and we are pleased to present you here now Billy Meier's "Alien". "

MoreAsket & Nera Photos - Finally the Truth is Out(Original Video)

New Guard Network (July 27, 2011): Interview with Michael Horn

Ozark UFO Conference (1989): 'Billy Meier case in light of Gulf Breeze' by James Deardorff


Ausschnitte/Reportagen DVD (Trailer)

Watch trailerFIGUTV

Demonstrationsflüge DVD (Trailer)

Watch the trailerFIGUTV

An Introduction to the Billy Meier Contact Case (Feb 23, 2013): FIGU Canada

This is a brief overview of the Billy Meier contacts based on a PowerPoint presentation made available through the FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada. It features some photographs and 8 mm film footage taken by Billy Meier of the unshielded Plejaren ships. It also gives some reasons why these extraterrestrials are solely in contact with Billy and what is the greatest problem facing Earth humanity.
Presentation held at - The Electric Theatre, Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada.


Real Reality Productions (Feb 20, 2009): Interview with Michael Horn

Part 1: My chat with him about the billy meier case and his predictions that have happened and our effecting us today..
Part 2: We Chatted about his film "Silent Revolution Of Truth" and also his beliefs on what we as humans need to do.

Watch: Part 1 & Part 2

And Did They Listen ? (Jan 2014): New Film By Michael Horn

And Did They Listen?

He warned the people.
You need to know.

Hidden in plain sight, for decades, the most important story in human history.
On a mission - from the depths of space - one man risked his life to reveal the long hidden, ancient secrets to the people of Earth.

Overcoming millennia of religious intrigues, political suppression and numerous assassination attempts, Billy Eduard Albert Meier, the prophet of the new time, brought the eternally true spiritual teaching with its promise of true love, peace, freedom and harmony.

The long foretold prophecies and predictions of wars, environmental disasters and social upheaval had already begun and humankind was offered one final chance to rewrite its future history.

Learn the truth about the: Only scientifically authenticated extraterrestrial UFOs Most prophetically accurate scientific information ever published Still unrecognized magnitude of destruction from Fukushima and BP Former skeptic who now calls Billy Meier case "amazing and astonishing"

Coming danger from asteroid Apophis that NASA won't admit.

UN Ambassador who met Asket from the Dal universe.

Including Special Features about the:
Spiritual Teaching
5,100 Year Old Iceman
Vanquished Skeptics
UFO Industry

Brand new feature film! By Michael Horn
Purchase the DVD: Theyfly

And Did They Listen?

He warned the people.
You need to know.

Hidden in plain sight, for decades, the most important story in human history.
On a mission - from the depths of space - one man risked his life to reveal the long hidden, ancient secrets to the people of Earth.

Overcoming millennia of religious intrigues, political suppression and numerous assassination attempts, Billy Eduard Albert Meier, the prophet of the new time, brought the eternally true spiritual teaching with its promise of true love, peace, freedom and harmony.

The long foretold prophecies and predictions of wars, environmental disasters and social upheaval had already begun and humankind was offered one final chance to rewrite its future history.

Learn the truth about the: Only scientifically authenticated extraterrestrial UFOs Most prophetically accurate scientific information ever published Still unrecognized magnitude of destruction from Fukushima and BP Former skeptic who now calls Billy Meier case "amazing and astonishing"

Coming danger from asteroid Apophis that NASA won't admit.

UN Ambassador who met Asket from the Dal universe.

Including Special Features about the:
Spiritual Teaching
5,100 Year Old Iceman
Vanquished Skeptics
UFO Industry

Brand new feature film! By Michael Horn

Purchase the DVD: Theyfly

Interview with Atlantis Meier (August 17, 2013): FIGU Canada

Interview with Atlantis Meier - Son of Billy Meier

Interview covers the following topics:
His Early UFO Experiences
Learning From Mistakes
Billy's Consciousness-based Abilities
Information About Gilgamesh


Interview with Atlantis Meier (August 17, 2013): FIGU Canada

Atlantis Meier is the son of Billy Meier.

Topics discussed:
No special treatment from the Plejaren
About his father and joining FIGU
About Reincarnation
Children are of equal value
How the Plejaren help us
Is there a masterplan?
Meaning of the Spirit Teaching
How many people hear about FIGU
Evolutionary process into the Creation
Example of the evolutionary process into the Creation
Bringing about change

Also watchInterview with Atlantis Meier on Aug 17, 2013

And Did They Listen ? (2014): Billy Meier Documentary by Michael Horn (trailer) 

This is the trailer for the just released, new documentary on the Billy Meier case, "And Did They Listen?", now available from theyfly. com.

The information, evidence, prophetically accurate scientific information, etc., contained within the new film present clear substantiation that the Billy Meier UFO case is the ONLY scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case...spanning more than 70 years.

You'll also learn more about the non-religious, belief-free Spiritual Teaching and the key to our future survival..

The film also shows that the "UFO industry", with all of its nonsensical, profit and entertainment oriented disinformation, has been the biggest opponent to the truth about real extraterrestrial UFOs and contacts with one man on Earth - even more so than the government, which actually doesn't know much about the truth except at the highest levels of the intelligence services, etc.

This is precisely why the UFO industry promotes all sorts of time-wasting "disclosure" campaigns, when the only important case that's really covered up is Meier's.

And unfortunately the people in this industry know that if they were to acknowledge the Meier case and its singular authenticity, they would be...out of business. It would put an end to chasing lights in the sky, talking about the dead-end (yet real) Roswell case and the delusional "alien abductions, hybrid babies, six-inch aliens, etc." - and of course to the millions of dollars it rakes in with these frauds.

The Meier case is the most attacked, suppressed and...important story in all of human history. Anyone can easily prove this for themselves. Read the volumes of freely available information and...think it through.

If you want more, you'll find stunning, irrefutible evidence in "And Did They Listen?", as well as in "as the time fulfills", which has over 50 of the now nearly 200 specific examples of Billy Meier's specific, prophetically accurate information.

You don't need to believe. You need to know.


New Analysis of WCUFO ( Feb 2014): by Rhal Zahi

Here we show the latest analysis of high resolution pictures of the WCUFO. It shows it was a big object of 7 meters in diameter. So, there were several UFOs like this one, at different sizes.

Note: The pole and the grass would only appear clearly(when enhanced in photoshop), for the high-res photos of WCUFO which were only recently released. To see some of these hi-res photos, visit this link.

Source: Rhal Zahi

Michael Horn Gifts UFO-Prophet: 'And Did They Listen?' DVD

Michael Horn, the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts gifts UFO-Prophet a free DVD of his latest documentary - And Did They Listen?(Feb 2014).

Watch Trailer: FIGUTV
Buy DVD: Theyfly

Third Phase of Moon (Feb 20, 2014): Interview with Michael Horn

Could Billy Meier Have The Smoking Gun Evidence We Are Not Alone? We At Thirdphaseofmoon Will Ask The Question In Future Episodes With Michael Horn American Representitive of Billy Meier visit Website Quote From Billy Meier "The purpose of our life is for us to evolve - the advancement and continued development of our being at a constant pace to ever higher levels. The purpose of evolution lies within the concept of achieving the highest possible human development, including love, harmony, ability, knowledge and wisdom. Evolution not only serves to bring human entities to a high level of knowledge and wisdom so they may lead a life in harmony with Creation's laws and directives and the like: Through our evolution we also assist Creation with Its own evolution. Just as humans and nearly all life is in need of evolutionary advancement, so, too, is Creation, the Universal Consciousness. Even Creation is only relatively perfect and It must evolve to ascend to higher forms of Its own existence. And to achieve Its objective, Creation requires human beings who evolve over the course of billions of years into pure-spirit-forms and from these into still higher forms of existence, extending through to the Petale level. There occurs the transition into Creation, into the Universal Consciousness, and transpires the unification, the "becoming one." In this manner Creation assimilates these former human spirit forms, which have by then evolved to their own highest level and which, initially, had originated from Creation in order for It to evolve through these human entities. During their unification with Creation, all the accumulated knowledge and wisdom are also absorbed by Creation, and thus It elevates Its own evolution by a fraction of an iota, and advances some time later into the next higher Creation level. After an incredibly long time, this subsequent Creation continues evolving until it becomes one with the Absolute Absolutum. The Absolute Absolutum is the highest level and all-encompassing form a Creation can attain, and yet even the Absolute Absolutum must continue Its evolution process into all-Great-Time and chronological endlessness."


The Lost Interviews of Billy Meier (2012): Jaime Maussan (english subtitles)

My sincere thanks to David Guerra, Annette Schneider, Andrei Palatkas & Marina for making this video with english subtitles possible.


'Spiritual UFO' Italian documentary (2011) with english subtitles

Thanks to Andrei Palatkas from Romania for adding english subtitles

FIGU-Canada Passive Member Michael Uyttebroek: Introduction to Meier case 

This is a brief description of Michael Uyttebroek's involvement with FIGU and an early auditory UFO experience.


UFO: Top Secret (1978) - Documentary by Wheeler Dixon

Note: The narrator incorrectly mentions the author of the photos as some "Australian traveller" instead of Billy Meier, a Swiss citizen.

Watch full documentary: youtube/SC Film

FOX 10 News : Jim Dilettoso on Billy Meier's UFO sounds 

Space Cities - The Billy Meier Case: The Reason for the UFO Cover-Up (March 30, 2015)

Watch: youtube

UFORIA Chronicles (July 6, 2015): Interview with Michael Horn

Michael Horn is a songwriter and a ufologist covering solely the Billy Meier of Switzerland ufo Phenomena with Plejarins or Pleadeans for many others. Michael is the Billy Meier spokesman and representative and only answers according to the writings and knowledge of Billy Meier.
The interview was not a long one only done in a car on the way to the hotel but was a good one. Everything said was the opinions and truths of Billy Meier and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Uforia Chronicles. We would welcome another fuller in depth interview possibly down the road or in another dimension all together.

Watch: youtube

Kal Korff and Luc Bürgin interviews Billy Meier's ex-wife Kalliope (1998)

""For decades, the Swiss Billy Meier with his alien tales brought disrepute to credible UFO observers. His alleged ET Lady aka "Asket" proved to be a singer from the "Dean Martin Show," as the journalist Luc Bürgin and Kal Korff unveiled in 1998. The corresponding video evidence shows Billy's ex-wife Kalliope in front of the camera. Now these earlier TV recordings are finally available online.
Read more in the new MYSTERIES Magazine ( - the independent German kiosk magazine that reveals every two months what others conceal."Note:
Our English subtitles (courtesy of Joachim Koch, Berlin, Germany) are based on the German subtitles that appear in the video. Some of these German subs that are attributed to Kalliope are just paraphrases of what she originally spoke in Swiss-German."

Billy Meier's Space and Time Travel Pictures - Real or Fake? (video)

Below video is a compilation of ours and other researchers findings, after investigating some of Meier's space and time travel pictures originally documented here -

Toronto Psychic Fair (Nov 2, 2015): Interview with Michael Uyttebroek, Canadian Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts

During this EYE ON LIFE interview, host Sandra Kyrzakos fills in for Lana Marconi, Ph.D., and speaks with Michael Uyttebroek, Canadian Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. Filmed at the Toronto International Centre during the Psychic Fair on Halloween 2015.

Watch: youtube

X-Zone and 'More Talk' radio shows (Nov 13 & 14, 2015) - Michael Horn

Terrorism Had Been Predicted by Billy Meier - Billy Meier Predicted The Terrorist Attacks in Paris, France and Stanton Friedman's refusal to work with Michael Horn on the Billy Meier case after the two, 2 hour debates that were held here on The 'X' Zone Radio Show on September 30 2015 and November 11 2015.

Listen: X-Zone

MnR TV (January 20, 2016): Interview with Michael Horn

Watch: youtube

FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada (Nov. 2015): Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness

UFO-Besuch (May 10, 1994): Schweizer Radio und Ferhsehen

Guido Moosbrugger, FIGU co-founder and CoreGroup member

Google translation:

"Switzerland is not only visited by tourists but also apparently from extraterrestrials. Especially taken it the extraterrestrial visitors from the planet Erra to the Zurich Oberland - home of Billy Meier.

Is he is a chosen one or a swindler, an artist or a scientist? Billy Meier was and still is a controversial figure. The now 69-year-old Swiss asserted to have had decades of contact with extraterrestrials (Plejaren).

They would thereby given him permission to reproduce them. Originated thousands of photos and video evidence. This and his theories - especially his meetings with Plejaren, the inhabitants of the planet Erra - however disputed by ufologists. The Plejaren should incidentally have definitely left the Earth in the night of February 2 to 3, 1995.

The theories and studies of Billy Meier are from the community of interest "FIGU" represented and are publicly available on the Internet."


More Talk (March 2, 2016; Episode 10): Michael Horn

Watch: youtube

December 17, 2016: USA Astronaut Gordon Cooper (August 26, 1995): Billy Meier's beamship photos are "absolutely authentic"
January 26, 2017: Alien Investigation (1996): Wendelle Stevens on Billy Meier UFO Case
February 9: Duforious Pines Podcast (February 3, 2017): Episode 3, Part 1 - Billy Meier UFO Case 
February 13: UFO & Ancient Mysteries Networking (UAMN) TV: Michael Horn's lectures from 2004 and 2010
Feb. 18: UFO & Ancient Mysteries Networking (UAMN) TV: Michael Horn's 'Standing in Spirit' lecture (2005)
Feb. 24: TheyFly TV: Michael Horn's Lectures from 1995, 2009 and 2014
Mar. 17: Galactic News Network (March 16, 2017): Interview with Michael Horn
Mar. 31: Expanding Visions: An Introduction to the New Age Movement (1990) - Musician Michael Horn at the Los Angeles Whole Life expo
Apr. 7: Michael Horn's Lecture (March 4, 2017) - The Billy Meier UFO case: Henoch Prophecies, Trump & Our Future Survival
Apr. 11: March 11, 2017: "MUFON WILL Investigate Billy Meier UFO Case "
Apr. 25: Late Night in the Midlands (April 25, 2017): Interview with Michael Horn
May 12: Ted Denmark and Julie Loar on Wendelle Stevens and Billy Meier (2015)
June 11: FIGU Austria Study Group: Activities in 2016-2017
June 14: Total Health Show (April 2017): FIGU Canada
July 17: Michelle DellaFave aka "Asket" visits Billy Meier (April 2017)
Aug. 10: Coast to Coast AM and Shed Show Talk: Interviews with Michael Horn (August 2017)
Aug. 23: Exploring The Bizarre (Aug. 8, 2017): Jim Dilettoso on the Billy Meier Case
Oct. 14: Mountain Beast Radio (Episode 1; Oct. 13, 2017): THE BILLY MEIER UFO CASE! REAL OR HOAX?
Oct. 18: End of Days (Oct. 16, 2017) and Michael Horn Live (Oct. 17, 2017)
Oct. 30: The Weird UFO Show (Oct. 29, 2017; Episode 1): Michael Horn
Dec. 16: FIGU Passive Members working at Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (2016/2017)
Jan. 18: UnSpirituality (Jan. 17, 2018): The Billy Meier Story Debunked
Jan. 23: Freaky P (Freaky Web Sites, Ep. 4, Jan. 19, 2018): 'Billy Meier Case - Real Or Hoax'
Jan. 30: Freaky P (Freaky Web Sites, Ep. 5, Jan. 24, 2018): / BMUFOR
Feb. 16: Michael Horn interviews Kenneth Smith, VP Operations Director (Feb. 16, 2018)
Mar. 15: Michael Horn's Lecture (Dulce, New Mexico, 2018): 'The Billy Meier Contacts'
March 20: Truth Seekah podcast (March 19, 2018): Interview with Michael Horn
June 20: The Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contacts - Part 1 (Kelseyville, California, April 14, 2018): Michael Horn's presentation
Aug. 7: UFO AZ Talks (1993): Jim Dilettoso on the Billy Meier UFO case
Aug. 31: The Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contacts - Part 2 (Kelseyville, California, April 14, 2018): Michael Horn's presentation
Sep. 2: Late Night in the Midlands (Aug. 30, 2018): Interview with Michael Horn
Sep. 7: Michael Horn and Billy Meier: Fake UFO's and Aliens (Sep. 6, 2018)
Sep. 13: Peace Seeking Intelligence (Sep. 6, 2018): Interview with Christian Frehner of FIGU
Sep. 18: The Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contacts - Part 3 (Kelseyville, California, April 14, 2018): Michael Horn's presentation
Sep. 19: Forbidden Knowledge News (Sep. 4, 2018): Interviews Michael Horn
Nov. 2: Interview with Dr. Ron Pleune about presentations on the Billy Meier ET contacts
Dec. 9: FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada (Sep. 9, 2018): Christian Frehner lecture - 'Applying the Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life' - Part 1
Feb. 1, 2019: K2D4 Network (Jan. 31, 2019): 'AMAZINGLY GOOD! Billy Meier Photos' 
Feb. 19: Sedona Close Encounters (February 15, 2019): Michael Horn on Billy Meier Prophecies
Feb. 22: UnSpirituality (Feb. 21, 2019): Zzenn Interviews Michael Horn on Billy Meier & UFO's
Feb. 25: Worldwide UFO Controversy (Feb. 24, 2019): Presentation by Rhal Zahi - Part 1 (Introduction)
Feb. 26: Canadian Society of Questers (Feb. 24, 2019): Interviews Michael Horn 
Apr. 14: Collisions from Space (March 10, 2019): Presentation by Rhal Zahi
Apr. 19: Master Mind, Body & Spirit Show (April 2, 2019): Host Matt Belair Interviews Michael Horn
Apr. 26: 'Wir glauben nicht' (2019): Swiss UFO Documentary on Billy Meier
Apr. 27: Worldwide UFO Controversy (Apr. 21, 2019): Presentation by Rhal Zahi - Part 2
May 21: Worldwide UFO Controversy (June 10, 2018): WCUFO and Conclusions - Part 3 (Final)
May 22: Truth Be Told Radio (May 15, 2019): Interviews Michael Horn
June 26: FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada (Sep. 9, 2018): Christian Frehner lecture - 'Applying the Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life' - Part 2/2
July 11: Patriot Watch Media (July 10, 2019): Interviews Michael Horn
Aug. 15: 'Where are you going humanity?' (July 17, 2015) - A presentation by Michael Horn
Aug. 22: FIGU Documentary (2019): 'Don't believe, think for yourself'
Sep. 8: The Billy Meier Contacts - Spiritual Teaching and the Spiritual Teaching People (April 15, 2018) 
Oct. 8: Hala London (Oct. 7, 2019): Interview with Michael Horn
Nov. 1: Patriot Watch Media (Oct. 28, 2019): Interviews Michael Horn 
Nov. 11: Michael Horn presents the Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contact Case (Sedona, AZ, Oct. 2018) 
Jan. 8, 2020: Age of Truth TV (Dec. 5, 2019): "Real or Fake UFO's? & The Controversial Story of BILLY MEIER" - Interview with Michael Horn

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